Does back-end content editing seem to be a daunting task to you? With the advent of WordPres front end editor plugin, it’s definitely not rocket science. These top 4 WordPress front end editor plugins if used according to need will help you give that cutting-edge to your website you have always dreamt of as a web designer!


Front end editing is a wonderful concept in WordPress which allows to simply edit the contents of a website right there from the display page by clicking on the link nearby. No doubt, WordPress has revamped its default front end customizer in the latest 4.7 release, there is always a way out to tap into the best things possible when it comes to user experience. A little plugin is a sure shot way to enhance the responsiveness of a website by adding an extra functionality which was not there in the first place.With all being done if you are looking to give your website a fresh look along with WordPress front end editor plugin compatibility, check out TemplateToaster, a website builder and WordPress theme builder comprising of advanced functionalities to give your themes a brand new look!

WordPress front end editor plugins with easy-to-use features not only help cope up the editing anxiety but also adds to the flawless web experience. Zero configurations are required after installation. Once a plugin is activated, the user having permission for visiting any posts or web page on the website can simply use the Edit Page Link available on the toolbar. The page can directly be created in the front of the site that allows viewing the page how it exactly looks.  Here at TemplateToaster WordPress website builder, Let’s talk about Top 4 WordPress front end editor plugins in detail to understand the pros and cons of each of them. you may also read technique to secure WordPress website and WordPress content creation tools.


List of the best WordPress Front End Editor Plugins (2019)

  1. WP User Frontend
  2. Frontier Post
  3. Front End Editor for WordPress
  4. WP quick Frontend Editor


WordPress Front End Editor Plugins in detail

1. WP User Frontend


The WP User Frontend editor offers the ability for creating new posts as well as editing their profile from the site front-end. It allows changing the contents directly from the site front end. There is no need to load the admin backend for correction of the typos. Editing posts, pages and custom post types, widgets, comments and widgets and other elements are easier. The WP user front-end offers maximum features than any other front-end post submission plugins. This WordPress front end editor plugin can be used anywhere easily with shortcodes. Each of the forms gets a unique shortcode that can be used on any page with which the form would generate without altering or breaking the style of the page theme. With the provided multiple choice menus, users can easily upload files and fill out the forms along with entering the data. WP User Frontend supports WooCommerce for which products can be created utilising the forms.


  • Users can simply create new posts and edit the post from the frontend
  • The page can be viewed from the front-end custom dashboard
  • User’s profile can be edited easily
  • Restrictions can be conveyed for accessing the WordPress backend for any user level
  • Uploading attachments and post featured images from the frontend is easier

Pros – Admin can manage the users from front-end

Cons – Pay-per-post

Rating: 4 Stars

Active Installs: 10,000+


2. Frontier Post Plugin


The main purpose of frontier post plugin is to enable the frontend posting and edit the blog. The WordPress Frontier Post Plugin allows the simple full-featured management of the standard posts from the frontend. This can be used by the editors and administrators for editing the posts from the front end. The frontier post is quite simple. Adding, editing and deleting the posts and pages with the media and directly from the frontend. It integrates features like ‘My posts Widget’ and ‘My Approvals Widget’. The capabilities of this WordPress front ens editor plugin are aligned with the standards of WordPress. This WordPress front end editor plugin offers complete front end management of the posts.


  • It does have the ability to edit texts, images, links and much more
  • This WordPress front end editor plugin supports featured images
  • It works on posts, custom post types and pages
  • It does have the ability to add categories and tags

Pros – This is familiar with WordPress editor interface and is configurable

Cons – It offers no live preview and creates restrictions to the users to access media and backend admin

Rating: 5 Stars

Active Installs: 3,000+


3. Front-end Editor for WordPress

The Front End Editor for WordPress offers extensive numbers of features. Drafting and editing posts are quite easier. It auto-saves the data and one can publish when it is done. With this WordPress front end editor plugin, media can be added to WordPress media library. Just by pasting the URL over it, the text can be linked. Adding featured image is even simple but with one condition that is it must be supported by the theme!


  • Front-end editor for WordPress is designed for plug and play and also configurable as well as extensive
  • Buttons can be easily added to the toolbars making use of the filters
  • It is easier to link to the editor from any place of the website using the normal edit link to the admin which would be picked by the plugin
  • Featured images can be added if the theme supports it

Pros – It allows editing the website in real time

Cons – As the entire layout is created with shortcodes then the layout would break and the website would look a huge mess

Rating: 4 Stars

Active Installs: 2,000+


4. WP Quick Frontend Editor


The WP quick Frontend Editor is considered as the best front-end editor which allows changing and saving the contents of the posts and the pages by utilising WYSIWYG editor directly from the frontend of the website. There is no requirement to move to the Dashboard for minimal changes. The Admin does have the full control to give the access to the editor to the author, editors or the contributors. The texts can be formatted as per requirements. Adding images from the WordPress gallery is easier which can be done by the dragging and dropping using the upload button. The ultimate goal of the WordPress Front End editor plugins is to build the website with responsive features. With this front end editor for WordPress, integrating user-friendly interface the websites can be developed with less time consumption.



  • This is compatible with all types of themes Editing the content with
  • Editing the content with visual responsive editor is quite easier
  • Generating HTML of the content is quite easier
  • Adding images from WordPress gallery to the content is simple
  • This front end editor plugin offers listing option

Pros – It is light and fast

Cons – The title doesn’t get removed

Rating: 4 Stars

Active Installs: 600+


Which WordPress Front End Editor Plugin you use?

In a nutshell, if you are tired of editing in backend admin in WordPress websites, then front end editor plugins should be your surefire way to experience trouble-free editing. We have scrutinised the top 4 WordPress front end editor plugins so that you can make your mind on which of these WordPress front end editor plugins suit your custom needs in the best possible way.