Do you know the exact version of your Joomla website? Are you looking for the ways to determine how to easily check Joomla version of your site is running on? Apparently, this tutorial for beginners will help you identify the current Joomla version of your website

It is highly recommended to know which Joomla version your site is currently running on. Why? Because if you stumble upon an issue and looks for a particular solution, then you would need the information about your Joomla version. Knowing the exact version details would help you get the appropriate results.

If you know the version of your site, then it gets easy to look for answers in the forum as well. Clearly, a solution to a specific problem can vary according to the version. However, the latest version of any CMS generally is the most secure and coupled with improved features. So, never miss checking for updates. Here at Templatetoaster, you will find hundreds of free Joomla templates and guide on Joomla hosting.

Consider the following methods to find the Joomla Version of your site.

How to Check Joomla version of your Website

There are different methods to check the Joomla version for a site. And I’ll show all one by one.

3 Ways to check Joomla version Easily of any website

Method 1: Using Joomla Dashboard

Step 1

Log in to the administration area of the Joomla site. You can reach there at <>/administrator. Simply replace ‘’ with your site URL.

Step 2

After successful login, you’ll find the version of Joomla at the bottom right corner of the dashboard. However, you can also check it by visiting the system tab and then click on the system information. This screen contains all the system information you’re looking for, the latest Joomla version, PHP version, Database version, Web server, etc.

System → System Information

How to Check Joomla Version

Method 2: Using the File System (FTP)

It might be the possibility that you do not have access to the Joomla backend. But you still want to know the Joomla version of the site. Even then also, it is neither difficult nor does it requires you to hack the website, enough that you have some basic knowledge. Thus, in this case, you can check the Joomla version through the (.php) file.

  • For Joomla version <3.8.x through filesystem go to
    • Root → libraries → cms → version → version.php
  • For Joomla version > 3.8.x through filesystem go to
    • Root → libraries → src → version.php

How to Check Joomla Version through Files

How to Check Joomla Extension Version

If own a Joomla website, chances are you are already dealing with one or more extensions. Since extensions are there to strengthen the overall functionality of your site. Thus, using them can benefit you reach various new heights. However, you should know the essential Joomla extensions to boost up your site. Since extensions too work only if they are compatible with the Joomla version. Or perhaps some of the pre-installed extensions might stop working properly if they aren’t compliant with the latest Joomla version.

You can follow the steps to check the current version of the installed Joomla extension. Go to:

Extensions → Manage → Manage (No, it’s not a typo. You are supposed to go to Manage under Manage)

Now you shall see the list of all installed extensions. And you can choose the extension whose version you want to check.

How to Check Joomla Extensions Version

To ensure your website’s security it is essential to keep it updated and you can also use Joomla extensions for your website security. Some users find it a little difficult to maintain a Joomla website and they prefer to switch from Joomla to WordPress. Since WordPress is considered as one of the most easiest CMS to work with. Whereas, to carry out Joomla update you need basic Joomla skills.
How to Check Joomla Version – Summing Up
Now you know the means to check Joomla version. I am sure you won’t face any problem if you follow the mentioned guidelines to check the Joomla version. Likewise, learning about the best Joomla template creator available in the market can benefit you in many ways. Since the idea behind building a website counts on a stash of expectations. And no other website builder will transform your dreams into reality as beautifully as TemplateToaster would do. So, build your website with TemplateToaster and feel the difference yourself. Last but not the least while checking Joomla version if you face any hiccups, feel free to contact me via comment below.