The Admin Area or Administration Screen is a special backend page that enables you to make changes to your WordPress site. However, you can also manage features from this page or install plugins, add/delete plugins, etc. The Admin Area makes your website powerful and gives you the power to manage and maintain it without writing a single line of code.

Generally, the simplest way to access the Admin Area is through the web browser. Simply type ‘wp-admin’ along with your website URL. For instance, if your website URL is ‘’, then your admin area can be accessed via ‘’. And the administrator of the website (those who have the credentials) will be able to open the admin area and make required changes.

The Admin Area of your WordPress website is also called WordPress Admin Dashboard. In the dashboard, you can modify your website posts and pages, install and manage the plugins and do much more. You can access various functions of the WordPress through this Admin Area.  It consists of a sidebar as well as header to work with the WordPress functions.