TTFB stands for Time To First Byte. This means the duration of time a browser waits for the first byte from a web server. It also indicates the responsiveness of a web server and other network sources.

It helps to find out the weak points of the web server and the network. The loading speed of the website greatly impacts the ranking of a website on the search engine. As a result, Time to First Byte has become an important criterion in determining the performance of the website.

There are many reasons for a slow TTFB such as slow DNS lookup time, slow database calls, inefficient server resources, latency, complex firewall rules, client’s internet speed and many more.  

A large TTFB can affect your site’s traffic as well as overall conversions. Focus on optimizing your Website to improve the TTFB metrics. According to Google PageInsights, your site’s TTFB should be under 200ms

Ways to Reduce TTFB on your WordPress site : 

  1. Use a fast WordPress hosting service.
  2. Enable a CDN 
  3. Use Server Caching
  4. Use a Premium DNS Provider
  5. Keep WordPress themes and plugins updated
  6. Choose an optimal server location 

Further optimize your data caching, PHP settings, MySQL settings, network settings to improve the TTFB of your WordPress site.