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Your WordPress site is a treasure trove that can either provide you with personal fulfillment through a blog, or financial prosperity through an e-commerce endeavor or both at the same time. You need to ensure its safety and security in the same way you’d guarantee the security of a physical asset.

Your WordPress site’s security can be further strengthened by installing the following WordPress Security Plugins. They have been tried and tested, and ensure the security of your WordPress site by putting in place added security measure


1. All In One WP Security and Firewall

This user-friendly security plugin comes with an easy to use interface. With the interface, you can access advanced security settings which include features such as a password strength testing tool which will assist you in generating a stronger password for your site. The plugin also provides a login lockdown capability that blocks the IP address of brute force attack hackers who have attempted entering your site. After a specified number of failed login attempts, the IP address of an attacker will be blocked from ever accessing your site again.

This plugin also provides a firewall feature that blocks fake web crawlers from crawling your site as well as stopping malicious scripts from corrupting your WordPress site’s core code.


2. iThemes Security:

This WordPress Security Plugin that was previously called Better WP Security and is designed by iThemes who are popular for creating reliable themes and plugins that run on WordPress. The iThemes Security Plugin comes with a 1-click installation which provides its user with the access for utilizing more advanced settings from the dashboard.

For ease of use, the dashboard which comes with the installed plugin lets the user view a checklist of possible security actions.


3. Wordfence Security:

WordPress site gains free protection from both hacks and malware once this plugin is installed. There’s a practical 2-step authentication feature to help combat the scourge of brute force attacks and scanning features that’ll notify you if malware has already infiltrated your site.


4. BulletProof Security:

Firewall security, login security, database security, and more are provided by this plugin. Once the plugin is installed and activated on your WordPress site, you can just sit back and let the plugin do all the heavy lifting. Its security features include blocking security scanners, malicious IPs, fake traffic, code scanners and limiting brute force login attempts.

It continuously scans the code of your site’s WordPress theme, plugins, and core files for any known infections. In the event any is discovered, you’ll be notified.

But BulletProof isn’t all about security because it also optimizes your site’s performance by adding caching. It can also add a .htaccess security filter that’s designed to detect the patterns of malicious and nuisance attacks and deal with them to ensure your website’s integrity and speed.


5. Sucuri Security:

This plugin provides a monitoring tool that checks for suspicious activities capable of causing mischief on your WordPress site. But using the plugin effectively requires a bit of technical know-how, especially with WordPress’ file systems and codes. Thus, this plugin is more suited for admins, developers, and others with special knowledge.

The Sucuri plugin once installed is also capable of letting you remotely scan for malware, take security action in the event of a hack, and monitor a security blacklist.


6. WP Antivirus Site Protection:

Deep scans of website files to detect Trojan horses, rootkits, backdoors, fraud tools, worms, spyware, adware, hidden links, and eliminate these threats becomes a cinch once this plugin is installed. To ensure malware never gets the best of you, the plugin’s virus database is frequently updated.


7. WP Security Ninja:

This user-friendly plugin is fast and can effectively scan your site in less than a minute for any major or minor threats. The result of the scan will then be presented to you, and if you like, you can click on the links in the report that will give you a more detailed explanation of the security threats and options to fix them.

If you opt for the Pro version of WP Security Ninja, you gain access to exclusive features such as Malware Scanner, Core Scanner, Auto-Fixer, and Scheduled Scanner which will provide you, even more, means to identify and deal with threats swiftly.


Final Thoughts

So… That’s our list of WordPress Security Plugins. Are you using any of the above on your WordPress site? Or are you using a better one that didn’t make this list? If so, please share…

To further secure your WordPress site you should pick a trustworthy and reputable web hosting company, such as domains4less, Inmotion Hosting, HostGator, Bluehost or 1&1 to ensure the protection of your WordPress site. By choosing a reliable hosting company, you are guaranteed the security of your site on both a hardware and software level. Features that are offered by a security-centric hosting company include; regular backups, regular updates, secure physical servers, reliable customer support, and secure bandwidth.

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