If you stay up to date with latest technologies and trends then you must have noticed a popular internet trend where a lot of WordPress sites started accepting bitcoin. The goal is to enable users from all over the world to get your services or products. PayPal blocked access from over 60 countries and users are looking for alternatives. Indubitable, Bitcoin or crypto currencies serve as great alternatives. In this article, I’m going to list out the best plugins to accept bitcoin on your WordPress website.

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Why should you accept Bitcoin on your WordPress website?

Before I start listing the plugins, you need to understand what exactly is the point of accepting bitcoin or any other crypto currency on your WordPress site. Here are some reasons why your website should start accepting Bitcoin-

  1. Cost: As compared to tradition payment gateways, Bitcoin transactions come with much smaller or no processing fees.
  2. Convenience: You don’t have to wait before gaining access to your funds received through sales. Once you sell your product or services, the money will be directly transferred to your wallet.
  3. Security: As it eliminates the need for any third party for verification and authorization, it offers secure transactions. That is the reason it is known as the “Pseudo-anonymous” system.
  4. Digitization: Since Bitcoin doesn’t require a third party banking entity, it is a fully digital cash system.

6 Best plugins to accept BitCoin on your WordPress website-

GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway

GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway & Paid Downloads & Membership

GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway is more than just a cryptocurrency accepting plugin. This plugin is 100% dedicated to allowing users to accept cryptocurrency payments without you having to pay for a Bitcoin payment gateway. Moreover, it works well with WordPress when you’re trying to make money by allowing you to sell digital and physical goods over your WordPress site. Furthermore, it allows access to paid memberships, gated content, and so much more.

Features of GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway

  1. Open source: This is an open source plugin and free of cost.
  2. 0% transaction fee: It doesn’t charge any monthly fee or transaction fee.
  3. Easy conversion: Accept straight into your bitcoin wallet and convert to your preferred currency later.
  4. Pay per product: Sell physical products on your WordPress site, invoices with buyer confirmation email, etc.
  5. Pay per membership:Allows paid access to your premium digital goods to your registered users.
  6. Compatibility: Easy to integrate with other payment plugins for easy bitcoin payments integration.
  7. Pay per page/view: Offers paid access to your premium content to your guest or unregistered visitors.
  8. Pay per download:Make money on file download from your unregistered users.

Pros of GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway

  • Free of costs
  • Offers solid technical support
  • Accepts a range of cryptocurrencies

Cons of GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway

  • Complex installation features

Blockonomics WordPress Bitcoin Payments

WordPress Bitcoin Payments Blockonomics

Blockonomics WordPress Bitcoin Payments is one of the most popular Bitcoin payment gateway plugins for WordPress with 4,000+ active installs. It offers the fastest Bitcoin integration and increases your sales. Moreover, it offers a fully decentralized bitcoin payment gateway that instantly sends the purchases to your wallet instead of payment gateway wallet. It further allows you to take ownership of your revenue by eliminating the need for a middle man.

Features of Blockonomics WordPress Bitcoin Payments

  1. Instant payments: Receive the purchase made on your website directly into your wallet.
  2. Bitcoin acceptance: It accepts Bitcoin (BTC) as well as Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  3. Supports privacy: Keeps the customer order information private to your shop and never submits the information to Blockonomics.
  4. Segwit compatibility: It enables lowest transaction fees possible with Segwit compatibility.
  5. Accepts a range of fiat currencies: It accepts all major fiat currencies.
  6. Fraud proof: It effectively eliminates frauds and chargebacks to offer secure transactions.
  7. Quick installation: It barely takes two minutes to WordPress installation and run.
  8. Accepts a range of major wallets: It supports a range of all major wallets including Ledger Nano S, Mycelium, Trezor, Blockchain.info, etc.

Pros of Blockonomics WordPress Bitcoin Payments

  • No approval of API key/documentation required
  • Directly receives payments in your wallet
  • Offers safe transactions

Cons of Blockonomics WordPress Bitcoin Payments

  • Its code seems to be bloated

CoinPayments.net Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

CoinPayments net Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

CoinPayments.net Payment Gateway for WooCommerce is one of the widely used crypto currency plugins for both WordPress and WooCommerce sites. It accepts more than 1,955 major crypto currencies including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Altcoins, Ethereum, etc, through CoinPayments.net. Moreover, it charges only 1% transaction fee on every transaction. Furthermore, this plugin can easily handle your WooCommerce shopping cart system.

Features of CoinPayments.net

  1. Over 1,955 supported coins: It supports over 1,955 coins including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Altcoins, Ethereum etc.
  2. PayByName method: It offers a unique tag ($) to receive payments from all coins.
  3. Install on your existing shopping carts: Install cryptocurrency checkout process on your existing shopping carts like WooCommerce, Opencart, Shopify, OScommerce, Magento, etc.
  4. Gift cards: With this plugin, you can also purchase gift cards with cryptocurrency.
  5. Simple: This plugin offers simple features that are easy to use.
  6. Autocoin conversion: It offers auto conversion of crypto currency.
  7. Multi-coin crypto: Option to store your coins in their online wallet (CoinPayment.net).
  8. Open source: It is available free of cost.

Pros of CoinPayments.net

  • Simple yet effective
  • Autocoin conversion
  • Free of cost

Cons of CoinPayments.net

  • Offers basic features only

GoUrl WooCommerce

GoUrl WooCommerce Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway Addon

If you like GoURL Bitcoin payment gateway then you must take a look at GoUrl WooCommerce. It is similar to the other Bitcoin payment gateway but is dedicatedly designed for WooCommerce stores. Therefore, if you have a WooCommerce store then this is the perfect plugin for you. Moreover, the easy installation process allows you to start your own free bitcoin shop within a couple of minutes.

Features of GoUrl WooCommerce

  1. Free of cost:This is an open source plugin and free of cost.
  2. No transaction fees: It doesn’t charge any monthly fee or transaction fee.
  3. Mobile-optimized: It offers an mobile-supported customizable payment box.
  4. White label solution: It eliminates insecure transactions by allowing the user browser to accept payment data from your server only.
  5. Pricing breakdown: It enables a detailed pricing breakdown by displaying additional crypto price with flat price.
  6. Wide range of cryptocurrencies accepted: It supports and accepts a wide range of crypto currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin SV, Dogecoin, Speedcoin, etc.
  7. Receives payments directly in your wallet: Accept straight into your bitcoin wallet and convert to your preferred currency later.
  8. Live exchange rates: Supports automatic exchange rate multiplier for additional costs.

Pros of GoUrl WooCommerce

  • Open source
  • Dedicatedly designed for WooCommerce store
  • Easy to install and use

Cons of GoUrl WooCommerce

  • Documentation needs improvement.


MyCryptoCheckout Accept 95+ coins Bitcoin Ethereum and more

MyCryptoCheckout is a cryptocurrency payment gateway for WooCommerce that enables you to sell physical and digital goods on your WooCommerce site. It eliminates the need for third parties to support secure peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. Moreover the plugin charges 0% transaction fees and there are no product restrictions. Furthermore, it provides a shortcode generator for easy integration of the plugin in your WooCommerce or WordPress site.

Features of MyCryptoCheckout

  1. No transaction fees: It doesn’t charge any monthly fee or transaction fee.
  2. Secure transactions: Eliminates the need for third parties to support secure transactions.
  3. No KYC required: You don’t need KYC identification to integrate Bitcoin payment gateway.
  4. Unique payment detection: It automatically detects unique payments using one wallet address.
  5. Fiat auto settlement support: With fiat auto settlement support, it allows you to connect to exchange and convert selected coins to fiat or stablecoins instantly.
  6. Payment Gateway comparison: Allows you to compare this plugin to other available traditional and crypto solutions.
  7. 1-click payment button: Enable quick checkout process with one-click payment button.
  8. Donation widget: Offers donation widget through the shortcode generator.

Pros of MyCryptoCheckout

  • No third party redirections
  • A wide range of crypto wallets supported
  • No KYC or documentation required

Cons of MyCryptoCheckout

  • Users reported Issues

Cryptocurrency Donation Box – Bitcoin & Crypto Donations

Cryptocurrency Donation Box Bitcoin & Crypto Donations

As the name suggests, Cryptocurrency Donation Box is a free bitcoin and crypto donation box that accepts payment from over 20 major crypto currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, etc. You can insert it as a donation widget using the shortcode integration anywhere on your WordPress site including pages, posts, or sidebars. Furthermore, it helps you accept more donations with the help of trusted source MetaMask.

Features of Cryptocurrency Donation Box

  1. Hassle free tip: It supports hassle free tips with the support of trusted source MetaMask.
  2. QR code support: Easily convert your bitcoin payment address into QR code using secure PHP QR library.
  3. Supports 20+ cryptocurrencies: It accepts over 20 different crypto currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, etc.
  4. Attractive design: Get a beautifully designed donation box with this plugin.
  5. Mobile friendly: This plugin makes the donation box look attractive on mobile phones as well.
  6. Add anywhere on your site: Use this plugin to integrate donation boxes on your site including web pages, posts, sidebar, etc.
  7. Supports MetaMask: It allows you to accept more donations with the help of trusted source MetaMask.
  8. Premium features: It also offers a paid version with some premium features like price ticker widget plugin, exchange list, coin market cap, etc.

Pros of Cryptocurrency Donation Box

  • Easy to use
  • Attractive donation box design
  • Supports over 20 crypto currencies

Cons of Cryptocurrency Donation Box

  • Themes needs improvement

Bonus Plugin:

Coinbase Commerce

Here’s a bonus plugin: Coinbase Commerce. It’s simplicity yet effective user interface makes it special enough to be in this list. This plugin and widget enables you to accept bitcoins on your WordPress site with 0% transaction fees for the first million in sales. After your first million sales, you will have to pay only 1% transaction fees. What makes it unique is that it offers you to convert your bitcoin into dollars instantly. However, it allows you to hold on to bitcoins for as long as you want. Therefore, it helps you manage risk of losing your net profits due to currency’s rate fluctuations.


If your goal is to offer the best possible experience to your audience with your website, you should empower them to pay by whichever method they prefer. That being said, use any of the aforementioned plugins to enable bitcoin payment gateway on your WordPress site. Whichever plugin you choose just make sure it meets your website’s requirements. I hope this article helped you pick the right plugin for your WordPress site to accept bitcoin. Please comment below and let us know your experience with the aforementioned plugins.