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On Page SEO – An Essential Nutrient For Your Website

by Alana Berge

ON Page SEO How to Implement Effectively on your WordPress Website Blog

SEO, Search Engine Optimization plays a significant role in optimizing the number of conversions on your website. There are simply a set of rules so as to improve the quality of your website and make it easily navigated and accessed. These act as ground rules on which websites act so as to improve and roll in some significant search engine traffic. And as specified in the Searchmetrics ranking factors, Content holds the ruling power, it is the king.

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8 Quick Tips To Follow For a Mobile friendly Website

by Bryan Lazaris

8 Quick Tips To Follow For a Mobile friendly Website Blog

The research from Smart Insights portrays 80% of web users own a smartphone. The statistics reveal how internet usage has multiplied in the last few years. So, all those businesses that are giving a jumpstart to winning the heart of their consumers should habituate an efficient responsive design approach. A mobile friendly website design revamps the design in a way so that it accommodates various screens across multiple mobile platforms.

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How to Conduct a WordPress Website Audit like a Jedi

by Lucy Benton

How to Conduct a WordPress Website Audit like a Jedi Blog

There are quite a lot of things which go into developing a successful online presence and conquering the first positions of Google is definitely a top priority. Now, if you are like the majority of the users, you are probably powering up your website with WordPress. This is the most commonly used CMS and it’s one which is particularly beneficial. With this in mind, performing comprehensive WordPress website audit is certainly amongst the most important things.

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How to Write SEO Optimized Content that Appeals to Readers

by Gloria Kopp

How to Write SEO Optimized Content that Appeals to Readers Blog image

Trying to fit in everything you need to boost your SEO can sometimes distract from your original message, and can affect the experience you’re trying to provide your reader. Thankfully, Search Engine Crawlers have become a lot more intelligent, and it’s easier than ever to produce SEO optimized content that it great for your readers and will fuel SEO. The following tips and tools can not only show you how to create SEO optimized content, but how to drive traffic to your site through SEO, and convert that traffic into real leads by appealing to people.

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Redirect HTTP to HTTPS: A Webmaster’s Guide to Website Migration (SEO Optimized)

by Param Chahal

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS webmaster seo guide blog

Heard the buzz around SSL and HTTPS enabled websites? As an increasing number of websites are adopting HTTPS, it seems that HTTPS is the way ahead for all data transfers on the Web. Are you still contemplating on whether to make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS for your website? Have you already decided to redirect HTTP to HTTPS for your website? Are you wondering about how to go about this not-so-simple looking task of moving your website or blog to HTTPS? Not to worry, we have recently upgraded the TemplateToaster blog to HTTPS and have all the steps tried and tested. Read ahead, for a step-by-step tutorial to redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

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rel=”noreferrer noopener”: SEO issues after WordPress 4.7.4 Update?

by Param Chahal

rel="no referrer noopener" SEO issues after WordPress 4.7.4 Update blog

When you search on Google, a page opens with many sites listed. For a novice, they are just randomly placed on the page but an internet versed person, specifically an SEO geek, knows they are placed according to rank. Recently, people from this very SEO community, who are using the latest version of WordPress 4.7.4, started facing a problem. As soon as they insert target="_blank" into a hyperlink, WordPress automatically adds another mysterious code (at least for SEO guys) which is - rel="noreferrer noopener". Now the commotion is if it will disrupt the SEO point or not? Continue reading as I researched on the matter and followed various SEO and Coding communities, took views from people involved and found an actual answer to the issue!

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Joomla SEO – 9 Best Actionable Tips for beginners to Boost Rankings

by Christopher Meloni

Joomla SEO - 9 Best Actionable Tips for beginners to Boost Rankings Blog image

Google is the favorite search engine of online users. It keeps on updating the algorithm in order to make sure quality websites rank better on the search results. When we talk about SEO, a good number of factors are held responsible for the ranking of the website like page design, website architecture, website loading speed, etc. Things are not different when you have a Joomla website since Joomla SEO is as prime as SEO for other CMSs is. So it becomes necessary to apply right SEO techniques to make it rank on the top of the search results.

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Create SEO friendly Images for WordPress: Optimize Images for Web

by Param Chahal

Create SEO Friendly Images for WordPress Blog image

Images are a prominent contributing factor to a website’s appeal. Images as such make up for large portions of the page data. Bloated images should be avoided for SEO optimized websites. SEO friendly images should instead be used to increase the website SEO rankings. Web developers, therefore, need to gauge Image Optimization and its benefits. Let us understand the optimization process and the techniques for applying it to web pages.

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