If you are looking for the best WooCommerce sales tax and VAT plugins, then you have come to the right place. It’s never been easy to handle and update the tax regulations, especially if you are running a WooCommerce online store that attracts customers from all over. That’s where you need competent WooCommerce sales tax and VAT plugins to deal with that. And the following discussed plugins can help you get through with ease. So, let’s take a look at them!

WordPress needs no introduction, it is one of the easiest and widely used content management systems we have. No matter what type of business you are running, be it a normal informational website or any online store. WordPress is the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind to start with. When you create a website you look for things that can add to your website’s growth and help you scale it in the future. WordPress is used not only because it is an easy-to-use content management system but because it comes jam-packed with plugins to extend the functionality. And WooCommerce tops the list. Check out the best Woocommerce CRMs and You can read how to add subscriptions to Woocommerce.

Planning to set up an online store be sure of certain things. However, managing taxes on your site is crucial. Undoubtedly, taxes are complicated to deal with as they vary with every business as well as a country. Thus, you need some proficient plugins that offer you the flexibility to understand it thoroughly. Several WooCommerce sales tax and VAT plugins help you get familiar with the terms of configuring taxes. Let’s take a look at some of the powerful WooCommerce plugins. And see how they can work for your business and website. Let’s dive right in!

List of the Best WooCommerce Sales Tax and VAT Plugins

1. WooCommerce Shipping & Tax

woocommerce shipping and tax wordpress plugin

WooCommerce Shipping & Tax is the most famous WordPress plugin. This plugin comes with amazing features and functionalities to offer you. You can use it to manage taxes over your website. It’s simple to install this plugin and activate it for better results. On successful activation and addition, you can directly use it from your dashboard. It comes with an automatic tax calculation feature for quick access. You will not have to worry about anything you do on your website while working with this WooCommerce plugin.

Features of WooCommerce Shipping & Tax Plugin

  • WooCommerce Shipping & Tax is an open-source free plugin available in the WordPress repository.
  • It has an automatic tax calculation feature.
  • It has a PayPal checkout payment authorization.
  • This WooCommerce Shipping & Tax plugin is updated on a frequent basis.
  • It’s pretty simple to use this plugin on your WordPress website.


  • It lets you buy and print USPS shipping labels for domestic stops.
  • In order to authenticate each request, they make use of Jetpack connections.
  • It frees you from the burden of adding taxes manually.


  • You would need WooCommerce version 3.0 or newer only.

2. EU/UK VAT Compliance Assistant for WooCommerce

eu uk vat compliance assistant for woocommerce

EU/UK VAT Compliance Assistant for WooCommerce provides features to guide EU and UK VAT law compliance. Since January 2015, the rules and regulations related to the selling and purchase of online goods have been changed. Goods sold across the EU and UK come under this rule. In the various parts, the VAT rates and other tax-related information should be kept and acknowledged rightfully. So that nothing should go wrong. You would need various recordings as well as auditing features to get it correct.

Features of EU/UK VAT Compliance Assistant for WooCommerce

  • With this WooCommerce plugin, you can easily record your customer’s locations with the help of their shipping and billing addresses.
  • The information used to calculate VAT and other taxes will be saved for future references.
  • The GeoIP features help in calculating the VAT on any product a user is buying.
  • There are four official resources of exchange rates i.e. the Central Bank of Russia Federation, the European Central Bank, the Danish National Bank, and HM Revenue & Customs (UK).
  • It comes with advanced reporting capabilities.


  • It records everything.
  • The currency conversion feature also stores information together with the order and time.
  • It beautifully manages and maintains each country’s VAT rate.


  • This WooCommerce plugin provides features to assist with EU and UK VAT law compliance only.

3. WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant

woocommerce eu vat assistant

WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant is another powerful EU VAT solution out there. If you are not very familiar with the EU VAT regulations and so, then this WooCommerce plugin can help you with that. No matter what you know or don’t know, it will take care of everything. If your business is widely spread all over and you have an overseas customer base, then irrespective of your customer’s location, it will calculate the VAT and other taxes as per European VAT regulation. Depending on the country, the VAT rate will change. So, basically, if you are located somewhere in a European country then all the taxes and VAT will be calculated accordingly.

Features of WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant Plugin

  • It is an open-source WooCommerce plugin.
  • With this plugin, you can easily track and record your customers’ locations.
  • You don’t have to be skilled in order to use this plugin, it doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge.
  • It supports a dedicated VAT currency.
  • It can automatically populate the VAT rates.


  • WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant is designed while keeping merchants in mind.
  • It can easily track and record customers’ location.
  • You would find the advanced reporting structure.


  • WordPress version 4.0 is the minimum requirement for using this plugin.

4. TaxJar

taxjar sales tax automation for woocommerce

TaxJar helps you with reliable sales tax calculations and return-ready reports. Sometimes creating accurate sales tax and return-ready reports gets difficult. Because you need to keep many things in mind and keep them aligned. But with TaxJar you will not have to deal with such things and you will be totally free from the burden of doing that. TaxJar connects with your WooCommerce store and helps you calculate taxes and VAT without any complexities. Anyone from a beginner to a highly professional user can use this plugin.

Features of TaxJar – Sales Tax Automation for WooCommerce Plugin

  • TaxJar comes with flawless and automatic filing.
  • It provides you exportable and return-ready state reports.
  • TaxJar beautifully calculates sales tax and returns to give you exact reports.
  • It comes with 99.99% uptime.
  • Taxjar seamlessly determines if your sale has met or exceeded the economic threshold.


  • TaxJar helps you with an automatic filing feature that never lets you miss return filing.
  • You can have real-time tax rates and calculations.
  • The pricing structure is fully transparent, with no hidden loopholes.


  • After your business exceeds 1,000 orders a month, you will have to go premium then.

5. Simple Sales Tax

simple sales tax

Simple Sales Tax integrates your WooCommerce store with TaxCloud to automate sales tax calculations, filing, and reporting. It is a free WooCommerce plugin that can be downloaded from the WordPress plugins repository without a hitch. No matter where you are located, the Simple Sales Tax plugin has got you covered. As it comes with multi-state support. You will also get advanced reporting for exact tax calculations.

Features Of Simple Sales Tax

  • It is an open-source WooCommerce plugin.
  • It calculates sales tax in real-time with 100% accuracy.
  • Depending upon the state, country, region, city, the tax is calculated.
  • You will get return-ready reports with TaxCloud’s advanced technology.
  • Simple Sales Tax covers you almost everywhere you are located.


  • The process of calculating tax, reporting, and filing is pretty simple with the Simple Sales Tax WooCommerce plugin.
  • The real-time tax calculation reduces the chances of errors.
  • Every country’s tax rate is updated regularly so that there shouldn’t be any problem.


  • Make sure you are using WordPress 4.5 or higher version only.

Bonus WooCommerce Sales Tax and VAT Plugins

6. WooCommerce Quaderno

woocommerce quaderno

WooCommerce Quaderno is another useful solution to take taxes off your plate. Using this plugin ensures that you will get correct and useful information that you can use on your website. If anytime you have surpassed the tax threshold, it will notify you. So, you never go wrong anywhere. The automated receipts and credit notes with every order make things even simpler. That too in multiple languages to make things work flawlessly.

Features of WooCommerce Quaderno Plugin

  • It is a fully localized plugin jam-packed with powerful attributes.
  • It provides full support for multiple languages.
  • All you have to do is just download, activate, and start using this plugin.
  • You will get one easy-to-use dashboard to manage all your revenue resources.
  • It beautifully complies with local tax laws in almost all countries around the world.


  • Quaderno for WooCommerce has been tested up to the WordPress version 5.7.1
  • It automatically calculates tax on every sale happening on your WooCommerce site.
  • Location is a no barrier for this comprehensive WooCommerce plugin.


  • There aren’t any active installs that can be a matter of concern for some users. However, it doesn’t have to do anything with its efficacy.

7. EU VAT Validator & Assistant for WooCommerce

eu vat validator and assistant for woocommerce

EU VAT Validator & Assistant for WooCommerce plugin helps you regulate and update and works perfectly in European Union countries. This plugin facilitates you with the latest EU VAT regulations and their following updates. Since 2015, goods that are sold in European Union countries are liable to EU VAT regulations. That too irrespective of the seller’s location. And that is where you will be benefited from this plugin. You just can sit and relax and rest everything will be done by this EU VAT Validator & Assistant for WooCommerce plugin without a hitch.

Features of EU VAT Validator & Assistant for WooCommerce Plugin

  • EU VAT for WooCommerce plugin will gather VAT numbers at the time of checkout and validate them.
  • Nevertheless, the VAT will be calculated on each and every item sold in European Union countries without any difficulty.
  • You can easily set the frontend options to stylize your frontend.
  • It automatically excuses VAT for valid VAT numbers.
  • It is fully WPML/Polylang compatible.


  • With the EU VAT Validator & Assistant for WooCommerce plugin, you will find several options to simplify your tax management.
  • You are free to customize the progress messages that you wish to display.
  • You can set an option to allow VAT numbers without a country code.


  • The minimum WordPress version requirement is 4.4.

8. WooCommerce Enhancements for Spanish Market

woocommerce enhancements for spanish market

WooCommerce Enhancements for Spanish Market plugin is a superb option to optimize your checkouts. You will get amazing features with this comprehensive WooCommerce Enhancements for Spanish Market plugin. For adding VAT information at the right place in the right fields and most importantly at the right time. And nothing can be missed when you are working with WooCommerce Enhancements for Spanish Market.

Features of WooCommerce Enhancements for Spanish Market Plugin

  • Everything about this plugin is quite simple and easy to learn.
  • However, each aspect of this plugin is truly dedicated to calculating the exact VAT and tax for marketing European Union countries.
  • You don’t have to have any special skills to use this plugin.
  • It is available in multiple languages.
  • It changes the checkout process for better conversions.


  • Seamless addition of VAT information in form fields, email notifications, and orders.
  • It offers fully optimized checkout processes.
  • There are many other WooCommerce plugins that provide translation for it. You can use them to translate it as and when required.


  • However, the minimum WordPress version requirement is 5.0.

9. Kybernaut IČO DIČ

kybernaut ico dic

Kybernaut IČO DIČ plugin helps you verifying billing fields and verifies if it is valid or not. With the Kybernaut WooCommerce plugin, you can anytime get ahead in the EU VAT regulation section. Because the rules and regulations in order to calculate tax and VAT in the European Union countries are different from those of other countries. So, you need some special calculators as well as other plugins to keep your business right.

Features of Kybernaut IČO DIČ

  • When billing for the Czech Republic, it automatically fills the required fields such as City, Address, VAT number, etc. so that there won’t be any mistakes while calculating the tax.
  • ARES and VIES verification is done.
  • You can enable the toggle switch to hide or show input fields.
  • It is fully compatible with plugins such as Woo GoPay, Toret – Woo iDoklad, Woo Doprava, etc.
  • It’s easy to integrate this plugin into your WordPress website.


  • Kybernaut IČO DIČ offers you compatibility with various other WooCommerce plugins.
  • It is fully checked and compatible with the latest versions of WordPress as well as PHP.
  • The developer of this WooCommerce plugin updates this plugin on a regular basis.


  • In order to use VIES library, you need to have the SoapClient PHP library.

So, this list of the best WooCommercesales tax and VAT plugins ends here. But that does not mean that aren’t any other plugins available in the same category. There are many others. However, the only thing is I have picked up the best and highly competitive WooCommrce plugins. Imagine, if you have to manually calculate the appropriate tax rate for each purchase on your WooCommrce website, then it won’t less than a nightmare. Isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly where these WooCommerce sales tax and VAT plugins come in handy. Also, these plugins are free which means you can use them without worrying about the price.

So, Which WooCommerce Sales Tax and VAT Plugins are Best For You?

It is not easy to answer this simple question. Because there is no universal solution. Every business has different objectives and requirements. Thus, not every plugin can be useful for any kind of business out there. There are certain things to keep in mind while making your choice. So after analyzing all the things properly and comparing the features with your intended results, and then decide which plugin can be the best fit for your business.

Thus, every entry in the above list is bound to provide the best results. But figuring out which plugin can work for you will boil down to your requirements, aim, and budget. By naming any plugin from the above list, I don’t want to favor any of them. So, it is advisable to go through them once and decide for yourself. Since I have prepared this list, so I find all of them useful. But picking up the one solution for your business is totally your choice.

Best WooCommerce Sales Tax and VAT Plugins – In Conclusion

So, this is where the list ends. But not the opportunities to avail. However, if you find any other plugin useful you can use that too. But all the above-discussed WooCommerce sales tax and VAT plugins are well-structured and capable of delivering intended results. They will perform differently for different businesses. Therefore, it makes sense to make your choice on the basis of what you like and what can help you enhance your store’s identity. For that, before selecting any plugin, study them thoroughly, and check if it is efficient or not. And then make your choice. So, which WooCommerce plugins you think are best for your business? Let me know in the comments section below. I would like to hear from you!