What SEO efforts do you adopt to improve your website visibility? Where do you put all your efforts to improve the search engine rankings?

For many people, the keywords are most essential of all. But, even after working hard on the keywords, your business fails to gain better rankings. This is the time when you start to look for other factors that are affecting your search engine rankings.

It is not only the relevancy of keywords on a particular page which Google algorithm fishes, but they have other features to check too. They look into aspects such as the duration a visitor stayed on your website, bounce rates, broken links and so on.

It is important to make your users stay on your website and interact with the content for a longer time. This helps to boost your rankings as well. And to do so you need to put efforts on improving the user experience.

It has been a debate for many years, whether UX and SEO can go hand in hand. Now it is no more a concern since today we are aware of the fact that UX and SEO make a perfect couple. Use of keywords to get visitors using click through is just a half-baked story. If you are approaching SEO to optimize your website, the user experience is one of the most important factors.

User experience helps to focus on the target groups and takes up decisions based on design preferences as well as industry trends.  Low-quality UX generates poor SEO results. When you are into online business, you have to consider whether you want to optimize the website for Google or for your users. But as explained in the Webmaster Guidelines, Google asks SEO experts to make pages for the users.

Until the website is serving a good user experience, it also fails to satisfy the searcher’s intent.

Here at Templateoaster website builder, Let’s explore some of the simple and effective ways to improve user experience by leveraging the SEO efforts.

#1. Make Content Attractive and Engaging

Do you know what affects the SEO? It is the ‘dwell time’. It is the amount of time a visitor spends on your website. With useful contents, you make sure that the website has increased dwell time. Hence, to find out what type of content a user consumes,  Buzzsumo teamed up Moz in 2015 and checked more than 1 million articles. They saw that contents with length between 2,000-2,500 words ranks well in the search engine results.

But, it is not only the number of words that matters, it is also about quality. Nobody is going to read a very long content unless it is able to provide more information and value.

The research also confirms that that content with more than 2,500 words gets more shares. It tells us that people are just not willing to stay at your website to read an in-depth article. But, if they find it interesting and helpful, they will share it with their social connections and hence pull some more traffic.

The stats are well-explained in the image below –

Search engine rankings

#2. Readability is a Determining Factor

Even if your content have a well-educated audience, still they would not like to read tough content every time they visit your website. You do not want your audience to give up their reading and click away as the content was too difficult to digest.

You need to make your content easy to read and understand. It should be useful to your readers. Since, Google considers readability as a factor when they rank the web pages. Readability is more like content optimization to make it more clear, relevant and informative. Readability is all about pleasing the users who access your web page. It is a step to ensure that their first impression is positive.

One can use a variety of tool to check the readability score of their content and boost their user experiences –

  • Readability-Score.com
  • Hemingway App
  • Readability Check in Microsoft Word

You can easily check the readability statistics, just like I checked on Hemingway App –

improve Search engine rankings

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#3. Videos Are the Perfect Way to Boost UX

Video contents are popular and it’s a great way to engage your visitors. It is excellent tool to increase your click through rates. Video enriches the user experience and allows you to quickly deliver the information, which a visitor is exactly looking for. They are a signal for quality content to search engines.

SlideShare on video marketing statistics from HubSpot shows that websites using videos are going to achieve 4.8 percent more conversions compared to websites that do not use a video. If you want to improve search engine ranking, you must adopt video marketing as an integral element.

And we have witnessed that among B2B marketers video marketing is most popular. Em2solutions found out that 92 percent of B2B marketers has gained results with engaging video tactics.

improve Search engine rankings 3

#4. Call to Actions Is Something Crucial

Do you know it is important to use call to actions on the page to prevent any type of traffic loss? What are the typical places to include call to actions? Well, one is at the top, just above the fold. The other place is just at the bottom, where the content finishes.

The appropriate CTA also depends on the type of page. Say if it is a blog post, using a “related posts” plugin is good. But if you are selling a product than a link to the product or other similar products will be of great help.

This is the first fold of Invision website. Their design is clean and stunning, but what attract the most in this CTA is their “Get Started – Free Forever.” The free plan actually makes the customer think.

improve Search engine rankings 4

#5. Not to Miss Mobile Optimization

Since April 2015, Google has started to penalize the sites who do not have a mobile optimized site. Google just pulled down their search engine rankings as a penalty. Today more users are consuming content on their mobile. So if you have not optimized the site for mobiles, you are going to have a slow traffic movement and lower rate of conversions.

Research by Search Engine Watch shows that 77 percent of the people search for a new product or service through their smartphones. Even popular search directories like Yelp also confirm that 55% of the searches come from the mobile devices.

The mobile optimization is becoming as per the survey done by ComScore. The statistics below shows that mobile is overpowering desktop engagement in the recent days. So optimizing websites for your mobile is utmost important.

improve Search engine rankings 5

What’s Your Take?

Do not end up comparing number like visitor numbers or page views. Traffic from SEO can let you have bigger number of users in a short period. But if you work on improving user experience it will help to improve your conversions and generate more potential leads.

Your eye should be on the conversion and on revenue. So it is a smart move to prioritize user experience and leverage better SEO efforts.

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