No clue on how to get Instagram followers? Do you want to be Instagram famous using reliable methods? I am presenting to you the most powerful ideas that got me 12k followers in a matter of few months. Also, these help me set up my business as an influencer in no time to earn extra bucks.


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing photo-sharing social media platforms today with 700 Million monthly active users. Millions of people are posting photos and videos on Instagram just to get noticed by friends and strangers, alike. Every Instagram user wants to know how to get followers on Instagram to make his or her presence count on this social platform.

In this enchanting world of Social Media, millions of crazy eyeballs are constantly in search of fresh and unique content. The “Explore” tab of Instagram brings to us new posts every time we tap on it. So, you stand every chance of getting noticed on this busy social platform.

Here are some of the most powerful methods that I use to give a push to my own Instagram profile and bounce from 200 followers to 12,000 followers in a matter of few months!

How to Gain Instagram Followers? An Easy Way Out

Having a business account on Instagram has become a bedrock for all kinds of businesses.  Driving traffic to the web pages, improving conversions, and engaging the audience are some of the perks of having genuine followers on platforms like Instagram.

If your Instagram profile is not as powerful as you want it to be, there are a couple of things that you can do. Well, this is the time to learn about polishing your strategies to get organic and genuine followers. The more your audience grows the better opportunities you have for engagement and creating out-of-the-box experiences.

So, here are a couple of things that you can do to build your Instagram followers and create a presence in front of your audience.

1. Curate Quality Content

Since Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, it becomes extremely important to post high-quality photos and videos if you want to have that extra edge over others. Being limited to visuals, quality of images and videos is all that matters on Instagram. There is no place for blurred or pixelated photos and videos on this social network. Not only the image quality but the emotions expressed in that photo or video hold importance. People connect easily with the pictures or videos that express feelings and hence, tend to follow the profile of the user that posts them. Who knows! Your content catches the attention of other Instagram users like mine did when I created my own nail art account.

2. Post at the Right Time

Believe it or not, every day but it is surely about the time one posts his photos or videos on Instagram. It is as important as curating quality content for your posts in order to get Instagram followers. The problem is most of us search for how to get followers on Instagram for free. I didn’t aim at how to get followers on Instagram in the beginning at all. My focus was on the quality of the content. The time of posting decides the organic reach of the posts. It increases the chance of being discovered under the Explore tab. Posting every day builds an image in the minds of the audience that you are an organised blogger. They’ll love you for this. In turn, people helping you get Instagram followers when they share your content among their virtual friend circle. According to Huffington Post:The best time to post on Instagram is 2 am and 5 pm”.

3. Playing the #hashtag Game Right

You’ve got every chance of reaching out to your desired audience if you take the hashtag game seriously. Including some good hashtags in the caption below the post can help you get Instagram followers in no time. And will solve your issue of how to get followers on Instagram without spending a dime. Spending time to research the best hashtags related to your account can raise the chances of making you discoverable by millions of Instagram users. It’s not surprising to know that most of the Instagrammers went on to become famous when brands discovered their posts under hashtags closely connected to theirs and went on to check out their websites. No wonder, I used the #nailart and #nails hashtag most of the time since my profile is related to nail art (IG @glamgaganails).

4. Post Inspiring Content

Take pleasure in what you do because it will connect you to your audience and inspire them. Remember, people love inspiring stories and posts and what they offer in return is sharing your profile and tagging their friends in the comments. Sharing is caring. What you get here as a reward is the large number of followers which you have always aimed for! Now, you know how to get followers on Instagram by posting inspiring content. It may seem to be a little difficult but we suggest you choose an activity that keeps you happy and you can keep posting about it. Be an inspiration and you will get Instagram followers! Here is the collection of the most inspiring Instagram stories on Happier.

5. Stability in Posting

Consistency is what most of the users on Instagram look for before following other users. They love the profiles which entertain them over a period of time without missing a day. One should be careful about the themes and layouts to give stunning visual appeal to Instagram feed. Serious Instagrammers are even hiring professionals these days to keep up with the stability in posting on Instagram. This only is big proof of how important is it to get Instagram followers. You will get Instagram followers quickly and your followers will love you for your punctuality. I made sure to post 2 times a day.

6. Giveaways and Contests

International giveaways and contests are the latest methods used by users to get Instagram followers. No doubt, big brands turn to this to create brand awareness among people because hey! Who doesn’t want more followers? You don’t need to be a big brand in order to organise giveaways. Using this method, you can instantly become Instagram famous and your account can go viral. Even if you have an account with 1k+ followers, you can make the most out of it to get Instagram followers. Users participating in your giveaways will have to follow you as per the rules. I gained around 150 followers when I organised my first giveaway. This method hit my head when I was wondering how to get followers on Instagram.

7. Build a Social Circle by Liking and Commenting

Social Media is all about connecting with people and showing your like or dislike for something which is put up right there by them. Instagram is no exception. Almost every user on Instagram is overprotective of the content he or she posts and expects his/her followers to like and comment on their posts. Posts should be compelling enough to attract the followers to make them “double-tap the heart”. If you are wondering how to get followers on Instagram, I would suggest you like and comment on as many posts as possible you can! This may sound mean but it will mean a lot to the people. Most of them will return the favour!

8. Impressive Bio/Profile

This is one of the most overlooked parts of most Instagrammers. Most of them tend to forget that their IG profile/bio is their Virtual ID card that shouts out loud to the profile viewers which makes them decide to stay or to move on without following. In other words, your IG bio says it all for you! Remember if you want to take your Instagram profile to the next big level I am going to share with you in a few moments, you should include your email address and website link in the Instagram bio space. Have you ever noticed the YouTube video links that most of the bloggers put in their Instagram bio?

9. Sharing is the Key/Shoutouts

As told earlier, sharing is caring. You can simply get Instagram followers by giving shoutouts to other people’s profiles either by reposting the screenshots of their accounts or posting about them on your Instagram stories. A word of mouth is effective enough to create buzz among the people and they check out the accounts you have shared on your account! You can even ask for a shoutout in return (but secretly) and Yes, That works wonders! Go on sharing your Instagram profile link on other social media handles you already use. I did it guilt-free!

Take it to the Next Big Level by Setting up a Real Business

Hardly would have anyone thought that a fun photo-sharing app would go on to become a favourite among brands and people. So, it’s been a lot of hard work after getting to know how to get followers on Instagram and you have put your best efforts to get Instagram followers by creating an Instagram profile that is loaded with “wow” posts and thousands of followers. You have got a profile that your followers are sharing with their friends and you have been getting comments like “Awesome post” and “Holy Wow” and so on. You have every chance to dominate the Influencer world after you get Instagram followers.

Instagram Influencer Marketing is a new trend catching on with the Insta-savvy population around the globe Thousands of brands are in search of people who can represent their brand and they are more than ready to send free products to their representatives.

According to a leading social media dashboard, Hootsuite Instagram is used by 48.8% of brands—a number that is expected to rise to 70.7% by 2017. No doubt, there are some criteria set up according to which a brand rep is chosen by the HR of the brand. The most important thing here is that a Brand HR looks for a solid online presence of the influencer. Having a website with a complete portfolio and contact details make your work a lot easier. In the virtual world, owning and managing a website can be time-consuming and demanding when you want to focus on your creative aspects.

What Should Be Your First Step?

You should consider creating an awesome website that can include anything from your modelling portfolio to the products you have received to show to the world. Your honest opinions and first impressions about the products mean a lot to the brands. Brands want that their product should be shown with utmost creativity. It is a foolproof step to keep ahead of others.

Your website is a pinboard that will build your e-reputation and helps you to get vast exposure. If tagged as a brand ambassador, you can put up affiliate banners/ads on your very own website and earn huge commissions as a representative of the brand. Brands get a kick in sales and you get paid for promoting them on your website. Furthermore, you can sell your own products. If you have got a huge fan following on Instagram, you know where most of the sales and commissions will flow from! If you have made your mind to create a dazzling website, TemplateToaster, a web design software and website maker can do all for you. No code designing at your fingertips. We have spilt clues on where to head next, make sure to catch the momentum.

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