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20+ Best Web Design Software: The Ultimate List

best web design software 2018 blog

If you are a beginner and have no technical skills then these websites can do all the coding work for you in order to create a website and will give you the desired results. Many of these web design tools are open-source (free to download and use), and some of them are paid (but worth paying for them). For your convenience, we have compiled and divided the list into 3 categories. The first 16 discussed web design software are the ones, which are feature-rich, well-established and currently, dominating the web design industry. Next 6 web design software is equally popular but they have come up with some new features along with the previous ones. Last but not the least 8 web design software is currently not very trending in the industry and therefore they are discontinued by their respective companies. So let’s dive in and Check out the top trending Web Design Software of 2018.

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WordPress Bootstrap Theme Development: How to Use Bootstrap in WordPress from Scratch?

WordPress Bootstrap

Responsive websites automatically adjust to look good and function well on any size screen. If you are also thinking to make a responsive website from scratch, nothing can be better than Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a responsive lightweight, fast, and easy framework to develop mobile-first sites. You can use it uniformly across multiple platforms. So, it's best to create responsive themes with super speed. But the question is - how to add Bootstrap in WordPress themes? Here is the step by step tutorial to guide you. It will cover all the basics to make a WordPress Bootstrap Enabled theme.

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How to Win at Instagram Advertising (and Save Money)

Instagram Advertising

Instagram has 400 million daily users. 60% of them discover new products on the photo and video sharing platform and 75% of Instagram users take action after seeing a post. In a bid to compete with Snapchat, Instagram also launched Stories feature in August 2016. A year and a half later, there are now 250 million daily active users of Instagram Stories, which is not that far from Snapchat’s numbers. The mind-boggling statistics have made Instagram a gold mine for advertisers and it’s not surprising to know that there are already over 1 million advertisers taking advantage of Instagram’s reach. With so much competition among advertisers already, you need to be extra careful when it comes to designing an Instagram advertising campaign especially if you are on a tight budget. In this article, we will be discussing how you can post-effective Instagram ads and still save money.

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Top 10 jQuery Cheat Sheets: Hand Books for Time-Starved Geeks

jQuery Cheat Sheets

jQuery is well-written JavaScript library that can be easily implemented for rapid web development. Web developers use jQuery for more exciting, interactive, and more user- friendly web pages. It simply adds a wow factor to your site. But it's not that easy to memorize all its syntax. So, here it’s good to go with jQuery cheat sheets. These are like quick notes for a web designer or developer to code faster. These will keep you ahead of the curve!!

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WordPress line break not Working: Quick Solutions to keep text formatting intact

WordPress line break not working blog

With the WordPress upgrade to version 3.2, the text editor seems to remove the line breaks by itself. While typing text into the text editor, the formatting is in place and all line breaks are shown in the preview also. However, all the paragraph and line-break tags seem to disappear when the text is saved and you go and view the page. WordPress simply strips out the relevant tags whenever you add extra spacing in the text editor. The result is that the properly formatted text page you created looks totally different when you save it since all extra spacing or blank lines are removed.

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How to Create WordPress Theme from Scratch: A Beginners Guide (2017)

create wordpress theme

Designers and developers have been unconsciously partial towards WordPress based themes for not just one but several reasons. At times, some client specifically asks for a website in WordPress. The reason for that being WordPress, widely known for its simplicity. In fact, the amount of flexibility, and power it offers to the developers when they have to create themes and much more is commendable. Hence, one prefer switching to WordPress CMS over others.

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Top 16 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2018 (With Examples)

web design trends 2018

The panorama of web design is constantly transforming. And, the adoption of the latest web design trends is the key to flow with this transformation victoriously. It is necessary to know about the latest trends especially in web design as they are so dynamic and change fast with technology. Do you abide by the fact that "what is past shall remain in the past"? If not, then you gotta lose the game. Web design trends once matured, can't be carried forward to the next era. We’ll look at some of the key trends that will be ruling the world of web design in 2018.

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The Ultimate Stack of JavaScript Cheat Sheets for Design Junkies

JavaScript Cheat Sheet

JavaScript is a very popular client-side scripting language. It is adopted universally for supporting dynamic content in a webpage. JavaScript makes a site more interactive & brings special effects to it. It is also applicable to external applications like PDF, widgets etc. If you are a web developer, you also need JavaScript. We have devised a list of top JavaScript cheat sheets. You can keep this list by your side when working on any JavaScript project as a great resource.

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