Email Marketing is one of the easiest and affordable ways of practicing good inbound marketing. It means sending emails to the people that really want to hear from you. It’s been said that email marketing is “dead” now; it’s not totally email marketing still gets the highest engagement rates of any marketing strategy. But, most of the time your emails get unnoticed because of your email marketing strategy. The email you are sending is found lost and maybe in the spam folder of the recipient. There are few chances that people open your mail, if they do, they don’t actually click through.

By tracking, email open rate you can determine whether your efforts for email marketing are effective or not. When companies start email marketing, there are many mistakes they do, they need to get improved in the most important factors: open rates, click through rates and forwards.

Once you are finished with the work of collecting names and creating the perfect format for your email newsletter, you need to make sure your emails get opened by the people. Before learning the ways of email marketing, understand the concept of Open Rate. Open rate is basically is a percentage of the number of the people who open your email from the given list.Check out best WordPress email marketing plugins and email marketing software.

Hereb at Templatetoaster website builder, i am sharing some tricks that will keep your recipients clicking and will boost your open rate:

1. The art of a good headline

Yes, it is very important that your mail should have an engaging headline. Your headline is the first thing that a customer sees on any mail. If you haven’t created a good headline or optimized it for your email’s content, then it’s like wasting your time and money.

  • Don’t rush while you are creating headlines, take time and understand your email’s content.
  • Personalization really helps you in boosting headlines.
  • Share information and use proper language.

2. Send mails by Real Names, not by your Company

This is a fact that if you send an email by person’s name, it will boost your open rates. From the research, it has found that recipients trust people more than an email from a company. Nowadays people know about spam and spammer, so they don’t even open the emails they get from unknown persons.Use the details like:

Use the details like:
Name: Harlan Turner
Email address: [email protected]

Instead of
Name: Pinnacle House Painters
Email address: [email protected]

3. Categorize your list

You need to categorize your list because your subscribers fall into different categories according to their needs and interests. The list needs to be created according to:

  • Demographic data: Gender; the place where they live; Job title
  • Behavioral data: Who are the paid and free users, what they do with your product, do they really buy your product, how often they click on the link you’ve sent them in the email
  • Customer sign-up date: New users of your website, Offers for your best customers
  • Customer email client data: When users subscribe your newsletter, they are browsing on mobile or desktop.

4. Use Images and links to images

The reason why you are using email marketing is to get people to click on the link so that they can land on your website. To increase the click through is to add relevant and attractive images with the text. You can also add the alt tags on your images, and most importantly add relevant links to the images so that people can easily go to your website by just clicking on the image.

  • Add call to action on images
  • The Alt tag is necessary on images for the recipients so that they can get the idea where they will be directed to if they are not able to see the image
  • Don’t use background images within the mail

5. Content Relevancy and Quality

One thing that will help you to get more recipients to get more open rates and click rate is to send quality and interesting emails. You should write the content that is relevant to you and your reader’s interest. As described earlier that a catchy headline is must to improve your open rate so is your content.

  • Offer something that is valuable to the recipients: include simple tips and tricks, discounts, sales. Using the good content helps you from spam complaints and also the reader will consider you as an expert.
  • Consistency: Yes, consistency is very important in email marketing. Consistency helps people to trust you more. Try to be creative every time.
  • Don’t forget to maintain A brand standard: Use logo, company’s information, designs and colors.
  • Use the same email address and “from” name

Follow CAN-SPAM Rules

This should be first in the list if you are following an email marketing strategy. CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing) is the rule that is passed in the year of 2003. It’s a law that has created rules for commercials emails, commercial messages, it also gives the right to the users to stop accepting the emails if they found incoming emails to be inappropriate for them. There are penalties for the users who violate the law.
There are some rules you need to follow:

  • Use physical postal address in every email
  • Use proper language for “to”, “from” and “reply-to”
  • You don’t have permission to transfer or send emails address to another list.


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