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visuals play a key role in drawing the traffic to your website and by creating impressive visuals you immediately move one step forward to bring in more traffic to your website. But we know the pain when you search for the ideal image for your website and even after hundreds of try you could not find a single suitable photo. Let us help you!

Where to find Free Stock Photos ?

Integrating photos in a blog post or in a website has turned into a tradition nowadays. Visuals deliver a fair understanding of our product or service to the users. It is a wonderful practice to incorporate visuals but the only complication is that to find the free stock photos.

Stock photos available on the internet have a specific type of licenses associated with them. Therefore, before we use the free stock photos, we need to understand the license types first.

 Licenses & Copyrights for Free Stock Photos

In order to employ stock photos to a site, one has to go through the tiresome procedure of copyright and licensing. You can visit their official website and check the essential attributes there. Many photos are free from any copyright laws and many have licenses.

Following are some important license types:

1. Creative Commons Zero (CC0)

This license refers to the convenience to use the image in any way possible without seeking any permission or attribution.

2. Creative Commons with attribution

This refers to the advantage of using the pictures in any possible way by giving the credits to its original creator. For example, one can quote the name like “Photo by XYZ” and even attach the link to their website.

3. Public Domain

Public Domain states that an image does not come under any copyright law. Therefore, no permission or attribution is required. Such photos are not protected by any rights and can be openly used for both personal and commercial benefit.

4. Royalty-free

Many websites offer royalty-free stock photos. Royalty-free images are those which have a certain set cost for their sale. You can use these images for personal or professional purposes.

5. Rights Managed

This is a type of license which specifies that an image can be used only once. That means the single image can serve you single purpose only. And if you want to reuse the same image, then you must take an additional license for the same.

Now that you are aware of the licensing types. It’s the time to reveal the websites from which you can acquire such images.

There are several free stock photos websites available on the Internet.

So, keeping the needs in mind we are presenting you an exceptional list of resources for free stock images. After verifying the license type you can use the stock images to create a website or a newsletter, for printing, or virtually anywhere by adhering to associated terms.

Here we go:

List of Websites for Free Stock Photos

1. Pixabay – Beautiful Free Images


  • Pixabay is one of the available options to get free images from. All the images in Pixabay come under the license Creative Common Zero (CCO). That means you can use the images without attribution. You can modify, copy, distribute and use them for commercial purposes.
  • These are high-quality images.
  • The website provides each and every detail of the images such as views, time of upload, the number of downloads, and the specifications of the camera.
  • You can choose the size of the image while downloading.

2. Morguefile


  • It is a community-based free stock photos website, the photos found in the Morguefile archive are free to download and utilize in your work, be it commercial or personal.
  • This huge collection of photos include the creative photography of the creative photographers around the world.
  • In accordance with the mobile functionality and a stronger focus on design; this site is a unique and effective resource for creative images.



  • An organized collection of free web design resources.
  • Ready-to-use graphics like templates, icons, textures, graphics, etc. all for industrial use.
  • IM FREE website has a wide range of high-quality royalty free images to offer.
  • All the images are available under creative commons license.
  • You will need attributes to use the photos in your blog post.
  • There are options to choose the dimensions of the image while downloading.

4. SplitShire – Free Stock Photos and Videos for commerical use


  • The etymology of its name is quite meaningful in nature, “shire” means a closed environment, related to copyright and “split” represents sharing a piece of it with everyone.
  • This is one of those famous free image websites which has had over 2,000,000 downloads and over 6,000,000 page views.
  • This website involves high-resolution photos that you can freely download and use for personal and business purposes.
  • You can download Abstract, Animals, Automotive, Fashion, Interiors, Nature, People, Landscape, Technology, Wedding, blurry background, low poly background, street, and some miscellaneous images.
  • You don’t have to include the attribution in order to use these images.

5. STOKPIC – Free Stock Photos for commercial use


  • STOKPIC has best free stock photos which can be used without attribution.
  • There are more than dozens of categories available to fulfill all the photographic needs.
  • You are free to use these images as a part of Website or Mobile App and even print marketing materials.
  • These can act as image placeholders for bloggers or websites; image placeholders or backgrounds in Templates and a part of Templates as well.
  • The images can also be utilized for all personal & commercial works (like Advertisement, etc.). But the sale of photos “as it is” is prohibited.



  • GRATISOGRAPHY provide pixel-perfect pictures.
  • The collection of high-resolution and copyright-free images can be used for both personal and commercial projects.
  • There are half a dozen categories available for browsing photographs.
  • Though all photographs are great and those of Whimsical category are truly amusing.
  • They include new free stock photos every week.
  • These are the attribution-free images.

7. Freerangestock -Great photos. Totally free


  • It provides free quality stock photos for both commercial and non-commercial use.
  • Images shown on the website are either shot by Freerange Stock, drawn from Freerange archives, or contributed by a talented community of photographers.

8. Magdeleine -A Free Hi-Resolution Photo Everday


  • The Magdeleine is a free stock photos website which provides a responsive search ability to its users.
  • There are several categories like Nature, City & Architecture, People, Animals, Food, Technology, Objects, and Abstract, where you can find high-quality photographs.
  • There are options like dominant colors (with a list of vibrant colors) and popular tags (like Mountains, wood, water etc), which makes the search quick and functional.
  • Some images are licensed under CC0-public domain while some images require attribution.

9. PhotoPin -Free Photos for Bloggers


  • PhotoPin has a huge collection of images and you can download them for free.
  • It mainly assists bloggers in finding copyright-free images for their blogs.
  • Simply preview the photo and click “get a photo” to download along with a precise attribution link.
  • It makes the entire procedure simple and quick.
  • You can find images for almost any niche from this website.
  • PhotoPin uses the Flickr API and searches for creative commons photos to use.

10. JAY MANTRI -Free anything.make magic


  • JAY MANTRI’s photographs are spectacular. Nature, abstract, buildings, and travel photographs are available for free to download.
  • This is one of the best websites for free images.
  • No attribution is required.
  • You can use these free stock photos as you want.
  • These are licensed under the CCO-public domain.
  • You can modify the photographs if it is required for the perfect matching with your blog post.

11. STOCKPHOTOS4FREE – High-quality Free Stock Photos


  • STOCKPHOTOS4FREE is a very big platform that provides unlimited free stock photos.
  • You can find images related to every subject possible.
  • You require an account in order to download the free images from this website.
  • After creating an account you can download unlimited images.
  • The images are free to use with all kinds of projects.
  • It has over 1,00,000 completely free stock photos, all of those have the royalty-free license.



  • This is a free stock photos website offering plentiful of images.
  • It has more than two dozen categories consist of more than 388 thousand photographs and illustrations.
  • It offers free mandatory membership along with the images.
  • These images are free to use anywhere just the rules mentioned in the Image License Agreement must be followed.
  • The categories cover Animals & Wildlife, Business & Finance, Industry, Architecture, Celebrities, Fashion and Beauty, Sports & Fitness, Automotive, Textures & Patterns, Movie & Music, and more.
  • You can search free stock photos using tags as well.
  • You need attribution to use the images.

13. Unsplash – Beautiful, free photos


  • This free stock photos website was founded 3 years ago as a humble Tumblr blog.
  • There are no categories but a search bar has been given at the top right corner of the website to search the images.
  • You can download and use free images from this site as per Creative Commons Zero license terms.
  • No attribute required for using the stock photos.
  • This site has been serving over 300 M+ requests per month to over 7,000 developers including Trello, InVision, and Weebly.
  • The library of Unsplash has been ceaselessly multiplying with over hundreds and thousands of images.

14. Picjumbo -The best of best images


  • This website was created by designer cum photographer Viktor Hanacek in 2013.
  • His valuable photos can be found in campaigns and websites all over the world even as “one of the default system wallpapers on the LG G3 smartphone”.
  • Picjumbo offers you pixel-perfect free stock photos under the categories like Food, Nature, Business, Technology, Architecture, and Fashion.
  • Picjumbo has over 5,111,000 + downloads.
  • You can browse through free stock photos with most popular tags and can get a premium membership to access more high-resolution images.

15. Life Of Pix – Free high resolution photography


  • This is a copyright-free stock photos website which is comparatively smaller to other websites but it offers rewarding photographs.
  • You don’t require attribution to use these stock photos.
  • These are free high-resolution photos having no copyright restrictions and are free to use for both personal as well as commercial use.
  • They add latest images every week.
  • All images come under the public domain.

16. Death to stock


  • This is one of the top websites for free stock images.
  • You need to sign up in order to access the stock photos.
  • You can get access to over 10+ free photos monthly after you sign up.
  • When you become the premium member you got the access to 20+ photos on monthly basis.
  • You can also access their web app with 1,500+ existing photos.
  • They use their own license which they have mention on their respective webpage.

17. LibreShot -Free images for blogs


  • LibreShot provides you the access to free stock Images for commercial use.
  • The images have the license CC0 – Public Domain.
  • These are original and natural looking photos, requiring no attribution at all.
  • It caters to the need for free stock photos of Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Teachers, Students, Blogger, & Journalists etc.

18. – Beautiful free stock photos


  • This is a widely used best free stock photo website.
  • It is a repository of beautiful stock photos by Snappa.
  • They add the highest resolution pictures to their database on a daily basis.
  • All these photos have Creative Commons – CC0 which doesn’t require attribution.
  • It provides hassle-free access to photos for commercial or private use.


1. Creative Commons

  • This is a website which can act as your image search engine tool. Here, you can enter your searches and see results consolidated at a single place.
  • Creative Commons pulls out results from many websites like Flickr, Pixabay, SpinXpress, Google Images, etc.
  • You can select the stock photos based on our preference.
  • One can use the photos for commercial purpose as well.
  • You can also mark or unmark in case you wanna modify, adapt the images.

2. Google Image Search (Not-so-common-Hack)

  • Have you ever wondered how Google is the answer to EVERYTHING? Yes, even when you search for royalty free and copyright free images.
  • This Google hack requires you to visit, to begin the search.
  • Type in your search query and hit enter.
  • Then click on ‘tools’ option under the search bar and select an option. For example, if you select, “usage rights” then you will get a preview of images that are available for reuse.
  • You can also select “labeled for reuse with modification” etc. Our marketing team has been using this option for a long time and we hope that will you find this utterly useful too!

Gearing Up for Free stock Photos ?

Always keep the above-mentioned list of websites handy, so that you do not need to wander for the suitable images for your blog or website. The above-discussed websites are a great source of high-quality and relevant images. Hence you will never have to look elsewhere for free stock photos.

However, many of these websites allow you to modify images too. So, you can modify the images according to your requirements. And if you are looking for a web design software which includes in-build stock images to use, then nothing can beat TemplateToaster. A convenient software that incorporates loads of features to give you a stunningly looking professional website without any efforts.

If you find this post helpful then we would like to hear your take on these websites. Kindly take out two minutes to pour down your wisdom in the comment section below.