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How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress Manually (without plugin)

by Sam Cyrus

Install Google Analytics on WordPress Manually (without plugin) blog image

Google Analytics is one of the most valuable tools available for websites, and what makes it a favorite of everyone is the fact that it’s free to use. You can use it to evaluate what’s working and what’s not working with your website, and it’s a great source of information about your website visitors. With more and more businesses using WordPress to develop their websites, it’s important to know the ins and outs of installing Google Analytics to work with your WordPress business website.

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How to Create Simple HTML Page | Step by Step DIY Tutorial

by Deepak Singla

How to Create Simple HTML Page Blog image

Designing and creating a simple website is easy. Even beginners can learn web designing without putting in too much effort and time. HTML is the first Internet-based markup language. It is the core markup for all web pages and is an integral part of the Web. If you are a Web developer or designer and need to develop some great websites, then you can do it with HTML. It is an easy to acquire and a core skill for all web developers and designers. Let us learn the basics of HTML markup and use it to create a Simple HTML Page.

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The What, Why & How of “Sticky Elements” for WordPress Theme

by Deepak Singla

Learn how to make Sticky posts in WordPress

Sticky content is what will make or break your website. These days, if your website is hard to navigate or looks outdated, you can be sure to lose your audience. Sticky content can be used in sticky pairs or inside a container. The main purpose here is to ensure that the sticky content remains constant. So if you’re building a WordPress site, you might want the sticky posts in WordPress to be visible to the browser viewport while another column filled with content is visible on the web page.

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How to migrate from Blogger to WordPress without losing Backlinks

by Staff

How to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress

In today’s times, blogging has become a very popular activity, and there are several blogging platforms that allow budding Bloggers to share the information. Among all, WordPress and Blogger are the most popular as blogging platforms. However, once you start using a platform, you feel like shifting to another one because of the limitations the present platform puts on your blogging ambitions. In this scenario, you are fortunate as blogging platforms offer features to help you move your present content to the new blogging platform.

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