WordPress Security Plugins strengthen your WordPress site. Your WordPress site is a treasure trove that can either provide you with personal fulfillment through a blog, or financial prosperity through an e-commerce endeavour or both at the same time. You need to ensure its safety and security in the same way you’d guarantee the security of a physical asset. So, You need WordPress Security Plugin to protect your WordPress website.

Earlier, we discussed with you about the essential types of plugins for WordPress websites. Also, as far, we have described and compared the best of WordPress spam prevention plugins, the best of WordPress cache plugins and the best of search engine optimization plugins. You can make you site with WordPress website builder and use best WordPress security plugins for brute force attack protection.

Here at TemplateToaster website builder WordPress Security Plugin have been tried and tested, and ensure the security of your WordPress site by putting in place added security measure.

List of Best WordPress Security Plugins (2019)

  1. All In One WP Security and Firewall
  2. iThemes Security
  3. Wordfence Security
  4. BulletProof Security
  5. Sucuri Security
  6. WP Antivirus Site Protection
  7. WP Security Ninja
  8. Acunetix

Best WordPress Security Plugins Compared (2019)

WordPress Security Plugins Comparison


Wordfence All in One WP Security iThemes Security Sucuri Security
Scanning for suspicious code in files & Malware Yes Yes Yes Yes
Firewall Yes Yes No Yes(paid add on)
Enforce strong password Yes Yes Yes  Yes
File Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Folder/file access permissions No Yes Yes Yes
Brute Force Protection with Login Lockdown Yes Yes Yes Yes
Two Factor Authentication for Sign-in Yes(only in Premium version)  Yes Yes(only in Premium version)  Yes
User Agents Blocking Yes Yes Yes Yes
IP Blocking Yes (IPv6 compatible) Yes Yes Yes
Multisite Compatibility Yes  Yes  Yes Yes

WordPress Security Plugins in detail

1. All In One WP Security and Firewall

WordPress Security Plugins list

This user-friendly WordPress security plugin comes with an easy to use interface. With the interface, you can access advanced settings which include features such as a password strength testing tool which will assist you in generating a stronger password for your site. It also provides a login lockdown capability that blocks the IP address of brute force attack hackers who have attempted entering your site. After a specified number of failed login attempts, the IP address of an attacker will be blocked from ever accessing your site again. It also provides a firewall feature that blocks fake web crawlers from crawling your site as well as stopping malicious scripts from corrupting your WordPress site’s core code.

All in One Security plugin is a rich one in terms of features. It provides brute force security, database security, and file system security. For brute force protection, it employs a distinctive approach. The plugin employs cookie based login access for brute force prevention. In this, you are needed to specify a secret word to the plugin. Using this word, it will automatically generate a special URL whose cookie will get deposited on your system. You can login to the dashboard as usual because of the stored cookies, but another person who doesn’t know the special URL will not be able to attempt a login.

It allows changing the default database prefix. You should change the default table prefixes to prevent hackers leverage the advantage for injecting malicious SQL. You can also schedule the database backup. The backup is sent to user specified email.

For file system security, the WordPress security plugin allows setting the secured file permission within its interface. You can even disable PHP file editing, plus, deny the access to readme.html, license.txt, and wp-config.php. You can run the scan for file change detection, malware, and database with the help of this plugin.

It helps you keep the bird’s eye view on users’ activities as it maintains the log of users that when they visited, what IP they used, date and time of login and log out. With the help of this log, you can enable blockings for IPs and user agents.

2. iThemes Security

iThemes-Security WordPress Security Plugins list

This WordPress Security Plugin that was previously called Better WP Security and is designed by iThemes who are popular for creating reliable themes and plugins that run on WordPress. The iThemes  comes with a 1-click installation which provides its user with the access for utilizing more advanced settings from the dashboard. For ease of use, the dashboard which comes with the installed plugin lets the user view a checklist of possible actions.

iThemes is another powerful solution. With the help of this WordPress security plugin, you can prevent your website from brute force attacks and 404 attacks. The plugin maintains the log of user activity, so you can know that who attempted the invalid logins, file changes, and 404 intrusions on your website. Having this information, you can ban the conspirators. There is a quirky option given by iThemes that is you can ban an IP from where the login attempt is made by “admin” username.

iThemes can permanently ban an IP according to the setting you would have done. The WordPress security plugin can automatically take the database backup after set intervals. You can store the backup on your local system as well as you can get it in your e-mail. There is a distinctive option in iThemes that is “Away Mode”, activating this mode, you can disable the access to the dashboard for a set time. You can enable this mode for the time of day when you don’t need to login to the dashboard.

You can configure iThemes to send you the notification if any unauthorized change is detected in the files. You can do even more for preventing files being changed as iThemes gives the options to restrict the access (read/write permission) to all the sensitive folders and files.

The hackers often apply the brute force when they know login URL. iThemes gives the option to change your login URL, you are required to provide a slug for changing the URL. When the attacker wouldn’t know the login URL, it couldn’t even attempt to crack into your dashboard.

Besides this, you can disable the login error message. The error message mighty helps a hacker to intrude into the dashboard of the site.

3. Wordfence Security

WordPress Security Plugins list

WordPress site gains free protection from both hacks and malware once it is installed. There’s a practical 2-step authentication feature to help combat the scourge of brute force attacks and scanning features that’ll notify you if malware has already infiltrated your site.

Wordfence is the most popular WordPress security plugin. It leads the download with over 900,000 downloads by now. Of course, the reason is its credibility. It gives the live traffic report about what is happening on your website. You can see that how a human and a crawler visited your site, by whom 404 error is being generated, and who is failing sign-in even after several attempts. Hence, you can immediately realize the conspiracy and can take action (block) for preventing your website from being hacked. The blocking options given by Wordfence are applicable for IPs, countries, user agents, and URLs (referrer websites).

It shows you the human as well as the crawler activities on your website. It has a password audit feature (premium version only), which is manually driven. When the user drives the audit, Wordfence inspects the strength of the user’s password by simulating a password attack on the website and sends the alert regarding password strength on user email.

For ensuring that only genuine user could get into the dashboard, Wordfence has cell phone sign-in option (premium version only). This is actually a two-factor authentication method of providing secure access to the user account. Provide your cell phone number to Wordfence and activate the cell phone sign-in option, whenever you will try to login to your account, Wordfence will send a verification code, which is to use for signing in. You can enable this option for all the admin level users of your website. Wordfence also has Whois lookup support. Using Whois, you can get the owner information of a domain or a suspicious IP.

With Wordfence, you can make the scan schedule (option available in premium version) for your website or you can leave it on it to run the scanning automatically. It also scans the posts and comments on the website. Often, there is a great risk that someone leaves a blacklisted/malware URL in the comments. If there remains such URL that is in Google’s malware list, then, your website can also get listed as malicious by Google. Therefore, this feature of Wordfence is also of great worth.

4. BulletProof Security

WordPress Security Plugins list

Firewall security, login security, database security, and more are provided by this WordPress security plugin. Once the plugin is installed and activated on your WordPress site, you can just sit back and let the plugin do all the heavy lifting. Its features include blocking scanners, malicious IPs, fake traffic, code scanners and limiting brute force login attempts.It continuously scans the code of your site’s WordPress theme, plugins, and core files for any known infections. In the event any is discovered, you’ll be notified. But BulletProof isn’t all about security because it also optimizes your site’s performance by adding caching.This WordPress Security Plugin can also add a .htaccess security filter that’s designed to detect the patterns of malicious and nuisance attacks and deal with them to ensure your website’s integrity and speed.

5. Sucuri Security

sucuri security WordPress Security Plugins list

This WordPress Security Plugin provides a monitoring tool that checks for suspicious activities capable of causing mischief on your WordPress site. But using the WordPress security plugin effectively requires a bit of technical know-how, especially with WordPress’ file systems and codes. Thus, it is more suited for admins, developers, and others with special knowledge. The Sucuri Security plugin once installed is also capable of letting you remotely scan for malware, take security action in the event of a hack, and monitor a blacklist.

The Sucuri security makes it to the list of best WordPress security plugins as it has very nice features. This plugin monitors each and every activity done on the website. It keeps track of every logged-in user and what changes have been committed by the logged-in user. It has file integrity monitoring option, which detects if there is any problem with the files.

Sometimes, what the hacker does, they cunningly infect the websites with malicious/blacklisted URL such that owners don’t get the clue that something is wrong with their websites. Sucuri has a blacklist monitoring feature, which comes from some big blacklisting engines, is helpful for those website owners who don’t know what’s wrong has gone with their sites. The Securi security detects whether the sites have been listed by blacklist engines or not.

This WordPress security plugin recommends you to harden those configurations which hackers often see as a golden opportunity to intrude the website. With one click, you can correct those settings.

The distinctive feature of Sucuri is posting hack security actions. If you feel like your website has been hacked, then, Sucuri will help you take these actions- use security keys, reset user’s passwords and rest WordPress security plugins.

6. WP Antivirus Site Protection

WP antivirus site Protection WordPress Security Plugins list

WP antivirus site protection deep scans of website files to detect Trojan horses, rootkits, backdoors, fraud tools, worms, spyware, adware, hidden links, and eliminate these threats becomes a cinch once this WordPress security plugin is installed. To ensure malware never gets the best of you, the WordPress Security plugins virus database is frequently updated.

7. WP Security Ninja

Security-ninja WordPress Security Plugins list

This user-friendly WordPress Security Plugin is fast and can effectively scan your site in less than a minute for any major or minor threats. The result of the scan will then be presented to you, and if you like, you can click on the links in the report that will give you a more detailed explanation of the security threats and options to fix them. If you opt for the Pro version of WP security Ninja, you gain access to exclusive features such as Malware Scanner, Core Scanner, Auto-Fixer, and Scheduled Scanner which will provide you, even more, means to identify and deal with threats swiftly.


8. Acunetix WordPress Security

Acunetix wp security WordPress Security Plugins list

Compared to above WordPress security plugins, Acunetix has fewer features, yet it is a nice plugin. The hackers can leverage any little loophole in a website. There are some things on your website that seems you little but could be advantageous for the hackers, such as, WordPress version display in the source, the default (WP_) prefix with database tables, file update notification display to all users, WordPress login error display, PHP and database errors, etc. This plugin allows closing these loopholes. Acunetix also allows you take the database backups of your website. One more feature of this plugin is “live traffic” report. Live traffic report gives the information that from where your website is visited, at what time it is visited and what is the user agent.

Which is the best free WordPress Security Plugin ?

If you think that only highly popular websites stay the target of hackers, then, you are wrong. The hackers don’t show their mercy on the lesser known websites. They just know taking advantage of the WordPress vulnerabilities of the websites, whether they are more popular or lesser popular. The WordPress security plugins help the website administrators to remove the vulnerabilities of the websites. All of the above-described WordPress security plugins are very helpful in protecting WordPress websites from malicious attacks and hacking attempts, but the winner could be one.

According to the feature comparison chart, the Wordfence and All in One WP are close competitors. Both have very nice features, yet the Wordfence wins the battle. Wordfence has more options, which are very advanced. It can run an automatic scan, it has advanced live traffic tool, it scans the posts and comments too, protects a website from malware as well as backdoors, it blocks an attacker in real time for all the websites.

The real-time blocking means if a website using Wordfence is attacked, then, that the attacker is automatically blocked from all the websites using this plugin. Plus, it gives an extra advantage to the user by enhancing the website’s performance owing to falcon engine. The Falcon engine is the fastest WordPress caching engine deployed by this plugin. Wordfence also supports WooCommerce and other major WordPress security plugins.

But, if you want a completely free solution, then, all in One WP is a better option.

Which WordPress Security Plugins you use ?

So… That’s our list of the best WordPress Security Plugins. To further secure your WordPress site you should pick a trustworthy and reputable web hosting company, such as domains4less, Inmotion Hosting, HostGator, Bluehost or 1&1 to ensure the protection of your WordPress site. By choosing a reliable hosting company, you are guaranteed the security of your site on both a hardware and software level. Features that are offered by a security-centric hosting company include; regular backups, regular updates, secure physical servers, reliable customer support, and secure bandwidth.


Looking to build up a strong, secure WordPress site? TemplateToaster web design software creates websites that are inherently secure. We work hard to ensure that the code is always robust, and compatible with WordPress Security Plugins, like those featured in this article. Take a look at some of the other great features of our WordPress theme Builder.