BlogSpot vs Blogger has been a subject of good debate among the techies especially belonging to the freshers blogging community. So in this ultimate comparison guide for beginners, I will enlist the key point while comparing both the terms. The fuss between these two terms in the blogosphere will settle down with it. So let’s begin with difference between blogspot and Blogger.

Blogspot vs Blogger: which is better?

Among the best blog sites, these two terms mentioned together often cause a sense of little confusion. With the crisp and precise explanation, I will be dealing with untouched and commonly ignored differences between both of the terms. But before that, let’s have an idea of both the terms as well so that the newcomers become acquainted with the discussion to be followed. The platform blogger was actually created by Pyra Labs in the year 1999, due to some ups and downs thereafter, the company was acquired by Google and hence, the “Blogger” product also started getting maintained by the tech giant Google.

What is Blogspot?

blogspot is basically a sub-domain service. Whenever you create an account or blog on blogger, you will automatically be provided with a Blogspot sub-domain name like “”. The confusion among and Blogspot is due to the webpage that opens while trying to access both of them. Since “” also leads to the site “”, it has become a common perception that both these terms are one and the same. To streamline the discussion, let us now further have a look at what actually is “Blogger”.

What is Blogger?


Except the subdomain your entire blog will be hosted and run on So in other words we can say that is a hosting service for BlogSpot. Now, this is actually the platform the users generally keep talking about. The Blogspot vs Blogger thing is analogous to vehicle vs wheels. Wheels are the stricture on which the vehicle body is mounted on. Just as wheels are required for the vehicle to run, a domain/sub-domain is required for a webpage or blog to run. You can also add a custom domain to blogger/blogspot. This tutorial for beginners will help you further with the blogger login issues and you can also check famous Blogger template creator to create Blogger template.

Difference between Blogspot and Blogger

After reading the guide till here, I assume that every category readers must have got an idea of both the terms. Hereafter, it will become easy for you to read, interpret and understand the differences. Hence, let us head-on towards the next portion of this tutorial. Below is a table with the key comparisons which will be discussed thereafter in the further portion of this guide.

Blogspot vs Blogger Comparison (2020)

Blogspot vs Blogger comparison

Blogspot vs Blogger: which one to use?

With a brief intro of both the terms and the point to point comparison above, you must be clear by now that whenever you come across something like “”, you can segregate the terms, get the meaning and differentiate among them. With Google acquiring the Pyra Labs company in 2003, it essentially has become the bloging platform provider to your blogs since then. As soon as you create your Blogger account with any blogger templates and host it on, Google handles all security issues of your blog. Check out best Blog sites.

The ability to provide better services by using servers from Google and other similar issues were listed as key reasons when Pyra Labs was acquired by Google. That has even turned out to be true because when we talk about Blogspot vs Blogger, it is a common notion among the users that these both together provide a better blogging experience.

Summary of Blogspot vs Blogger

So we now sum up with the tutorial and reach towards its end. I hope that we are clear by now regarding the point wise comparison in the table. Regarding how these two terms are different, what is the functionality and what is their significance in the blogosphere. And above all, this whole mystery behind hosting your “Blogger Blog” on “Blogspot sub-domain” or through any other domain/sub-domain has also been explained by now. So happy blogging folks, And leave your further queries related to blogs and blogging or feedback regarding how useful this information was to you.