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Deepak Singla

Deepak Singla, the backbone of Template Toaster, having expertise in Web Designing and Development. He is a knowledge enthusiast and a devoted content creator, possessing 6 years of web-related experience.

25 Useful Joomla Code Snippets Worth Keeping in your Stash

Joomla code snippet

A code snippet is a small reusable code. These are some commonly used code blocks while coding a template or extension. When you design your own template in Joomla, you can use the PHP code snippets to extend your website. Joomla code snippets aid you to perform simple tasks like adding script files, module positions, image, links and much more. These are very helpful for a beginner.

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How to WordPress: PHP Upgrade from 5.6 to 7 Step by Step Guide

wordpress php 7

PHP is a server-side scripting language developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. He would have no idea that it would empower more than 83% of the websites. It is open-source. PHP is the soul of WordPress. One should learn PHP to develop themes, plugins in WordPress. Recently, there is a lot of buzz in the market around PHP 7. WordPress itself, recommends upgrading your site to PHP 7. Whereas, most of the users are running their WordPress sites based on PHP version 5.6. Then, what should they do? Should continue with PHP 5.6 or upgrade WordPress to PHP 7?

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WooCommerce and Gutenberg Editor: Experiments for Compatibility Check

woocommerce gutenberg editor

WordPress lovers will be familiar with the introduction of Gutenberg Editor in the upcoming WordPress (5.0) release. The all new WordPress Gutenberg editor is committed to revolutionizing the content creation. It will give better user experience with “content-blocks”. The block-editing will enable WordPress to add content layouts. And give users a full WYSIWYG experience. For more details, you can read the article on Gutenberg Editor.

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5 Best Free WordPress Table Plugins | Tested & Compared (2017)

WordPress Table Plugin

Tables & Charts are great to present information in an organized and user-friendly form. You can use the tables to showcase the pricing of products/services on a website. If you are using WordPress for your business, you must know that how tables can help to display complex data. But have you ever created tables in WordPress? If yes, you must be familiar with this limitation that WordPress has no inbuilt support for tables. You have to rely on WordPress Table plugins for creating tables. But, it could be hard to choose from a number of WordPress Table plugins.

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WordPress Cron function: Using it the right way!

wordpress cron php wp-cron.php disable

In WordPress, wp-cron.php is a small file located in the root folder. It is responsible for scheduling many events & tasks. Including publishing scheduled posts, checking for plugin or theme updates, sending email notifications and more. It can be rightly said “Time-Based Job Scheduler”. Whenever a page opens up on your site, WordPress checks if there is a need to send the request to wp-cron.php or not. If it does, then wp-cron.php runs in the background.

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How to Add Post in a WordPress Page?

How to Add Post in WordPress Page

If you have just started with WordPress, you’ll notice that every blog post you write gets displayed on the front page of your website. But, if you want to show posts on a page other than the home page, you need to know some HTML, PHP, WordPress file structure etc. But don’t panic, it’s easy though. So, here is the tutorial that guides you with how to add post in a WordPress page.

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Top 6 Drupal Gallery Modules Comparison | Tried and Tested (2017)

Drupal Gallery Modules

A media gallery acts as a forte for a website to display your business products and services. Not only the media galleries display the quality of your products but also results in a visually - rich and appealing website. Stats reveal that visuals create 65% more user engagement. Showing photos of your products reveals your confidence in your product and delivers the message to the viewers that you have the quality that your company proclaims. The media galleries are the soul of all the shopping websites like Flipkart, Lenskart, Myntra etc.

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The Ultimate Drupal SEO Guide: Tips, Modules, Checklist and more!

Drupal seo modules tips checklist

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a marketing discipline to get traffic from organic, natural or editorial search engine results. It is not just about getting higher rankings on search engines but also the sites that are people friendly. Stats show that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Moreover, 75% users never scroll past the first search page. So, a better SEO is must for a website to draw more traffic. SEO depends on many factors like quality of content, site loading time, backlinks, responsive designs etc. When it comes to Drupal, it is considered as the most SEO friendly content management system. It comes with many built-in SEO features. Even, Drupal 8 themes are responsive by default so there is no need to dive-in code.

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