Picking up a domain name for your blog is a lot more difficult than it sounds. You want your domain name to be unique, special, memorable, and attractive. However, in this competitive era, even if you do manage to come up with a great blog name idea, chances of it being available are slight. According to a study, more than 360 million domain names exist today. To make it worse, this statistics is increasing at the rate of 3.7% every year. Therefore, we brought you a list of the best blog name generators that can help you come up with great blog name ideas. But before that, let’s understand what exactly is a blog name generator-

What is a blog name generator?

A blog name generator, also known as a domain name generator is an online tool that generates interesting blog name ideas depending upon the keyword to enter. A typical blog name generator asks for a keyword or two, and generates a list of ideas for domain name. There are some generators that only list the available domain names, while others can also generate unavailable ones too. Some blog generators can also take two keywords and can generate interesting combinations for domain name ideas. In simpler words, a blog name generator helps you get a creative and original name for your blog based on the keyword phrases you enter.

Why do we need a blog name generators?

Your blog name is the first thing that attracts your readers. It will basically make the first impression on your audience. Therefore it should be-

  • Original and creative
  • Catchy enough to be remembered but long enough to convey the essence of your blog
  • Short enough, so people can spell it right
  • Not very fancy, something that people find relatable and say it in their daily routine
  • A domain extension that resonates with your visitors

You see there are several considerations that need to be undertaken while coming up with a perfect name. However, in case you do manage to find a perfect name, it will probably be taken already. Nonetheless, a blog generator can help you find not one but several blog name ideas that perfectly captures all of the aforementioned requirements. Some blog generators can also suggest you available extensions, which means if you want “icecream.com” and it is already taken but “icecream.net” is available, it will inform you and you can get your hands on it, if you want.

How to choose a blog name generator?

There are thousands of blog name generators available claiming itself the best one. So, how are you going to get the right blog name generator for you? Here are some factors you need to consider while choosing a blog name generator:

  • Easy to use user interface: Blog name generator should have a website with an interactive user interface so you can find your desired blog name easily. It is essential that the website is intuitive and the user is able to understand what he or she is doing.
  • Search filters: Search filter is a way to narrow down the search process that allows the user to search for its desired blog name. If there is no filter, the user will just scroll aimlessly, eventually abandoning the site. It will be nothing but a waste of time.
  • Sorting options: A blog generator should offer enough sorting options like length, alphabetical order, availability and so more.
  • Costs: Although most blog name searching tools are free of cost, some tools can throw surprises. It is better that you understand its costing before you are hit with any surprising bills.
  • Hassle-free registration: Some great blog name generating tools also allow you to register for a domain name in a hassle-free way by redirecting you to the registrars that are authorised to sell a particular blog name.
  • Exceptional features: there are some blog name generator tools with some exceptional features like sorting, filtering, social media availability checks, name contests, ability to enter multiple keywords, ability to use multiple languages, etc. Go for such tools for an exceptional experience.

List of the best Blog name generators

1. Nameboy

2. DomainWheel

3.  Panabee

4.  NameMesh

5.  Instant Domain Search

6. NameStation

Best Blog Name Generators (Review)

1. Nameboy

nameboy blog name generator

Nameboy is a popular blog name generator with a classic interface that helps users find out the perfect domain names for their blog, websites, or even business. All you need to do is enter your keyword and it will provide you a list of interesting ideas for your domain name. Moreover, it offers a color-coded list that makes it easy to differentiate available domains from unavailable ones. Furthermore, it allows you to finish your registration directly through the tool.

Features of Nameboy

  1. Faster registration: This tool is exceptionally quick that allows you to dig for more domain names pretty quickly.
  2. Color-coded list: Nameboy delivers a color-coded list of the domain name ideas for easier differentiation between available and unavailable ones
  3. Classic user interface: It offers a classic user interface that is highly intuitive to use and offers great user interface.
  4. Free of cost: The core tool is available absolutely free of costs.
  5. Selected keywords: You can find domain names based on selected keywords.
  6. Instant suggestion: All you need to do is insert two keywords and it will give you blog domain name suggestions instantly.
  7. Determine available extensions: It offers you access to charts that helps to easily determine the extensions.
  8. Incredibly useful: This tool is incredibly useful if you do not have any domain names or ideas for your blog.

Pros of Nameboy

  • Affordable as compared to other available options
  • Core product is 100% free
  • Can search for two keywords, it offers great combination ideas

Cons of Nameboy

  • No Cons found

2. DomainWheel

domain wheel

DomainWheel is not just a blog name generator, but is also a URL generator, domain name generator, and business name generator. It is a simple domain name generator, where you can just enter your keyword and click Search Domain and it will offer you a list of domain names. Moreover, you can view domain names with different extensions, alternative keywords, random suggestions, etc. in case you want to view a specific domain extension, you can just click the dropdown in the search bar and select the extension you want to include.

Features of DomainWheel

  1. Easy to use: Its user interface is simple to use where you can just enter the keyword and press a button and it will offer you a list of potential domain names.
  2. View specific extension: It offers you a feature of picking a specific extension that will show you available name ideas of the selected extension only.
  3. Displays only available domain names: Unlike other average blog name generators, it only displays blog names  available for purchase.
  4. Variety of extensions: It allows you to pick domain names with a wide variety of extensions only.
  5. Highly customizable domains: It allows highly customizable domain names by mixing search with random ideas, names that appear close to query, fit with your search and other interesting ideas.
  6. Functioning algorithm: DomainWheel has a highly functioning algorithm that picks up highly related domains without any problem.
  7. Unique domain names: It is considerably a great option if you’re looking for a blog name generator that can produce ideas from your query to produce unique domain names.
  8. Free of cost: DomainWheel is free of cost to use.

Pros of DomainWheel

  • Shows only available domain names
  • Beautiful and faster interface
  • A lot of extensions to choose from

Cons of DomainWheel

  • Limited filtering options

3. Panabee


Panabee is a blog name generator, domain search tool, and a business name generator. To get started, go to it’s site, enter keywords related to your niche and get the relevant blog name suggestions. It’s color-coded list will show available and unavailable options. Moreover, you can also choose a different extension from the drop down box. Furthermore, it displays the ‘see options’ that redirects you to GoDaddy and you can proceed to register for that blog name.

Features of Panabee

  1. Great suggestions: Panabee suggests blog names depending upon your ideas and input.
  2. Search on Apple and Google Play: It allows searching Apple and Google Play to check the availability app names.
  3. Checks availability on social media sites: Panabee also checks on popular social media sites for availability of page/handle names.
  4. Visually attractive: Panabee is colorful, which makes it desirable to look at and easy to use.
  5. Allows two keywords at a time: In Panabee’s search box, you can enter two keywords at a time and it will generate great combination ideas.
  6. Cost-effective: Panabee is completely free of cost to use.
  7. Teamed up with GoDaddy: Panabee is teamed up with GoDaddy, which means it redirects you to GoDaddy to register your blog name directly.
  8. Select domain extension: It allows you to select the extension you prefer.

Pros of Panabee

  • Colorful and easy to use interface
  • Offers excellent first-year domain name registration pricing from GoDaddy
  • Check out latest terms popular on social platforms that matches the domain name you want

Cons of Panabee

  • Filtering options are limited to extension

4. NameMesh

name mesh

As the name mentions, NameMesh offers a mesh of options for your blog names. It offers  numbers of categories that will leave you completely baffled. All you need to do is begin with a word or two, and press the enter key. It will present you a list of potential blog name options and you can discover a fantastic blog name as long as you are willing to spend a little more time digging through all the available choices.

Features of NameMesh

  1. Wide number of categories: NameMesh will generate suggestions in various categories including Common, new, Similar, SEO, Short, Fun, Extra, and Mix.
  2. Several keywords at a time: When you have more than two keywords in mind for your blog name, then NameMesh is a suitable option for you.
  3. Check availability of popular TLDs: NameMesh will check the availability of most common TLDs for your blog name.
  4. Random suggestions: It mixes in suffixes and other words to generate random blog name suggestions.
  5. Get the best deals: It allows you to check deals from different domain registrars and help you get the best deal available.
  6. Great filter options: It offers a wide range of filters to narrow down your search, including available/non-available, registrars, extensions, maximum character count, etc.
  7. Keyword Suggestions: NameMesh will also suggest relevant keywords for better blog name creation.
  8. Social media availability: It also checks on popular social media sites for availability.

Pros of NameMesh

  • Multiple filters to narrow down your search
  • Social media availability
  • Wide choice of registrars to get the best possible deal

Cons of NameMesh

  • Limited extension options (.com, .net, .co, and .io)

5. Instant Domain Search

instant domain search

Instant Domain Search generates available domain names, ready for sale domain names and domain availability with popular TLDs, for your blog, instantly. It is known for generating short and crisp, fun blog names. Moreover, you can also check the WhoIs information of the registered domains. Furthermore, you can also view the domain names that are about to expire so you can buy it immediately after it is available. It shows domain availability in color-coded form, where Red means not available, Green means available and Blue means domain names up for sale.

Features of Instant Domain Search

  1. Instant search results: All you need to do is give your input and it will give you a list of available blog names depending upon your input, instantly.
  2. Domain extension: It also shows gTLD availability in a grid to help you get your desired blog name.
  3. Color-coded search results: Instant Domain Search shows domain availability in color-coded form, where Red means not available, Green means available and Blue means already taken but up for sale.
  4. Domain for sale: This is a unique feature, which shows already taken domain names but are available for auction.
  5. About to expire domains: It also keeps track of the domain names that are about to expire to help you get it immediately after it is available for sale.
  6. Private and secure: Instant Domain Search encrypts all the traffic for security and privacy concerns.
  7. Random suggestions: Instant Domain Search will also suggest relevant random suggestions for better blog name creation.
  8. Direct purchase option: If you like an option and want to register it, it will take you to the registrar directly. It makes the process hassle-free for you and also gets the commission from the registrar, a win-win situation.

Pros of Instant Domain Search

  • Great blog name generator when you already have a name in mind
  • Direct links to find the owner of the domain name that allows you to bid for it
  • Suggests alternatives when desired name is taken.

Cons of Instant Domain Search

  • Useful only if you have a name in mind.

6. NameStation


NameStation is a useful blog name generator that can help you turn your blog into a brand with a short and creative name. It provides name variations, search guidance, and keyword suggestions, based on your input. Basically, it will ask you to input a keyword and based on that keyword it will generate a list of suggested and available domain names. To dig deeper, you can also add another keyword with your main keyword as it allows two keywords as input.

Features of Namestation

  1. Easy to use: NameStation offers a classic user interface, which is adequately easy to use,
  2. Secondary keyword: If you are not satisfied with the search result of your main keyword, you can add a secondary keyword to dig deeper.
  3. Suggested and available names: Depending upon the keywords you entered, it will offer you a list of suggested and available blog names.
  4. Brandable names: NameStation is known to offer creative blog names that have the potential to make your blog name brandable.
  5. Name contests: If you are not able to get a satisfactory name for your blog, you can hold a name contest and publish it publicly or privately amongst your co-workers and friends.
  6. Added creativity enablers: From time to time, NameStation keeps adding new search tools and creativity enablers to improve its name suggestion capability.
  7. Multi-lingual: NameStation can also provide potential names in multiple languages.
  8. Reads the name out loud: It read the name out loud, in case you are not sure how to pronounce it.

Pros of Namestation

  • Ability to add secondary keyword to dig deeper
  • Great creativity enablers
  • Offers potential names in multiple languages

Cons of Namestation

  • Still needs to work on its suggestions

7. 123 Finder


Similar to other blog name generators, 123 Finder is also a tool that offers domain names relevant to the keyword you enter. It is pretty easy to use, just enter the keyword in the Keyword field and click the Search button and it will offer you a list of available domain names. Moreover, it also allows you to set the length of your blog name to narrow down your search. In case your target audience is Spanish, you can also dig through Spanish dictionary for some ideas. Overall, despite having an outdated user interface, it is still a functioning blog name generator.

Features of 123 Finder

  1. Easy to use: Even though it has an outdated user interface, it is still easy to use.
  2. WhoIs information: Collect the information regarding the owner of a certain domain name using WhoIs feature.
  3. Length constraint: You can set the character length of the blog name to narrow down your search.
  4. Search filters: It offers plenty of search filters like extension, character length, show domains, etc for a more accurate suggestion list.
  5. Alphabetically sorting: It can segregate the domain name ideas in alphabetical order for the ease of sorting.
  6. Spanish dictionary: It also allows you to dig through Spanish dictionaries for a potential blog name idea for your Spanish audience.
  7. Explore domain trivia: It allows you to explore some trivia from the domain registration database.
  8. Instant search results: Just enter your desired keyword in the Keyword field and click the Search button, it will give you search results instantly.

Pros of 123 Finder

  • Enable you to find the owner of a specific domain name
  • Instant blog name search
  • Enable blog name search from Spanish dictionary.

Cons of 123 Finder

  • Outdated user interface

8. Lean Domain Search

lean domain search

Coming from the team at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, LeanDomainSearch is probably the best blog name generator. It is easy to use as all you need to do is enter the keyword or niche of your blog and click the Search button, it will give you a full-fledged list of available potential blog names. Furthermore, it also offers sorting options like alphabetically, length, or popularity. Use this tool to get the best results.

Features of Lean Domain Search

  1. Reputable source: It is created by Automattic company, which is also responsible for creating WordPress.com, which makes it a reliable tool.
  2. Great use case: It is used for creating fun and creative names for your blog and is quite easy to use.
  3. Sorting options: LeanDomainSearch allows you to sort your search results in alphabetical order, length or even popularity.
  4. Social media availability: Not only can you view available domain names but it also lets you view whether the name you want is available on Twitter as a handle or not.
  5. Search filters: It allows you to filter search results based on your keyword’s position in domain names.
  6. Direct domain registration: It can redirect you to domain registrars for a hassle-free domain registration.
  7. Search history: It allows you to keep track of your search history.
  8. Sharing option: You can also share the results with your friends when you need an opinion.

Pros of Lean Domain Search

  • Ability to share your results
  • Helps your social media efforts
  • Allows you to register a domain name straight from the tool

Cons of Lean Domain Search

  • Extensions only limited to .com

9. Dictionary Domains

dictionary domains

Dictionary Domains is a popular tool to search for unregistered blog names. With its impressive user interface. It makes searching for a blog name quite interesting. To search a suitable blog name, just enter your desired keyword in the search box. Moreover, it offers a wide range of search filters for a more accurate search, including extensions, options to add plurals, length of characters, and more. You can also subscribe to its email newsletter if you want it to deliver new domains to your mail.

Features of Dictionary Domains

  1. Great user interface: Domain Dictionary offers a fun to use user interface which makes blog name searching interesting.
  2. Set maximum characters: It allows you to set the maximum length for your blog name.
  3. Set particular extensions: If you are biased to a particular gTLD, you can select it in the drop-down menu and it will show only selected available extensions.
  4. Email newsletter: For future references, you can also subscribe to its email newsletter and it will deliver new domain names straight to your inbox.
  5. Set plural: In case your desired blog name is not available it can offer a plural-form of desired name for more variety.
  6. Great suggestions: Its algorithm is designed to suggest simple yet creative blog name ideas, which makes it unusually exceptional.
  7. Creative suggestions: Its creativity enablers makes it pretty easy to find simple verbs, nouns, or adjective domains for your next blog project.
  8. Extension variety: It allows you to pick domain names with a wide variety of extensions only.

Pros of Dictionary Domains

  • Bold and beautiful user interface
  • Great blog name creation suggestions
  • Variety of search filters

Cons of Dictionary Domains

  • No sorting option available

Here is a quick comparison of our personal favorite 5 best blog name generators-

Best Blog name Generators Comparison Table (2020)

Best Blog name generators Pricing Unique Feature Need Improvements
Nameboy Free Random blog name suggestion depending upon your ideas Clear distinction between available and unavailable blog names is needed.
Domain Wheel Free Generating blog name depending upon your ideas More search result filtering options are needed
Panabee Free Enables you to search Apple and Google Play for checking availability More filters are needed
NameMesh Free Mixes Suffixes and offers random suggestions More extensions are needed
Instant Domain Search Free Offers WhoIs info Creativity enablers can be improved

Blog name Generators – Conclusion

A great name is the essence to a successful blog. If you fail to get a creative blog name, then it can be difficult to establish an audience base. I hope that this article was helpful to you and you found your desired blog name. Now that you have a creative blog name, you need to create a bold and beautiful site for your blog. Try out TemplateToaster and Offline Website Builder that offers out of the box, ready to publish, elegant  templates. Comment below to let us know about your thoughts on this guide!