Do you want a beautiful look for your Joomla website? Are you looking for a Joomla slideshow modules to attract the viewers? Then on a good note.. You are landed at the right place and will get detail about Joomla Slideshow Modules !!

When the viewers visit a website, they want to grasp the information quickly. According to MarketingSherpa, it’s a fact that viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them. 75% of smartphone users watch videos on their phones. It’s human tendency to respond and process visual data better than any other type of data. So a video or a slideshow could prove to be the best way to convey your commitment to the customers, justify the reasons for which the clients are hanging out with you.

List of the Best Joomla slideshow Modules

  1. Slideshow CK
  2. DJ-Image Slider
  3. Vinaora Nivo Slider
  4. ShowPlus

Joomla provides you so many Slideshow modules to easily create the slideshows. Here at TemplateToaster Joomla website creator, I  have presented worthy Joomla Slideshow modules has been taken to know about their features and to make a comparison. You ca also download free Joomla templates.

Joomla Slideshow Modules Comparison Chart (2019)

Joomla Slideshow Modules Slideshow CK DJ-Image Slider Vinaora Nivo Slider ShowPlus
Transition effects No Yes Yes (15+) No
RTL compatibility No Yes No Yes
Kenburns Effect Yes No No No
Mobile Friendliness Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image loading from a folder Yes Yes No No
Support for linking images No Yes Yes Yes
Videos in Slideshow Yes No No No
Multilingual Support No Yes No Yes
*P-Plugins }
M C, M M M

Best Joomla slideshow Modules in detail

1. Slideshow CK

It allows you to add unlimited slides with a Drag & Drop interface directly in the module. While configuring a slideshow, you can do different settings regarding module, menu assignment, slide effects etc. as shown below. Slideshow CK also provides you the Slide manager option from where you can add slides and can also manage images from a particular folder. It can display images or videos with links exhibiting nice effects.

Joomla Slideshow Modules list

Joomla Slideshow Module list

Joomla Slideshow Module list

If you want to insert the slideshow in the article, you have article options as follows

Joomla Slideshow Module list

This module also provides some Caption related settings as shown below

Joomla Slideshow Module list

It is fully responsive with mobile compatibility. You can download this Joomla Slideshow module from here. It has many features some of which are as follows

  • Ergonomic Drag & Drop admin interface.
  • Kenburns effect.
  • Display both images and videos.
  • Slideshow configuration options.
  • Responsive designs with Touch screen compatibility.
  • RTL (Right to Left) direction compatibility.
  • Set params to video URL.
  • Set the height and width of thumbnails.
  • Image loading options from a folder.
  • Options for opening links in a Lightbox.
  • Autoload images from article categories and Flickr album.
  • VirtueMart compatibility.

2. DJ-Image Slider

DJ-ImageSlider extension displays image slides with title and a short description. It is a free, responsive, mobile ready extension with touch support. It works by creating categories for your slides and link those to your menu items, articles or any URL. When you do settings for a slideshow, there are options like Module, menu Assignment, Customize Slider, Advanced options etc. You can select different slide types with various module options like show/hide title, description or read more (i.e to show or hide the slide particulars like the title and other information about a slide). Similarly, you can enable/disable title link, link description, publish date (i.e information about the link on the slide) etc. One can also set different parameters like image width/height, space between images, ordering and much more.

Joomla Slideshow Modules

When you do settings for a slideshow, there are options like Module, menu Assignment, Customize Slider, Advanced options etc.

Joomla Slideshow Modules

Some of its main features are

  • 9+ HTML5/CSS3 transitions slide effects.
  • Fully responsive, mobile and touch-ready Joomla slider.
  • Settings related to custom slide transition time and next slide delay.
  • Select indicators as bullets/numbers.
  • Swipe navigation handling for touch screens.
  • Load prev/next/play/pause custom buttons.
  • Appearance control of navigation.

You can download this Joomla Slideshow module from here.

3. Vinaora Nivo Slider

Vinaora Nivo Slider is one of the great Joomla slideshow modules. This was the world’s most awesome jQuery slider created by dev7studios. It is highly customizable. It has all the basic settings like Module, Menu Assignment, Advanced. It also gives plus options to style Caption, Title, Background etc.

Joomla Slideshow Modules

It also gives plus options to style Caption, Title, Background etc.

Joomla Slideshow Modules

Vinaora Nivo Slider can now handle images of any size while slider height is variable, depends on the image height. Some of its features are

  • 15+ unique transition effects.
  • Responsive including 7+ slick and responsive themes.
  • Compatible with Joomla 3.x, Joomla 2.5, Joomla 1.5.
  • Simple clean & valid markup.
  • Inbuilt directional and control navigation.
  • Support for linking images.
  • Creation of an unlimited number of sliders.
  • 7+ Demos.
  • Cross Browser compatibility for IE 7+, Firefox 3+, Google Chrome 4+, Safari 4+ and Opera 10+.

You can download it from here.

4. ShowPlus

ShowPlus is an impressive Joomla slideshow module. It displays the images with a user-defined transition. It comes with numerous customizable options. It basically contains the options for Modules, Menu Assignment, Advanced settings.

Joomla Slideshow Modules

Some of its features are as follows

  • 6 transition animation types: fade, zoom, pan, Ken Burns effect, push, wipe.
  • Responsive design.
  • Multilingual support for image captions.
  • Image linkage to an arbitrary location.
  • RTL Compatibility.
  • Image sorting according to the filename, last modified date, custom order.
  • Quick horizontal/vertical navigation between images.
  • Meaningful output in case of disabled javascript.

You can download this Joomla Slideshow module free from here.


TemplateToaster is a complete theme builder software. It provides extended functionality with unlimited options. One of its features is to create an awesome slideshow that can replace the Joomla Slideshow module. With TemplateToaster, you can easily put a slideshow at any position with respect to Menu. Some of its features are:

  • Set Transition effects with transition duration and begin time.
  • Add delay times.
  • Customize slideshow height, width, border, margin.
  • Style Navigation Buttons.
  • Design slide pagination.
  • Put texture, effects or shadow on the background.
  • Set logo.
  • Draw text areas with desired text styling.
  • Set Foreground Image.
  • Responsive with full compatibility with Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.
  • RTL compatibility.
  • Cross browser compatibility.

You can download it from here.

Which Joomla slideshow module you use?

There are a number of Joomla slideshow modules available for free. These work really well to create a fantastic slideshow. The choice really depends on your preferences. Even, you have a full website builder software i.e. TemplateToaster. So, why to rely on extensions for each and every extra element on your website!! Just have it for living an awesome experience in website creation. Though if you go for extensions then also, TemplateToaster web design software is fully compatible with these Joomla Slideshow modules.