Gutenberg is the new block editor launched by WordPress and WordPress users are excited to work with it. Although the block editor comes with a lot of features, there are various add-on solutions available as well. Gutenberg combined with Gutenberg blocks Plugins is all set to revolutionize the way users think about creating and editing content.

WordPress launched the Gutenberg editor with its WordPress 5.5 version released in 2018. Gutenberg block editor may not be as well received as it was anticipated and failed to impress the audience. In 2018, Gutenberg was launched with some new strengths. Moreover, with the collection of Gutenberg plugins, the functionality of Gutenberg can be extended beyond imagination. You can also add fonts and typography plugins. Here at TemplateToaster WordPress theme builder, I am going to discuss the best Gutenberg blocks plugins available.

WordPress has shifted from one long input box visual editor to a completely new and advanced block editor. It allows users to assign unique features to each block. This way, it is easier to align each piece of content. Moreover, with the add-on plugins and extensions, it is possible to extend functionalities of the editor. However, if you don’t want to work with the new Gutenberg block editor, you can always disable the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

How to choose the right Gutenberg Blocks plugins?

There are plenty of Gutenberg blocks plugins available that can make it difficult to pick one. Therefore, you need to consider some factors before picking out the plugin. Following are the factors you should consider before picking out a plugin-

  1. Number of blocks: Look at the number of content blocks offered by the plugin and if it includes all the blocks you need. You should go for the one with less number of blocks but all the blocks rather than the one that offers endless blocks but not the ones you need.
  2. Ease of use: Plugins that offer an endless number of features will do no good. It will end up overwhelming you with the number of features it offers. Therefore, go for the one that offers limited features but excellent user experience.
  3. Free vs premium: although most of the plugins come for free yet there are some premium plugins with tempting features. However, you don’t have to pay for the plugin if the same features are available with another free plugin. Look into other plugins before making any payments.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the Gutenberg blocks plugins that can help you enhance its features and functionalities!

List of the best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins


redux gutenberg block library wordpress plugin Building a big website with a lot of pages and you want them all to look great? In that case, Redux is without any doubt the best available plugin for you. It allows you to browse through collections of like-styled pages to let you find everything you are looking for. Moreover, it notifies regarding the missing dependency so you can install everything you need. This way it prevents you from wasting hours trying to recreate a design. Furthermore, the automated installs make sure you have everything you need for a specific template/design.


  1. Offers 1000+ templates that you can apply on your WordPress site.
  2. Allows you to preview each Gutenberg block based template in the customizer preview.
  3. Built-in support for Block Patterns library.
  4. Allows you to see instantly which templates requirements you already fulfill or which templates need you to install additional dependencies.
  5. Differentiates between the dependencies you want and offers you exactly what you are looking for.
  6. Automatically installs additional files you may need to install any template.
  7. Makes the reusable blocks visible.
  8. Clean code and inline documentation makes it developer-friendly.


  • Supports a wide selection of themes
  • Compatible with other Gutenberg-specific plugins
  • An open-source and free plugin


  • A lot of features makes it a bit overwhelming for a beginner

CoBlocks – Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks

coblocks page builder gutenberg blocks wordpress plugin CoBlocks is the most innovative plugin for Gutenberg WordPress block editor. It offers additional blocks and true row and column building for a true page builder experience for Gutenberg. Moreover, the plugin is exceptionally lightweight yet powerful. It enhances the capabilities of Gutenberg as well as WordPress. Furthermore, it brings a plethora of additional WordPress blocks and page builder functionalities. Its wide selection of features offers everything you need to make beautiful web pages.


  1. Offers various blocks such as Carousel gallery blocks, Features block, Accordion block, Form blocks, Media card blocks, Map blocks, Food and drinks block, Post carousel block and so much more.
  2. Create stunning web pages, posts, with this editor.
  3. Add dynamically generate content areas with Row and columns blocks.
  4. Offers Shape Divider to style innovative new blocks.
  5. Incredible customization blocks with change fonts, pick colors, set margin and padding.
  6. Offers custom typography controls by allowing you to set fonts, sizes, weights, transformation, and more.
  7. Absolutely free to use.
  8. Easy interface makes it adaptable.


  • Easy to use
  • Great selection of features
  • Open source plugin


  • Users often complain about it crashing their sites. However, experts fix it immediately.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

ultimate gutenberg blocks Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is one of the best Gutenberg plugins for small businesses as it includes plenty of features that can add value to their company sites. It is particularly beneficial for adding testimonials, team member profiles, call to actions, contact form, and so much more. Moreover, if you are in the food industry, it is especially a handy option for you because it offers a specially designed block for restaurants. Furthermore, this plugin offers some unusual elements such as an info box and content timeline blocks.


  1. Comes with a ready-to-use full website demos for Gutenberg that enables you to tweak them easily and build websites in a matter of a couple of minutes.
  2. Easy to use interface allows beginners to make beautiful web pages.
  3. Several customizations make it easier to build pages that match the theme of your website’s theme.
  4. Follows the best coding standards for faster performance.
  5. A lot of easier customization options within a few clicks only.
  6. You can preview the front end changes while you are working on them.
  7. Enables full-width support for Gutenberg blocks like the gallery, post, image, and cover image.
  8. A wide selection of demos and tutorials available for newbies and users.


  • A lot of tutorials available
  • Well documented
  • Uses the best coding standards


  • Customer support can be improved

Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks

gutenberg blocks by kadence blocks Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks is available for small and general purpose websites. This plugin allows you to create pages with complex layouts. Moreover, it offers total control over columns, rows, spacing, and more. It includes various blocks such as Accordion blocks, testimonials blocks, advanced button block, row layout block, tabs block, and so much more. Furthermore, the plugin offers key elements to expand your options for building dynamic, flexible pages.


  1. Offers demo for almost every block available.
  2. Provides better control over blocks, rows, column, spacing, and more.
  3. Advanced gallery block allows you to add photo galleries in a masonry, carousel, grid, fluid width carousels, and more.
  4. Comes with an advanced heading block that provides full control over your headings.
  5. Add up to 5 buttons side by side using the advanced button block.
  6. Highly customizable tabs block with unique tab title settings.
  7. Offers spacer/divider blocks that enables you to show a divider optionally.
  8. Allows you to add ‘learn more’ text.


  • Interactive UI
  • Enough demos available to work with
  • Available for free


  • Limited designing elements

Otter Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library

gutenberg blocks and template library by otter Otter is one of the best Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library plugins available. This plugin offers a beautiful collection of creative Gutenberg blocks and ready-to-import templates. Moreover, it comes with a variety of blocks such as price lists, sections, services, post grids, testimonials, Google maps, and more. Overall, this is an amazing tool to create excellent content without having to break a sweat!


  1. Comes with a fair number of blocks including price lists, sections, services, post grids, testimonials, Google maps, and more.
  2. Its drag-and-drop concept allows you to create stunning web pages easily.
  3. It lets you have total control over your layout with section blocks.
  4. Offers a rick library of templates that allows you to unleash your inner designer.
  5. Allows you to create your own layouts or pick one of the layouts or templates offered by Otter.
  6. Allows you to take advantage of responsive controls to increase margins or padding.
  7. Integration with Gutenberg allows you to see the front-end changes live from the backend.
  8. Enables full control over style and appearance with advanced customization options.


  • Advanced customization options.
  • Offers over 17 blocks to work with
  • Provides a rich templates library


  • Not enough blocks offered

Atomic Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Collection

atomic blocks - gutenberg blocks collection Atomic Blocks is an excellent plugin for bloggers considering it offers plenty of features such as post grids and author profile boxes. Indubitably, Atomic blocks offers easier yet remarkable website building experience with its wide selection of features. Moreover, it offers plenty of blocks such as CTA buttons. Section and layout block, newsletters, share icons, inline notices, etc. overall, it is a collection of elements that can help you make your web pages or even the entire website look beautiful. Note that it is now renamed to Genesis blocks. It is all set for migration and you can expect a whole bunch of new blocks and features anytime soon now!


  1. With Atomic blocks, create customizable and beautiful web pages.
  2. Offers a collection of page building blocks for the new Gutenberg block editor.
  3. A wide library of pre-designed sections that allows you to create stunning web pages in a matter of minutes.
  4. It is an open source and free to use plugin
  5. Allows you to quickly build stunning websites with its wide selection of over 15 different blocks.
  6. Offers in-depth tutorials and demos that explains how to get started and use it.
  7. Seamless integration with WordPress editor allows users to see live changes while working on the changes.
  8. Offers support for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).


  • Easy to use
  • Great support and demos available
  • Free plugin


  • Newbies may find it hard to customize blocks

PublishPress Blocks

publishpress blocks PublishPress Blocks is a bundle of 16 new blocks that allows you to create beautiful web pages. It allows you to filter available blocks based on the user role that makes it stand out from the rest of the plugins listed in here. Indubitably, it is one of the best block plugins for WordPress as it allows you to improve the Gutenberg block editor works. Some of the blocks it includes are Image slider block, advanced image block, WooCommerce products blocks, counter block, and more. Furthermore, it lets you push the boundaries of content design with additional configuration and styling options.


  1. Enables you to create edition profiles and assign user roles to the specific blocks.
  2. Offers seamless performance since it is only loaded when a block from the plugin is allied.
  3. Provides 16 new blocks to work with and create stunning web pages.
  4. Allows you to throw in custom CSS blocks.
  5. Offers definition of Gutenberg editor size and column materialization.
  6. Allows you to select each block activation depending on per user profile.
  7. Offer support by replying promptly to your queries.
  8. FAQs, tutorials, video tutorials, demos, etc, are available to help you out.


  • Offers a bundle of 16 new block
  • Default block configuration available
  • Offers support


  • Difficult user interface


gutentor gutenberg blocks Gutentor is another popular Gutenberg plugin that significantly improves its functionalities. It brings you a free collection of page building blocks for Gutenberg with customizable templates. Moreover, it enables you with the access to a great selection of blocks in one plugin. It comes with over 31 blocks including unique options including video popup, restaurant menu, custom query, and so much more. Furthermore, it enables you to build simple as well as complex layouts.


  1. It is a SEO-friendly plugin.
  2. Offers faster loading site.
  3. Offers highly customizable rows and columns options available for creative designers.
  4. Ready made templates and blocks along with one-click demos.
  5. Allows you to sort, edit, and delete items using the drag-and-drop concept.
  6. Offers deice specific responsive controls
  7. The plugin is highly optimized to deliver focused performance
  8. Allows you to throw in a custom CSS block to blend it with your existing WordPress theme.


  • Offers dynamic and advanced column
  • Great performance
  • Clean code


  • A lot of option can throw users off-track


stackable page builder gutenberg blocks Stackable is the favorite plugin of web designers as it offers a huge set of blocks tailored to users who want to create a stunning website. It comes with over 27 new blocks, 58 block layouts, and 72 pre-set design sections. Overall, it offers the biggest library to users to choose from. It offers two plans: Free and premium plans. Free plan is sufficient for an individual or entry-level website. If you want to take your designing up a notch, you can upgrade to the premium version.


  1. Add full-screen page layouts with a container block.
  2. Allows you to add a video pop-up to elegantly show-off you footage.
  3. It comes with over 27 new blocks, 58 block layouts, and 72 pre-set design sections
  4. Offers a free and a paid plan for both small level and established websites with complex layouts.
  5. Offers powerful custom blocks to provide a robust foundation to your website.
  6. Allows you to turn the Gutenberg editor to fine-tune your creations.
  7. Offers liver responsive editing compatible with desktop, laptop, tabs, mobiles, etc.
  8. Provides seamless integrations with third-party plugins like Font Awesome, WPML, Google Fonts, and more.


  • Easy to use
  • Rich library of blocks and other elements
  • Offers a premium version as well as a free version


  • Call to action blocks can be improved

Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins Compared

Here is a comprehensive comparison of the 5 best Gutenberg blocks plugins-

PluginActive installsFree version?WordPress VersionMultilingual?
Redux1+ millionAvailable4.0 or higherOver 8 languages
CoBlocks400,000+Open source5.0 or higher27 languages
Ultimate Addons200,000+Yes4.7 or higher9 languages
Kadence Blocks90,000+Available5.2 or higherOver 27 languages
Otter80,000+Yes5.4 or higher11 languages

Bonus Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress


getwid gutenberg blocks Getwid is a free plugin that offers a collection of over 40 WordPress blocks. Some of the blocks it offers are section blocks, banner blocks, image hotspot blocks, sliders blocks, contact form blocks, and more. Moreover, the plugin is coded following the best coding standards that makes it developer friendly. Furthermore, it offers real-time customization that allows users to see the front-end changes of the backend. Overall, this plugin offers a bunch of dynamic functions.

Ultimate Blocks

ultimate blocks gutenberg blocks plugin Ultimate Blocks is a nifty little plugin that allows you to add some advanced functionalities to your Gutenberg editor to help you create some stunning web pages or even an entire website. It offers 18+ blocks including content filter, tabs, review, table of content, styled boxes and lists, CTAs, content toggle, expandable content, and more. With the plenty of ultimate blocks, it is the best extension for bloggers and marketers. Moreover, it lets you add tweetable content in your posts and pages using the Tweet block. Furthermore, persuade your visitors to take actions by adding Call-to-actions using the CTA block. Overall, this multipurpose plugin allows you to explore and play with its wide range of features.

Qubely – Gutenberg Blocks and Page Builder

qubely gutenberg blocks and page builder Go for Qubely, if you want to have numerous custom Gutenberg blocks to the Gutenberg block editor and take the Gutenberg editor to the next level. Moreover, it comes with 20 content blocks and pre-designed sections. It can certainly be an asset to you for designing a creative and beautiful looking web page or website.

EditorsKit – Gutenberg Block Editor Toolkit

editorskit gutenberg block editor toolkit As the name suggests, EditorsKit offers some added editing options for text formats such as highlighted text, text transformation, nofollow or sponsored links, indentations, and more. In fact, its most useful feature is block import and export that allows users to reuse blocks easily right from the editor.

Gutenberg Post Blocks

postx gutenberg post grid blocks Gutenberg Post Blocks offers a collection of features that allows you to create beautiful Gutenberg post grid blocks, dynamic post slider blocks, post listing blocks, post carousel blocks, and more. Moreover, it is easy to integrate since it comes with a default shortcode support that allows you to easily integrate Gutenberg blocks within any existing page builders.

Qodeblock Gutenberg Blocks Collection

qodeblock gutenberg block collection Qodeblock is an amazing Gutenberg addon that comes with over 20 content blocks. The plugin offers a great list of content blocks that lets you have more control to quickly create and launch any site you desire. Moreover, it offers a lot of flexibility to build your own site with available blocks including CTAs, author profiles, inline notices, pricing tables, and so much more.


twentig toolkit Twentig is a customization plugin exclusively for the popular WordPress theme: Twenty Twenty. It offers a lot of customization options including font style, font color, font size, and many more options, In fact, it makes the entire block customization easy with powerful block features.

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks (Not available for Downloads)

The Advanced Gutenberg Blocks is more than just a Gutenberg blocks add-on. In fact, it comes with a bundle of advanced pre-designed Gutenberg block sections that can help you with essential management options. Plus, the settings page allows you to customize the plugin according to your requirements. In addition, you will find ‘extensions’ feature that allows you to create your own block and register it through this feature.

Gutenberg Blocks by WordPress Download Manager

gutenberg blocks by wordpress download manager Gutenberg Blocks by WordPress Download Manager is another Gutenberg Blocks Plugin that offers a collection of beautiful ready-to-use blocks. It offers a lot of UI blocks that further allow users with customization options for their page design. With over 17 blocks, it works amazingly with the Gutenberg block editor.


Here is your Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress. It was indeed a long list and I understand it can be difficult to decide one out of them. Therefore, to make things easier I would suggest you to go for either Redux, CoBlocks, or Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. They are the most popular and powerful plugins with out-of-the-box features. In fact, they are all free of cost and offer straightforward interface. However, if you still have any query, reach us by commenting below. We’d love to help you out!