DDoS is a WordPress term known for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. It is a type of attack by computerized bots to perform false activities such as boost fake traffic. It can also damage a site’s resources and can ultimately crash a website.

Indeed hackers use bots to attack other sites and make harm to the website. However, you can prevent DDoS attacks by updating and using your WordPress site regularly, installing security plugins and checking WordPress logs consistently.

The DDoS attack is a cyberattack on the server, website or network to flood traffics. Also, the DDoS attacks include devices called botnets which are compromised IoT devices, websites and computers. Certainly, the botnets will attack the devices and hamper the application resources of the victim.

The main objectives of a DDoS attack could be  :

  • To slow down a website and disrupt the communication between server and user.
  • To completely destroy a website

There are many symptoms of DDoS attacks, you will know when to stop these threats. 

Some of the symptoms are : 

  • Slow access to files and folders
  • Problems accessing websites
  • Internet disconnection
  • A lot of spam emails
  • The system gets hang more usual

If these symptoms occur for a long time, you might get attacked by DDoS attacks.

There are also different categories of DDoS attacks – 

  • Volume-based attacks – In these attacks, large numbers of traffic is routed to your site with the purpose to hamper your website’s bandwidth. These include UDP floods, ICMP Floods.
  • Protocol attacks – In these attacks, the main focus of the attacker is on the server’s resources. These include SYN floods, fragmented packet attacks, smurf DDoS attacks.
  • Application attacks – These attacks are focused on destroying a particular web application. These include low and slow attacks, GET/POST floods, attacks that target Apache.

Protecting yourself from a DDoS attack is a difficult task. You need to make a proper plan and have to invest some money in order to protect your business website from such threats.

If you find your company under such attacks the first thing you need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to misroute or re-route the fake traffic, if possible. Also, consider services that help you make the attack ineffective.

Use powerful firewalls and routers to prevent your business website from the fake traffic. The firewall you use should be able to identify fine data packets and bogus traffic data packets and block such threats from such data sources.

Another method to stop DDoS attacks is using Artificial Intelligence. The AI system helps you prevent such attacks. Use trusted security devices to protect yourself from such malicious attacks.