Twitter is a critical backbone for any business web marketing’s strategy. Why? Well, pretty much easy to say. We could summarize the most relevant bright-sides as following:

  • Brand awareness enhancement
  • Gorgeous opportunity to connect with a wide spectrum of people and clients
  • Possibility to build up a rock-solid network with other bloggers and influencers

Nowadays, you can leverage a countless number of Twitter tools to improve and streamline your daily tasks on the platform. Just by looking at search engines you are going to be overwhelmed with them. The truth of the matter is that most of them are meant to carry out just a single tiny task while others are spoiled with tons of awful advertisement. I tried to summarize and spell out some of the most helpful Twitter tools to better manage your Twitter pages. Or at least the ones I think are the most useful to any busy Social Media Manager on earth! These tools may serve a huge variety of purposes such gaining traction with your sales, better disseminate your content, tracking your data down, raising the number of your followers or promoting your blog. It is just up to you.


This tool will allow you to better clean up your Twitter pages and make them more manageable. It accounts for almost 3 million users worldwide and it delivers stunning functionalities such as:

  • PowerPost You may schedule automatically all of your posts for the best visibility according to best daily times.
  • Analytics You can count on advanced data to better analyze and grasp your campaign’s performance.
  • Follow/Unfollow This is one of the most outstanding perks, since ManageFlitter will allow you to unfollow all the inactive Twitter accounts as well as to sort them out according to several factors. On the other side, if you want, you are going to be able to grow up your following by simply copying other accounts followers or following them back.
  • Research When it comes to add brand new people up, you can minutely tailor your research : you can choose the most suitable for you and your Brand by filtering depending on keywords, age, location and so forth.


Audiense is another significant Twitter management tool, both for beginners and advanced users. It is a certified Twitter product and it allows us to enhance the optimization and control of our accounts. Essentially, you can leverage three crucial functionalities:

  • Listening & Insights: it gives you a thorough overview of Intelligence data in order to better adjust your social media strategy accordingly
  • Social Marketing: the platform includes an overarching Suite Tools for professional Social Media Marketers with Audience Management and Campaign Workflows.
  • Social Advertising: Audience will allow you to build up a well-crafted Audience profile, in order to be able to address the right people with your Paid advertisement.

At the same time, you can still follow and unfollow people as well as finding like-minded users with a view to grow up a trustworthy and meaningful network.


Hootsuite does not need fancy introductions: we are simply talking about the most largely used and leading Social Media dashboard. By using this platform you will be managing multiple networks, pages, profiles and measuring your campaign’s outcomes. Hootsuite will let you avoid aimless time-sinks by jumping between one profile to another: one of the most effective add-ons will let you share your content throughout several profiles and networks automatically (and simultaneously). The analytics section of the platform is just outstanding: it delivers different granular reports and you will have the chance to deeply gauge the social sentiment of your audience by filtering results according to location, gender, language. It is a freemium service and you can upgrade depending on your business and working needs.


If you run an E-commerce or Online Store, you better off take a look at this tool. TwtQpon is an impressive instrument both to reward your followers and broaden your social outreach. You will be enabled to deliver discount coupons and vouchers that any of your followers may claim with a tweet! The system provides a QR Barcode to verify when users claim your coupon. In the end, coupons may be redeemed both Online (with a code) or offline (printing).

This is by far the leading Twitter Community Manager, one of the best when it comes to nurturing your communities or manage multiple profiles. Did you ever notice when people thank you back for your retweet or welcome you when you start following their profiles? This is what is mostly about. On top of this, you can bank upon these following features:

  • Prioritize your task on twitter This tool will bring to surface the worthiest people to engage within your community that you are neglecting because of the busy newsfeed flow.
  • Compartmentalization split people into three separate groups according to retweets and brand mentions, engagement rate and following/unfollowing trend: Influencers, Supporters, and Engaged members.
  • Weekly tweets scheduling (to praise and thank the three most loyal followers every week)
  • Free Twitter Analytics to efficiently gauge your social media efforts and have a glaring overview of your Twitter’s followers.


Are you engaged with a Group Twitter account? By all means, GroupTweet is the best tool you can find out there! It allows to any contributors (member of your account) to tweet on behalf of your company, brand, team, organization. Some additional features? Here they are:

  • Message Moderation If you still want to have the punchline and get the whole control over your Twitter’s account, this functionality allows you to approve messages from your email just before they are spread out publicly.
  • Smart Scheduling You will be free to choose how to spread your contributor’s tweets along the day by choosing optimal times. This way, your followers won’t be bothered by tons of tweets all at once.
  • Contributor Analytics This feature comes tremendously handy since it allows you to perfectly gauge your contributors performance: which are the most active and which are sending the most engaging tweets.
  • Tweet Format You own full flexibility on how to customize your tweet. You can choose to let your contributors names or initials appear or, conversely, to give your GroupTweets just a regular appearance.
  • Data Export Full control of your contributor Tweet data for a well-turned follow-up analysis.


Are you a “jack of all trades” with Social Media? Well, lucky you! Though, when it comes to tidily manage many Twitter accounts you may use a little help. TweetDeck is a reputable and well-trusted Social Media dashboard to manage and switch across your accounts. You can personalize your dashboard to serve your purposes at the very best by quickly swiping across profiles, managing interactions, approaching users with direct messages and keeping track of the newsfeed flow!

TwiterReach – UnionMetrics

This is a must-have tool for dedicated professionals (as the pretty much high price suggests..). It unveils the truth behind your tweets outreach, performance, and engagement. Which benefits will you get for your Social Media Strategy?

  • Deep overview of your Tweets You are not going to discover only which Tweets are performing at their best or not. You will figure out what is working and what not in order to give a boost to your methodology and, consequently, to strengthen engagement’s rate and following’s size. Moreover, you will get a grasp of the most rewarding post’s timing, the most popular hashtags (so that you can figure out which content best resonates and fits with your audience), identify the best contributors to advocate and amplify your Brand’s outreach.
  • Measure earned and organic conversation With on-site trackers you will be enabled to identify the most powerful influencers and amplifiers, key moments during your conversations and the potential reach of any subject or hashtags on Twitter.
  • Well-rounded competitive analysis TweetReach will allow you not only to fully analyze your account but to nose around other accounts as well! Therefore, you will get a handle on what works for your key competitors, you will discover both new profitable hashtags and content for your account, you will pinpoint benchmarks to measure you up and better measure your prospective performance.


Klout is another iconic tool that the most driven Social Media Marketer are used to leverage when it comes to measuring their Online Influence and impact. Some of the pros?

  • Klout will suggest you brand new content that your audience has not seen yet. Thus, you will be able to jot down intriguing content on a daily basis and you will avoid “Content fatigue”!
  • Stimulate your follower’s reaction with striking content
  • Track the average retweets, likes, and shares percentage in order to duly understand how to re-adjust your Content Marketing plan.


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TwtPoll is an amazingly useful tool to gain traction with your audience and to involve your community members at the very best! TwtPoll allows you to gather and listen to your user’s voices in the form of surveys that could be posted both on your Facebook or Twitter pages. This way, you can collect invaluable feedbacks by asking questions and make your followers hugely appreciated and engaged. The functionalities span from different variables for your questions (rating scale, multiple choices, open questions and more) up to public/private results. Additionally, you can export your survey’s outcomes to a CSV file and voters may be both anonymous or verified via Twitter or facebook.


When it comes to disseminating a powerful message around, Social Networks are a robust launchpad to rely on. However, most of the time our messages are at stake to vanish and be buried by the hustle and bustle of the frantic newsfeeds. Thunderclap gets us off the hook! It is the first crowd-speaking platform that helps people to spread their messages out. It allows messages to be hugely mass shared and to be backed up with the power of the crowd. The purposes of the platform are countless: you can share a good cause, you can give more visibility to a specific event or even put a product roll-out in the spotlight!


Are you running out of ideas or do you simply want to post something fresh and pretty much in touch with the current events? Hash is an unparalleled source of information to quench your hunger for news! This is a worldwide news aggregator: you can browse around the platform and you will find out with the most popular (and viral) global events. According to the nature of your business (for example if you deal with Media or information services), it may be wise to sneak a peek of Has once per day, in order to catch up with top stories and avoid to be caught off guard.


SocialOomph is another extraordinary Social Media Management’s tool that allows you to better organize your daily Social groove. Tweets scheduling, keywords tracking, outreach improvement are some of the fringes you can gain once you will sign up. The sunny-side is that these functionalities are freely accessible for an unlimited amount of accounts. If you need more traction, then you can upgrade your membership and get new features such as Email updates, DM spam management, welcome messages to new followers and much more! As the above-mentioned Hootsuite, SocialOomph is highly recommended for Social Media Managers that have to juggle between too many accounts and profiles: this tool is a real time-saver!


I have saved my favorite one for the grand closing! Yes I know, BuzzSumo is not purely a Twitter tool rather a multi-platform instrument to generating new and original content as well as to get an exhaustive outlook on what is rocking on the web. Just type a keyword in the search box and you will be quickly provided with a wide array of the most popular content about that subject, you will be shown the most notable influencers and you will be ready to get tons of inspiration to create stunning headlines or copy. BuzzSumo is an irreplaceable tool to better understand which subjects, closely related to your niche market, get the most attention and to figure out which content performs better on different Social Media. A very pleasant perk is the visual graphic, pretty much easy on the eyes and very comfortable to read!

The above tools will add power to your twitter accounts. To add power to your websites and engage more visitors, you can integrate social media icons to your website. Some themes may not be compatible with social media integration, to avoid this you can design a new theme with TemplateToaster web design software. The designed themes are fully responsive and cross browser compatible.

Well, the list is finally over! It goes without saying that you’ll find countless of other tools rummaging through the web. I just highlighted the ones I like the most and that I reckon as the most useful ones. Do not forget to catch up with Twitter trends and communities, at least on weekly basis, in order to stay top of mind with the emerging new tools. But what about you? Do you have some favorite ones?