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How to Create Custom Header in WordPress?

custom header wordpress

A header is the most important visual element of your site that occupies the topmost position. It is the first thing a visitor sees whenever lands on your website. The header of your site is your website’s identity that remains same throughout all the website pages. You can use it to ink a good long-lasting impact in visitor’s mind. You can stand out and win the user’s trust by creating remarkable self-portraying custom headers. A custom header WordPress is a feature that allows you to customize the header image along with adding text, widget etc. to it. You can also adjust these elements as per your need to feature the best image of your website.

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How to Create Drupal Theme from Scratch: A Step by Step Guide for Drupal 7 & 8

Create Drupal Theme

Drupal is an amazing open source Content Management System as well as a customizable platform to create anything from a personal blog to a corporate website. Drupal offers many native features. It aids you more when you don’t have to code while creating a website theme. Here, TemplateToaster facilitates you not to just create Drupal Theme in minutes but also living an experience without any disruption.

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How to code your first PHP Web Page

How to code your first php web page_Blog

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages for web development. Leading websites like Facebook and Wikipedia are written in PHP. Learning PHP is not exceptionally challenging. Like learning any skill it requires practice and patience. The first step is to understand what PHP is. Then the next step is to learn how to write a simple PHP web page.

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How to Create Simple HTML Page | Step by Step DIY Tutorial

How to Create Simple HTML Page Blog image

Designing and creating a simple website is easy. Even beginners can learn web designing without putting in too much effort and time. HTML is the first Internet-based markup language. It is the core markup for all web pages and is an integral part of the Web. If you are a Web developer or designer and need to develop some great websites, then you can do it with HTML. It is an easy to acquire and a core skill for all web developers and designers. Let us learn the basics of HTML markup and use it to create a Simple HTML Page.

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Redirect HTTP to HTTPS: A Webmaster’s Guide to Website Migration (SEO Optimized)

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS webmaster seo guide blog

Heard the buzz around SSL and HTTPS enabled websites? As an increasing number of websites are adopting HTTPS, it seems that HTTPS is the way ahead for all data transfers on the Web. Are you still contemplating on whether to make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS for your website? Have you already decided to redirect HTTP to HTTPS for your website? Are you wondering about how to go about this not-so-simple looking task of moving your website or blog to HTTPS? Not to worry, we have recently upgraded the TemplateToaster blog to HTTPS and have all the steps tried and tested. Read ahead, for a step-by-step tutorial to redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

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How to Remove Page Title in WordPress

How to remove Page title in WordPress Blog

The code snippets we are going to give you for manually getting right at it are certainly going to put a smile curve on your face. There may be plugins to remove WordPress page title available. Sadly, most of them are not reliable or have the reputation of “not working” in the forums. So, we decided to keep that part aside, at least for this time. We know that obsolete is not your taste! We’ll focus on “what’s working”.

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How to Find a Line of Code in Website Files (Offline & Online)

How to Find a line of code in a Website or File Blog

At times, it happens that you added some customization code and are now not able to trace it. Another possibility is that you made lots of changes on your website. This might include a buggy piece of code that is not erroneous but might give undesired output. After days of adding this code, when you realize that the outcome is not as expected, you may want to change it. You will then need to trace the source and fix it. Now you cannot locate the line of code on your website. Manual searches may or may not work all the time. In this article, we look at some easy to use methods to automate the process to find a line of code in a website.

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How to design Best Yoga Website: Step by Step Tutorial with Images

Step by Step Tutorial on How to design Best Yoga Website Blog

If you are a Yoga Professional and want to become a Yogipreneur by embracing a huge clientele, a great following...It’s the time to have the best yoga website for successfully market yourself. Learn how to make a captivating website easily in minutes so that can focus on your business and promotes Yoga for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Let us unveil the easy steps to design the best Yoga website in WordPress even if you have no coding experience.

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