Do you want to know more about Joomla 4 template Cassiopeia? Well, then you are here at the right place. In this post, I will discuss in detail the amazing highlights and features that this Joomla 4 default template offers.

Joomla introduced an amazing and powerful front end template – Cassiopeia, earlier this year. This Joomla template integrates with Bootstrap 4 and has a well-optimized codebase that works fantastically well for the mobile responsiveness of the design. As bright as its name, the Joomla 4 Cassiopeia template introduces some of the most amazing features and functionalities.

Besides, the templates come with modern-looking designs as compared to the previous default templates by Joomla. Moreover, the well-structured layout by Joomla 4 makes it easier for the users to customize the template. Also, the template is designed by SASS, which makes the workflow very fast. Before finding out what’s more with the template you might want to know more about installing Joomla and Joomla template maker. 

Key Features for Joomla 4 Template Cassiopeia

template Cassiopeia

Here are some of the most advanced features that you get with the default template for Joomla.

Highly Professional-Looking Design with Joomla 4 Template Cassiopeia

The template design is very simple and elegant. Besides, it also offers a clean and well-structured layout to the website. Therefore, you create a website that is simply beautiful and functional at the same time. The modern design and cutting-edge look are much appreciated. Besides, this style of template design fits decently with web designing trends found these days.

Integration of Bootstrap 4

I won’t lie, this is the one upgrade that almost every member of the Joomla community has been waiting for. We all know that all of the earlier Joomla versions were integrated with Bootstrap 2 and 3. So, integration of Bootstrap 4 has to be the most awaited update so far.

Using Bootstrap allows developers to boost the performance of the website and also the user experience. Thus creating mobile-first designs is easier than ever. Now with the integration of Bootstrap 4 provides a wide range of responsiveness and user experience features. Moreover, Cassiopeia does not load any jQuery, and aims at not requiring any CSS or JavaScript frameworks. And I won’t forget to mention how amazingly professional and modern the Cassiopeia template looks.

Bootstrap 4 User Interface

As mentioned above Joomla 4 has implemented Bootstrap 4, which is even bigger and better, how? Long story short, using Bootstrap’s latest version allows the developers to improve the performance of there development process. Therefore, it ensures consistent performance while building website templates. As a result, their is a notable improvement in the performance. Besides, the user interface of the Cassiopeia template is better as ever before, it is more professional and modern. Besides, the use of CSS grid layout (which we will discuss in detail) later for better responsiveness.

Mobile-Ready Responsive Design

The Joomla development team has up their game with the mobile-first rule while creating Joomla 4 Cassiopeia template. The entire template has been built keeping in mind the mobile-first designs. The templates has been built with a complete focus on usage with fonts, colour contrasts, and many other attributes are built to improve the accessibility on the website while using Joomla 4. Thus, the template provides a stunning responsive layout for mobile use.

CSS Grid Layout for Joomla 4 Template Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia does not limit the layout of templates to just what is available in Bootstrap 4. As a result, you can use CSS to create as simple and as difficult a layout as you want in your website, using HTML. Besides, the CSS grid layout offers more flexibility in the design. The new layout provides different ways to display the content that looks good on mobile as well as desktop versions. Besides, there are many advantages that using CSS grid layout can get to Joomla:

  • No requirement for Bootstrap containers.
  • Write short and easy HTML code but still build similar results as Bootstrap. Moreover, shorter codes also mean that your website loads faster.
  • A flexible design approach that provides better control on how your website layout appears.
  • CSS grid layout does not require JavaScript, so your website works seamlessly.
  • Lastly, almost 90% of the browsers are compatible with this method. If the majority of users do not use IE or are using some uncommon browsers you do not have to worry about it.

Web Assets

Some of the features that you get with Cassiopeia are cleaner web assets of features including GDPR compliance. Besides, it uses a vanilla JavaScript version. Besides, if template designers want to add other frameworks, the new web assets feature in Joomla 4 allows them to decide what they want. Furthermore, you can also use features of the web assets to expand Cassiopeia by yourself too.

Developed by SASS

Joomla 4 Cassiopeia template is developed by Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets. SASS is a predecessor of CSS, which makes using a variable, mathematical operations, functions, loops, and other functions more powerful. Thus SASS helps in compiling the code and generating the CSS output that is easier for the browser to understand.

Optimized Codebase

By using CSS Grid layout and SAAS technology, the Joomla development team ensures that optimizing and customizing the coding process by using this new template will be much easier and faster. Cassiopeia template is well-optimized and has a powerful codebase structure.

Conclusion… Joomla 4 Template Cassiopeia

The Joomla 4 Cassiopeia template is a fair consideration for creating websites using Joomla 4 default template. In short, the template is a fast loading, highly optimized, professional design, and is a powerful template that can be integrated quickly with Joomla 4 websites. Moreover, with the integration of Bootstrap 4 and SASS technology this template surely has a great lookout.

Combined with the latest new features, like web assets, security advancements, and better media management, this year ensures a powerful year for the Joomla community.

Well, that is it for now. Don’t forget to share your experience with the Cassiopeia Joomla 4 template. If you have any questions, do write them down in the comment section. Also, check out these free Joomla templates for your website. And for more updates subscribe to our blogs.