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Can Your Hosting Server Location Affect The Success Of SEO?

Hosting Server Location

Picking the right web host can be a difficult choice. There are thousands of web hosting companies out there providing the same product at similar prices. Your decision is an important one that you must get right the first time. When considering your options for a web host, should you be concerned about the server location? Does it have any effect at all on your website’s page ranking?

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Rich Snippets: The Ultimate Guide to Google Structured data (Manual & Plugin methods)

Rich Snippets

Wondering how your competitor got those fancy stars in Google listing and you are desperately searching “how to get stars in google search results” or “how to add star rating in google search” ? It all ends up with a more fancy term called “Rich Snippets” (labelled by Google). But the other, more technical name to it is “Structured data”.

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Choosing a Domain Name: Are Keywords Still Important?

Choosing a Domain

Many factors are considered when choosing a domain name, though business owners focus more on those that help their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Google has always upgraded its algorithms and has made everyone wonder what the right approach to naming a domain is. This is a debate website owners usually have before creating a site. All in all, you need to make sure your domain name has no negative connotations, is void of unnecessary jargon and doesn't look spammy.

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SEO Landing Pages vs. PPC Landing Pages – Best Practices (2017)

seo landing pages vs ppc landing pages blog image

It makes sense to create landing pages on a regular basis for business and marketing reasons – targeting a very specific audience/niche, promoting a specific product or promotion, or just building traffic for a key term and converting visitors into customers based on their intent in their search.But the issue arises when you try to do too many things with one landing page. When someone lands on your site, for instance, selling coat hangers, and you try to sell them a coat. You have to get them looking for what it is it that you sell, and make sure the landing page gives them everything they need to make an informed decision.

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Design Best SEO WordPress Theme: Top Ingredients that You Need

best seo WordPress theme

A website is the face of a business. And what attracts a large audience to your site- Exposure, quality, promotion or content? The most important factor is the quality of the web page. Now, from where a site gets its shape? Obviously, a theme is responsible for a website structure. And, how it gets exposed to the public? Yes, you are right- It's a Search engine. Stats tell that 95% of search traffic goes to sites on the first page of Google !! So, you can figure out how important it is to have an optimized step. But usually, people think about SEO after creating a website. But it will be too late then !!

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rel=”noreferrer noopener”: SEO issues after WordPress 4.7.4 Update?

rel="no referrer noopener" SEO issues after WordPress 4.7.4 Update blog

When you search on Google, a page opens with many sites listed. For a novice, they are just randomly placed on the page but an internet versed person, specifically an SEO geek, knows they are placed according to rank. Recently, people from this very SEO community, who are using the latest version of WordPress 4.7.4, started facing a problem. As soon as they insert target="_blank" into a hyperlink, WordPress automatically adds another mysterious code (at least for SEO guys) which is - rel="noreferrer noopener". Now the commotion is if it will disrupt the SEO point or not? Continue reading as I researched on the matter and followed various SEO and Coding communities, took views from people involved and found an actual answer to the issue!

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