FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is an Internet Protocol which is used for transmitting information between server and client(Local PC). If you have a WordPress website, you can use FTP to transfer WordPress files to the hosting server. Also you access the files on the hosting server from your personal computer.

FTP is very important when the two systems have different file conventions. FTP helps in transmission of different types of file format between server and the client. Using ftp you can upload bulk files onto the server, install plugins and themes directly, deactivate plugins manually. You can also add, edit and delete information from the database directly without having access to the WordPress dashboard.

There are many advantages of FTP such as speed. FTP is the fastest way to transfer files from one computer into another computer. Another advantage is Efficiency and Security. It uses login and password to transfer files. So, it is a more secure way for file transmission. 

Some WordPress web hosting services offer inbuilt FTP. So you can directly access the files, upload and download the files from the web hosting server from within their control panel. In order to transfer files using FTP, you need to use a software running on your personal computer called FTP client. FileZilla is one the best free FTP Client.