An IP address is an address representing your computer or any mobile device on the internet network. On the network, other connections and devices recognize you by your IP Address.

All the devices connected on the internet network have a unique IP Address. It has a numerical notation. The IP Address looks something like this :

You can easily check your IP Address by typing “what is my IP” on Google. These addresses are in the format of a 32 bit number, containing four decimal numbers each ranging from 0 to 255 separated by dots. These type of addresses are also called IP version 4 (IPv4).

Since, there are billions of users connected to the internet network with a unique address, to fulfill these addresses requirement, there is another type of IP address called IP version 6 (IPv6). This a 128 bit number address (also 2 to the 128th power) and that’s a lot of addresses. 

Now, every device also have their unique IP Addresses such as your PC, smart TV,  smartphone, etc. when they all are connected to one router. The router uses DHCP to assign each device a local IP address where only the last octet changes such as, etc. This is also called Gateway. 

Types of IP Address : 

Static  – When your device has a fixed IP address, it is called static IP address.

Dynamic – When your device connects to different ISPs, then it will have dynamic IP addresses.

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