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WordPress Cron function: Using it the right way!

wordpress cron php wp-cron.php disable

In WordPress, wp-cron.php is a small file located in the root folder. It is responsible for scheduling many events & tasks. Including publishing scheduled posts, checking for plugin or theme updates, sending email notifications and more. It can be rightly said “Time-Based Job Scheduler”. Whenever a page opens up on your site, WordPress checks if there is a need to send the request to wp-cron.php or not. If it does, then wp-cron.php runs in the background.

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WordPress 4.9: What’s All New You Need to Know About

WordPress 4.9

WordPress 4.9 is scheduled to be released on November 14, this year. Though a beta version is released to give an overview of all the upcoming features in the final edition. We try WordPress 4.9 beta to see what all the changes and new things, they are going to offer. Though some of the features may not make their way to final release as this is only for testing purposes. Let us dive into seeing what all they will offer.

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Ecommerce Website Accessibility: Why and How to Improve it

Ecommerce Website Accessibility Why and How to Improve It

One of the most important aspects of web design is accessibility. However, not all are giving much attention to it. What good would an eye-catching website be if the functionality is compromised? In this light, we would like to highlight the importance of improving accessibility for ecommerce sites, as well as share tips on how this can be done. An ecommerce site’s accessibility is very important as the income opportunities are highly dependent on actions done on the site itself. Issues on accessibility will have direct effect on sales.

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Inkscape vs Illustrator: Which Works Better for Vector Graphics?

Inkscape vs Illustrator: Which works Better for your Vector Graphics? blog image

Every time we think of an open source and free application, we always consider it inferior in comparison to the more popular and paid one. But, times has changed my friend, it is not the same anymore. The open-source community has grown wider and so has grown the possibilities of an open source tool that could at least match if not surpass the functionality of the more popular and paid tool. Inkscape is the result of one such development. It is a software for vector-graphic designing available for free. Let me compare Inkscape vs Illustrator (more popular and pricier tool) to prove its worth.

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SEO Landing Pages vs. PPC Landing Pages – Best Practices (2017)

seo landing pages vs ppc landing pages blog image

It makes sense to create landing pages on a regular basis for business and marketing reasons – targeting a very specific audience/niche, promoting a specific product or promotion, or just building traffic for a key term and converting visitors into customers based on their intent in their search.But the issue arises when you try to do too many things with one landing page. When someone lands on your site, for instance, selling coat hangers, and you try to sell them a coat. You have to get them looking for what it is it that you sell, and make sure the landing page gives them everything they need to make an informed decision.

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Auto Update Copyright Year in a Website Dynamically (2017)

Auto Update Copyright Year blog image

Preparing your websites for the New Year or revising the content? Feel like updating of copyright year is a monotonous and tedious task? Look at some of the approaches for updating copyright year automatically without a hassle! The website copyright adds ownership to the site content and it is crucial to reinstate it every year. An updated copyright not only shows that the site is maintained but also gets it rated high on SEO search lists. An annual task for all website owners is to update the copyright year across websites. As a webmaster, you may find it a frustrating task to do it on time year after year. Let us explore some of the ways to auto update the copyright year on a website.

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7 Essential Joomla Extensions to Boost Up Your Basic Joomla Website

Joomla Extensions

Joomla extensions are great to get your brand new website to the next level as they provide a solution for content, images, caching, security and adding other improvements. The powerful Joomla extensions make the Joomla management, an effortless task. But choosing the right extensions becomes a dilemma for the beginners. As about 5 extensions are added to Joomla Extension Directory each day. The number of Joomla extensions keeps on increasing. So, the beginners never get the satisfactory answer to the question that “Which is the best Joomla extension for SEO, security, performance or user-tracking?”

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