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WordPress Partnered with RadioPublic: Add Podcasts to Sites

Add Podcasts to recently announced that they have partnered with RadioPublic. RadioPublic is  one of the leading podcast technology providers. They have a commitment to an open web, using open protocols with us. It promises the delivery of free audio on demand, across all platforms. Their founders have been working on innovative ideas for years. They are bind to provide rich, immersive podcasts. Their technology makes sharing podcasts easier on all sites. It opens up a new world of opportunities for discovery, curation, and new voices.

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SecuPress vs WordFence: A Head-On Comparison

secupress vs wordfence

The security of our WordPress sites is not something to take lightly. Many extension authors now have solutions that integrate without worrying with the different WordPress configurations. Even if WordPress works to secure its environment on a regular basis, other factors are taken into account. Themes and plugins are and will always be gateways for hackers and spammers of all kinds.

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WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal 2019 Comparison – Functionality, Customization, Support (2019)

WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal Which is the best CMS for you blog

Choosing a content management system for your website? Not sure about which CMS is the best choice for you? With so many options available this can be a very confusing decision to make. Needless to say, it is also the biggest decision since it will build the foundation on which your website would run. In most of the scenarios, the choice of the CMS that works is different for different systems. Amongst other things, it depends upon your website goals, technical proficiency, budget and other constraints. In this article, will compare 3 of the most widely used content management systems and help you choose one that fits your requirements. Read ahead for a complete WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal comparison.

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13 Must-Have Tools a WordPress Admin can’t Live Without!

13 Must-Have Tools a WordPress Admin can't Live Without!

The majority of the webmasters aim at improving the frontend experience, without giving it a thought that an equivalent enhancement in the backend experience would facilitate better and hassle-free experience throughout. If you like most of us have never thought of customizing your WordPress admin experience, well, now is the time!
Being the admin of the web page you are maintaining, it is imperative to have a set of tools that can help you in the process. From making that all important announcement on the website to controlling the dashboard and customizing it to your requirements, a set of tools always comes in handy for an admin. Let’s explore a few of them.

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Top Animated Event Countdown Timer Plugins in WordPress


In today’s cut-throat competitive world people want to see even imperfections, perfectly. So the question here arises that why do we need an animated event countdown timer? The reasoning to this is fairly simple. To keep your audience engaged and in anticipation, we provide them a visual aid as to when their wait shall come to an end. This could be used for many reasons viz. an event occurrence, product launch, off-season sale, product expiry date or even for launching a website till the time it’s under construction. With reasons galore, this makes the wait worthwhile.

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5 Plugins that Power Success to New WordPress Blog (Hand-Tested!)

5 plugins that power success to new wordpress blog hand tested blog

After installing WordPress and selecting a suitable theme for your website, the next most important step is installing the required plugins. Plugins make it easy to implement almost anything on your website with little or no coding knowledge. The WordPress repository has thousands of plugins designed for all manner of functions and it can easily get confusing for a new user. That is why we have listed the top 5 most essential plugins for starting a new WordPress blog below. These five plugins address the most important functions on any new WordPress website namely; security, SEO, speed optimization, spam prevention and traffic analysis.

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