Creating photo galleries on your website are too easy to do when you are walking with WordPress. Since, WordPress has a fat plugin directory, nothing to worry about when you want to display your artwork on your website. Just pick a gallery plugin, install it on your website, and make your way to create your photography website. In this article, I am going to list out some great WordPress gallery plugins.

As there are several gallery plugins in the WordPress’ directory, you might get confused to choose one for you that is easy for you to use and gives you a lot of advantages. To narrow down your search for the best WordPress gallery plugin, I browsed the WordPress directory and analyzed several plugins. Here at TemplateToaster web builder, I have collected the best ones, which are three in number. Let us have the insights of each of them.


Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery Plugin


Photo Gallery is an one of the greatest WordPress gallery plugins. It allows creating unlimited galleries, which come responsive too. With Photo Gallery, you can make your photography website seamlessly, as the plugin has native WordPress interface. Gallery creation and management is allowed in the same wizard. It gives two options for making gallery.


Gallery Management through Photo Gallery Plugin


One is standard gallery and another is Instagram gallery (this feature is available only in premium version). Aside from adding images to the gallery, you can also embed YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Flickr, and Instagram URLs. Isn’t it fantastic that you can add audios/video in your gallery? For us, it is. Anyway, you also have the option to the set the watermark on the images.

Editing Themes in Photo Gallery Plugin


There is a nice option, which is also a distinguished one, given by this plugin (only in premium version) to edit the themes of the gallery views. You can edit the default styling of the views offered by this plugin. Also, you can save your themes, and when you insert the gallery on the page/post, you can choose your preferred theme for displaying your gallery.

You can make the required customizations for the views in the short code too. Photo Gallery gives an option to get the shortcode, which is another way to apply your custom styles to the display type of the gallery.

Display Photo Gallery on the website

Once you save the gallery, go to your page/post on which this gallery is to be displayed. While inserting the gallery, you can modify every characteristic of the gallery. You can select the display style for the gallery, set the number of images to display per page, select to display (or not to) image titles, set the light box dimension and effects, and advertisement type.


  • Offers better page navigation
  • Increases visitor engagement
  • Up-to-the-date and trending web design
  • Offers great support

NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery Plugin


NextGEN is the most downloaded gallery plugin resides in the WordPress plugin directory. Used by over a million of websites, NextGEN has very nice features aside from being too easy to use. Though it is available to use at no cost in WordPress plugin directory, you can also find its pro version for advanced features like more interactive gallery displays, responsive light box that would include commenting and social sharing options.


NextGEN Gallery Menu


As you install the plugin, such a menu appears on the left sidebar of the dashboard. For creating the gallery you can upload the images from your computer or can import a directory. When you want to upload photos from your computer, simply give your gallery a name and click add files for browsing the images on your computer. Having to add the photos, start uploading.


Creating Gallery with NextGEN


For modifying your gallery, use the Manage Galleries option. Like you see below, you can edit the thumbnails, set the title, description and tag of each of the images..


Manage NextGEN Gallery


You can apply bulk actions for setting watermark on images, resizing of images, adding/deleting their tags, recover them from backup, import their metadata. You can even copy or move to all of the images in another gallery.

Options given by NextGEN for edaiting thnumbnails


Once you save the settings, you can go to the post or page where you want to display your photos. On the editor’s toolbar, you can see NextGEN gallery icon in green color. Clicking on the icon, you can choose the display type of your gallery, and can do more display settings like, selecting the number of images per page, AJAX Pagination, image browser effects, etc.

Display NextGEN gallery


  • Offers watermark and protection
  • eCommerce store
  • great support for video
  • Offers deeplinking and pagination
  • Seamless social media integration

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery Plugin


Envira Gallery is different from above plugins. It is very simple to configure. You get comparatively less options than above ones, but, those are very good. Envira supports uploading the images from your computer, or you can employ WordPress media library to add images to make your gallery.

Envira Gallery Settings

The options to configure the gallery are sectioned into four tabs. The very first tab allows to create the gallery. From other next two sections, gallery display and light box display settings can be configured. You can choose the number of columns to display photographs, Gutter width of images, and gallery theme, and a handful of light box preview settings. The plugin even allows you to add custom CSS classes in your gallery from miscellaneous tab.

Creating a Gallery with Envira Plugin

Envira Gallery has very advanced features like, custom image tagging and filtering, mobile specific image assets, unique gallery URLs, custom gallery themes, gallery thumbnail. But, these features can be enjoyed when you turn into a premium user from a free-version user. All in all, Envira is a very nice WordPress photo gallery plugin, but, you’ll have to spend a few bucks for enjoying all of its advanced features and options.


  • Offers photo proofing
  • Comes with pro film gallery
  • Digital downloads
  • Comes with tiled gallery

Make your final choice

All of three plugins are very easy to use and have very nice features. If we consider the features available in the free versions of these plugins, then Photo Gallery and NextGEN are good choices for freemium users. Both are responsive and offer nice gallery display options and provide flexibility to edit the default thumbnail settings and lightbox settings. You can set the watermark with both the plugins. Both the plugins feature social sharing and image commenting too (In premium versions).

But, there is a feature of deep linking of images that only NextGEN has and the Photo Gallery doesn’t. However, there is a flexibility of customizing the themes of the gallery views that only Photo Gallery provides and NextGEN doesn’t. On the parameters of the cost, we can say that Photo Gallery is more reasonable than NextGEN gallery. Next GEN is a little bit costly than Photo Gallery. Whereas, the Envira costs more than the cost of these plugins. Check out free WordPress themes.


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