Backlinks are defined as a link from one site to another site. Suppose you have content related to website builders then you can add a link on the anchor text “Website Builder” to a site such as TemplateToaster which is a website builder. Now the link you have added will be considered as a backlink for TemplateToaster.

Backlinks are important from the search engine ranking point of view. Search Engines such as Google uses an algorithm which tells more active Backlinks means a more reliable site and upgrades its rank. 

How are Backlinks important for your site?

The Backlinks are very important for your site from the search optimization point of view. The search engine looks for authenticity and reliability of your post or even your website. If you have more backlinks from trusted sites then the search engine will rank you higher. To gain the trust of search engines, you need to build more backlinks to your posts and pages. 

Types of Backlinks

  • Nofollow backlink – A nofollow link means you have given the link to the other site but you’ve told the search engines to ignore it. This backlink does not count in your number of links given or accepted.

           URL – <a href = “” rel=”nofollow”>

  • Dofollow link – Dofollow links are the links that are active and recognized by the search engines. These are the most important links you can give and accept. Make sure you try for dofollow links when you are building backlinks for your website.

          URL – <a href = “”>

  • Inbound link – The inbound link is a type of backlink which is directed towards your site. These links are pointing to your website.
  • Outbound link – The outbound link is a type of backlink which is directed to some other third party sites. Or it can be defined as the links you have given to other websites.

Some people give spam links that can actually harm your website ranking as well as it can harm your website. Always find reliable and trusted sites to get a link.

Stuffing of backlinks that means giving or accepting too many links from the same site is a bad practice. Ssearch engines penalizes the website and sometimes bans the url of the website. 

Practice white hat techniques, that is, find fair ways to get the backlinks. Count on the quality of the links rather than quantity of backlinks.

How to get Backlinks?

They say Communication is the key and that is absolutely correct. Contact different website owners and bloggers to request link to related posts. Suppose you have written a blog on types of plants at home and some other famous bloggers have written about how to care for home plants then you can contact the later blogger to request link in his article.

You can communicate to various blogegrs through email, or via social media platforms. If they haven’t replied to your email once, wait for at least one week before contacting again.

These links are very beneficial for your site. The anchor text of the links also matters. Because when a user looks for a keyword then the search engine such as Google crawls into different sites to get the best information for the users. So a related anchor link will help Google to understand what your webs page is about.

Another ways to get backlinks are – 

  • Share your website and posts on your social media profiles.
  • Add links of your website on your YouTube video descriptions.
  • Write long guide blog posts and add internal links to different pages of your website.
  • Create how to, tutorials guides so that people can add links of your ultimate guides and tutorials.
  • Write guest posts and blogs on other websites with backlinks.
  • Improve your articles regularly and add useful links.

Backlinks is a tricky business, it definitely takes your website up and also can take you down. If you have used any stuffing or black hat techniques to get links, then the search engines can take you down.

You can also check the backlinks of your competitors so that you can get an idea of how to get any backlinks, and from where you can get links. Check various platforms such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Monitorbacklinks, etc. to find the backlinks of your competitor. These platforms are really important for the growth of your website.

You can also use these platforms to find the backlinks for your own websites. Audit your website and find the links which are toxic for your site. Avoid the bad links to your site. Use these platforms effectively and grow your website without any worries.

Hope you have found this guide helpful. I wish you to grow your website/posts eventually with the white hat techniques to get backlinks.