Successful copywriters study trends, follow Google content updates, and hone their skills into minimal niches. The words may be difficult to come by, but successful writers take inspiration from unrelated examples to regain motivation to complete a project. Great writers are always willing and wanting to learn.

Someone with the will to learn, expand their vocabulary, and has the discipline to work long hours is more likely to be successful in copywriting.

1. Patience

Writing takes time, and to give a project enough time, a successful copywriter needs to possess the quality of patience. Forcing yourself to write a topic often results in underperforming pieces. If you find yourself becoming stuck on a topic, step away for a few minutes to regroup and de-stress.

2. Learn

A writer must be able to take constructive criticism and learn from mistakes. The ability to adapt, learn, and apply new techniques is important for a copywriter to become successful. The willingness to learn new methods or how to improve writing skills is also a highly sought after quality in a copywriter.

3. Drive

Drive and discipline are important qualities to look for in a copywriter. A general focus on constant improvement and re-evaluation of personally written pieces displays dedication to the industry. Along with discipline comes attention to detail and striving for perfection to ward off revisions and requests for rewritten content.

A general drive for learning is equally important. Writers must have knowledge in order to provide knowledge. Learning how to develop compelling content and seeing positive reactions to that content provides internal drive to strive for perfection.

4. Expertise

Having a single area of expertise and becoming an expert in a particular niche improves writing skills. Showing knowledge, without rewriting an already published piece, is best. Copywriters typically have a single area of specialization, but branch off to other topics to fill in gaps. This helps a copywriter gain knowledge and expertise in other niches to expand their careers.

5. Language

The language used in a written piece should be focused and readability for a variety of audience types. Carefully outlining articles and touching on one topic per sub-heading helps create a focused piece with the proper language. The content created should always have the reader in mind.

The general audience that the work will be published to is also significant as complicated language can turn off an audience and cause them to lose focus while reading the piece.

6. Trendy

Having a general understanding of the current SEO copywriting trends, general writing trends, and marketing content trends is necessary. The ability to create content that returns high search engine result placement is ideal. The way that keywords are used, implemented, and how often they are used is important.

Great SEO copy will also show authority on the topic given and the use of high-quality reference links within the material.

7. Storyteller

Copywriters tell a story, whether it is fact or fiction, the words written are a writer’s perspective on a particular topic. The ability to tell a story and bring excitement to boring or dull topics is a rare quality to come by. Sensitive topics, such as major tragedies, need to tell a story too, but with finesse and care.

A great storyteller has to have a creative mind, be able to work through writer’s block, and convey a message that is suitable for most audiences.


A successful copywriter works hard, is focused, and often works in a comfortable environment. A space that promotes creativity helps writers stay on-task and not fall victim to distractions. Creativity breaks are ideal to help successful writers prevent burnout and writer’s fatigue.

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