An iframe is a shortcode to embed an external page into your page. iFrame stands for an inline frame which includes a link to another third party page. Mostly it is used to embed a YouTube video into a WordPress web page.

For example –

In the above piece of code, TemplateToaster Blog is displayed.

You can add the iFrame directly in the text editor of your WordPress post page.

But sometimes in the WordPress web development, the iFrame given is not accepted and denied automatically. To resolve this issue, you need to install iFrame embed plugins. Some of the best iFrame WordPress plugins are :

  • iFrame Shortcode by Flyn San (for embedding web pages only)
  • Advanced Responsive Video Embedder (embed videos and web pages)
  • Auto iFrame by Greg Ross

Sometimes people provide illegal and harmful iFrame links. Be aware of such links, it can be harmful for your website if you embed them. Only add iFrame links from reliable sources.

iFrames are also used for advertisement placement, yes this is the best way to embed an ad if you want to make money.