Database is a set of structured and organized data. A Database is considered as a software in which the data is stored, and also retrieved by the administrator. Query Languages are used to access the data from the database such as SQL.

WordPress is written with PHP (programming language) and MySQL is its database management system. MySQL is considered as a software installed on the WordPress hosting servers.

You can access the database in WordPress using PhpMyAdmin. PhpMyAdmin is an application to manage database management systems. You can also create and update the data with PhpMyAdmin in the database. It is an easy application, you need not to learn any of the programming languages.

The WordPress Database contains Tables in which the data is stored. You can retrieve the data from the database using a query. All the data is stored in the form rows and columns.

For Example- There is a Database of school students in a particular class. Then the database may contain the following columns – 







And more on. You can also select the name of the Table. This table will store the information of all the students in one place in an organized way and that is called the Database.