Are you looking for the list of best Joomla booking and reservation extensions that make it easier for your customers to make an appointment or booking? Overall, is it because you want to simplify the process of online booking and reservations for your business?

In the first place, for any website, it is important to streamline online booking and reservation for the users, with an eye to improve the user experience which would eventually boost conversions. In essence, this is where the Joomla booking and reservation extensions can help you meet up your business goals.

Therefore, if you own a business that needs to book appointments and reservation, then it is important to look for the best extension that fits your business needs.

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Things to Look for in Best Joomla Booking and Reservation Extensions?

Initially, you may think that a booking extension is simply a calendar with a form, but in reality, it all depends on the type of business you are running. For instance, a flight booking ticket will have a calendar and ticket information. While a dental clinic is most likely to have the type of services and available slots for an appointment.

Therefore, it is important to look at the features closely for each Joomla booking and reservation extension. As a result, you will get to have all the function you need in your Joomla website while providing enough flexibility to your customers and also improving business growth.

All things considered, here I have listed some of the  features to look for in your Joomla booking and reservation extension:

  • A customizable calendar that can be added anywhere on your Joomla website.
  • Option to accept online payments while booking an appointment.
  • A mobile-friendly interface so that customers can make a booking on devices of different size.
  • Support for multiple service providers. This feature would applicable for services like a gym where there are multiple trainers or a clinic with doctors from different departments.
  • Customizable fields and drop-down menu when there are many services.
  • Area for customers to edit their bookings online.
  • An easily filterable and searchable booking and reservation module on the backend of your Joomla website.
  • Features to customize the schedule like editing holidays and adding free time in between the schedules.
  • Customizable fields and drop-down menu when there are many services.
  • Email notifications and reminders for the customers as well as admin.

Again, this is a brief list of some of the most basic features that you need to look for while choosing the best Joomla Booking and reservation extensions. However, some of the features may not imply to your business, so make sure to check out our in-depth review to make the best choice.

List of Best Joomla Booking and Reservation Extensions

We’ve done in-depth research and brought to you a complete list of the top 12 Joomla booking extensions with the best features, along with highlights that might draw your attention towards one over another. So, without any further delay let’s get started.


1. Solidres – Best Joomla Booking & Reservation Extension

Joomla Booking and Reservation Extensions

To point out, Solidres is one of the best Joomla Booking and reservation extensions for hotels, villas, B&B, and resorts. The first thing to remember,  it is a free extension that can be easily installed, downloaded and used on as many Joomla websites as you like.

Besides, Solidres uses the Joomla coding standard that is an MVC structure. As a result, it is very easy to customize or build templates for Solidres. Particularly, it is a user-friendly interface and makes it very easy to manage the users. In like manner, it has some of the most amazing features like limit booking, discount plugin, camera slideshow and others that make it is a great extension for online booking.

Core Features:

  • Solidres app is available for iOS and Android version
  • Supports booking per day and per night
  • 3 amazing reservation layout options
  • One page Ajax along with clean and structured reservation form
  • Flexible tariff configuration
  • Calander availability
  • Easily manage the multimedia files for upload, drag and drop re-ordering, automatic thumbnail creation and more
  • Custom fields by XML
  • Summary module
  • Coupon supports
  • Integration of Google Maps
  • Easily modify and customize email free templates using Joomla templates override
  • Responsive layouts and email templates

Standout Features that make Solidres a Great Choice:

  • New summary module to show a summary of reservation process for guests which gives a more user-friendly approach
  • Supports invisible Captcha
  • Reservation tracking view, thus the users can cancel reservations without an account
  • Configurable payment and reservation status
  • Frontend calendar shows fully booked, partially booked and available dates

2. Jomres – Best Joomla Booking and Reservation Extensions

Jomres Joomla Booking and Reservation Extensions

Significantly, Jomres is one of the most popular and highly secure booking and reservation extensions that too for free. In fact, the extension works well alongside popular CMS platforms like Joomla and WordPress. Moreover, it has almost all of the features and functionalities like a secure frontend, powerful developer tools, Webhooks functionality, that you would need in a booking extension.

Besides, the extension allows you to build a single property site along with a complete portal. Also, the Jomres extension has one of the best ratings on the list and is typically designed to work best on the frontend which makes a great option for non-technical users.

Core Features:

  • Standard tariff editing mode for easier price settings
  • Create guest types that can help set booking value depending upon their type
  • Multilingual support
  • Works well with single and multiple properties
  • Intelligent, powerful Ajax Driven reservation system
  • Edit booking per night or per day
  • Dynamic dashboard to manager properties like add, remove or edit widgets in dashboards
  • Edit or customize bookings
  • Customize the email templates
  • Detailed invoices
  • Guests can create their accounts along with guest dashboards and contact forms
  • Fully automatic exchange rate conversions simply request a free API key
  • Use different plugins and templates for different property types

Standout Features that make Jomres a Great Choice:

  • Crisp and clean dashboard
  • Images are very easy to upload with Slick Media Centre
  • Review functionality
  • Supports Google Maps
  • Supports Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3

3. VikBooking – Best Joomla Booking Reservation Extension


Significantly, VikBooking is a premium booking and reservation extension on the list that supports an advanced booking engine system for the Joomla site. As well as, the extensions are perfect for booking hotels, bed and breakfast, camping sites, resorts, condos, or any other type of accommodations. Uniquely, VikBooking is one of the extensions on the list that is recommended by popular websites like TripAdvisor, OpenTravel, and

By the same token, talking about the features, VikBooking is a powerful booking and reservation extension with a ton of interesting features. In like manner, some interesting features include pricing system, currency converter, different prices every season, room service options and more. Similarly, with the integration of powerful features, this extension is a good value for money.

Core Features:

  • Powerful and comprehensive rate management system
  • Integration of power pricing system
  • Pricing variations per season
  • Rates per night and occupancy
  • Add different prices for the holiday season, days, or year
  • Options to manage room services like breakfast, extra beds, added tourist taxes and more
  • Charges variations depending upon the age
  • Restrictions based on the day of the week like Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun, Fri-Fri or others
  • Add different coupons or discounts
  • Intuitive clean dashboard for the frontend team of the hoteliers
  • Installed payment gateways like PayPal
  • Multi-language support
  • Powerful invoicing system

Standout Features that make VikBooking a Great Choice:

4. OS Service Booking – Best for Schedule Booking

OS Services Booking

Truly, OS Service Booking is yet another premium Best Joomla booking and reservation extension on the list. Not to mention, if you need an extension that helps you with online scheduling and management of appointments, then the OS Service Booking extension is a good option for you.

Moreover, the extension offers unlimited categories, venues, type of appointments, and staff. Besides, it is quite easy to manage a list of orders using this extension. Additionally, it also supports discounts and coupons, and various email and template management system.

Core Features:

  • Easily manage a list of orders, categories, services, employees, and custom fields
  • Supports two-time slots – standard and custom
  • Coupon and group discounts
  • Email and SMS template management
  • Custom field option with additional cost for every extra field
  • Flexible reporting
  • Impressive layout with JavaScript and Ajax integration
  • Flexible booking system, data management, and layout
  • Multiple language support
  • Supports powerful payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Sage Page and others

Standout Features that make OS Service Booking a Great Choice:

  • Integration of Ajax Technology enables fast loading
  • Responsive and retina layout with Bootstrap
  • Easy to book services and appointments with a booking request
  • Powerful configuration
  • Joomla user profile integration

5. Rentalot Plus – Online Booking System for Holiday Properties

Rentalot Plus

Indeed Rentalot Plus is a premium holiday and rental management system, that deserves a spot on our list of best Joomla booking and reservation extensions. As well as, the premium extension allows you to have complete control over your website so that you can manage the design, layout, prices, bookings and much more.

That is to say, Rentalot Plus offers a convenient option for an administration interface, online booking and management, a block view, a daily calendar, multiple currencies, customize email and more.

Core Features:

  • Online availability and enquires
  • Online booking with payment by using choice gateway
  • Complete backend administration with statistics and charts
  • Flexible approach towards pricing, discounts, payment schedules
  • Automatic reminder updates to clients and admin
  • Draw maps showing one or multiple properties

Standout Features that make Rentalot Plus a Great Option:

  • Highly configurable
  • Detailed PDF user guide
  • Full-featured self-booking property rental system

6. Taxi Booking – For Booking Taxis

Taxi Booking

With attention to the Taxi Booking extension, you can start with selling your taxi services business on a Joomla site within minutes. Furthermore, it has an amazing frontend booking form for taxi services and a backend management panel for cars, settings and orders. Besides, you can use the extension for taxi booking with different online payment methods.

Additionally, it is a fully responsive extension that is suitable for metered taxi service, Limo and private hire pre-booked fixed fares, shuttle, hourly car hire and bus ticket sales.

Core Features:

  • Easy configuration of the settings
  • Integration of popular payment methods
  • POI categories
  • Custom Fields
  • Integration of URL building tools
  • Uses Google Maps API to calculate distance and fare

Standout Features that make Taxi Booking a Great Option:

  • In fact, Taxi Booking is a great extension for minicabs, private hire companies, limousine, fixed price journeys, Shuttles, movers/removals, and any other transportation-based company
  • Moreover, you can disable Google Maps, for businesses like boat, cruise, ferry, and aeroplanes

7. JomHoliday – Best for Bookings and Reservations

Jom Holiday

The first thing to remember, JomHoliday is a premium site for booking and reservations of hotels in an easy manner. Also, the extension is designed specifically to meet up the requirements of the search engine and the web crawlers.

Not to mention, the extension has 3 plans to offer that fulfil various booking requirements of a site. So, if you want to create a Joomla website for bookings and reservations, then this is a perfect extension for you. In fact, you can create a feature-rich and robust framework using JomHoliday professional and business plan. Moreover, all plans come with unlimited access to forums and support, so you can reach out for help at any time.

Core Features:

  • Search listings much faster with advanced search options and filter capabilities
  • Online booking and resource addition with an easy interface
  • Tours booking with fixed days and price tours booking
  • Booking add-ons, discounts, coupons and prices for various listings
  • Beautiful colour scheme options
  • Advanced rating and review option
  • SEO friendly features like tag support, rich snippets, meta description
  • Ajax driven support
  • Advanced user dashboard to manage bookings
  • Create custom fields as a requirement of your Joomla website
  • Multiple layouts to show listings

Standout Features that make JomHoliday a Great Option:

  • Also, integrated with Joomla smart search
  • While cascade categories and address to unlimited levels
  • Also powerful frontend administration

Bonus 5 Best Joomla Booking and Reservation Extensions

That is to say, the aforementioned extensions for Joomla booking and reservations are both premium and free and offer out-of-the-box features. However, there are a couple of more extensions on the list that are worth the mention and can be the best fit for your business requirements. So, let’s discuss them here.

8. Vik Restaurants – For Complete Reservation System for Joomla Restaurant Websites

Vik Restaurants

Explicitly, the extension is designed to meet up the booking and reservation requirements of rudimentary to flamboyant kind of restaurants. Indeed, the extension is structured in two ways that are – take away and restaurant so you can choose accordingly. Specifically, it is an extension build to fulfil the reservation system on a Joomla site.

Core Features:

  • Then again, take-away menu management with different products, Take-away toppings, take-away deals, front-end take-away cart module
  • Also drag and drop for table creation
  • Rather working shifts allow you to manage and define the working shifts of your restaurants
  • Also create custom fields
  • Even though statistics with detailed earning for your restaurants and take-away

9. J-Hotel Reservation Starter – Best for lodging Facility Management)

JHotel Booking starter

To point out the extension allows you to enable and automate the booking process for a lodging facility to improve the efficacy of the website. Besides, it is an award-winning hotel booking software designed to simplify the process of making reservations and hotel bookings.

Core Features:

  • 5 easy configuration reservation steps
  • Flexible approach in managing reservations
  • Google Maps integration
  • An easy and flexible way to set up rates and prices
  • Responsive user interface
  • Supports multiple payment methods like PayPal Standard, PayFast, Square and more

10. J-Hotel Reservation Portal – For Hotel Reservation and Management Solution

J-Hotel Reservation Portal

Above all, the J-Hotel Reservation portal offers an easy to use hotel reservation extension for the Joomla site. Moreover, with outstanding management, and reservation features for all kinds of hotels, B&Bs, apartments, villas and resorts, the extension makes it easier to manage the hotel and create an online portal.

Core Features:

  • All in one tool to manage properties and run a hotel portal
  • Multiple room offers and views
  • Easily manage rooms, taxes, POI, email templates
  • Reporting for reservations on the dashboard
  • Clean and easy administration
  • Multiple reports for income, reservations, and commissions

11. Koparent – Best for Full Booking & Reservation System


Notably, Koparent is a full booking and reservation system for all kinds of business which includes renting real estates, vehicles, inventory, or any other service. Particularly, you can customize the layout as well as the reservations based on date, time, day and other settings. Also, the extension has various features that help the user to fully control and adapt the extension as required by the business.

Core Features:

  • Automatic booking and reservation management
  • Different parameters to search for listings
  • Integrate Google Maps to search the location
  • Fully customizable prices (different prices for different time and date)
  • Email templates

12. ARTIO Booking – For Online Bookings and Reservations

ARTIO Booking

Lastly, we have ARTIO Booking is a free extension for Joomla online bookings and reservations. Thus, the extension can be used for online booking of one or more object along with reservation overviews with day, week, and month layouts. Besides, no extra coding is required, almost everything can be easily configured from the backend.

Core Features:

  • Multi-level structure for bookable objects organization
  • Booking views based on hourly, weekly, monthly
  • Different booking methods based on hours, full-day, predefined time-slots
  • Google maps integration
  • Customizable template and layout with PDF invoice

Which Extension Should You Go For?

Henceforth, the above information is substantial enough to help you pick the best Joomla booking and reservation extensions. However, if you are overwhelmed with this much information and still unsure about which plugin is best suited for you then have a look at some of our suggestions mentioned below.

  • In a word, if you are looking for the best free extensions for booking for Hotels, apartments, B&B, Villas, & Resorts then- Solidres, J-Hotel Reservation Starter, and ARTIO Booking are great options.
  • Notably, in case you are already using J-Hotel Reservation Starter and need slightly more features then go for the paid version- J-Hotel Reservation Portal.
  • For the most part, if you are interested in online booking and property management then – Jomres is a free extension available for your needs.
  • While VikBooking Vik Restaurants are a great paid extensions for – booking an reservation of hotels, bed & breakfast, resorts and Booking for restaurant reservation system respectively.
  • Altogether, when trying to make an appointment and schedule a booking service – OS Service Booking extension can serve your needs.
  • In any event, if you are interested in booking a taxi, hiring a limo, booking a metered taxi service, shuttle or bus ticket service – Go for a Taxi Booking extension.

Best Joomla Booking and Reservation Extensions Compared (2022)

Best Joomla Booking Reservation Extension


Standout Features

Best For


  • Summary Module
  • Reservation tracking
  • Configurable payment
Booking for Hotels, Apartments, B& B, Villas, & Resorts
Jomres Free
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Supports Google maps
  • Slick Media Centre to add images
Online Booking & Property Management Solution
VikBooking Paid
  • SMS gateway
  • SSL support
  • Currency conversion for up to 140 fiat currencies
Booking & Reservation for Hotels, Hostels, Bed & Breakfast, & Lodges
OS Service Booking Paid
  • Ajax technology
  • Retina layout
  • Joomla user profile integration
Schedule Booking for Services & Appointments
Rentalot Plus Paid
  • Easy to configure
  • In-depth PDF user guide
Online Booking System for Holiday Properties
Taxi Booking Paid
  • Use Google Maps
  • Easy to configure
  • Integration of URL building tools
Taxi Booking for metered taxi services, Limo, Private Hire, & Bus Ticket Sales
JomHoliday Paid
  • Joomla smart search
  • Cascade categories
  • Ajax driven
Bookings and Reservations
Vik Restaurant Paid
  • Create table with drag and drop 
  • Custom fields
Complete Reservation System for Joomla Restaurant Websites
J-Hotel Reservation Starter  Free
  • Supports Google maps
  • Responsive UI
For lodging Facility Management
J-Hotel Reservation Portal  Paid
  • Clean and easy admin
  • Multiple reports
Hotel Reservation and Management Solution
Koparent Paid
  • Automatic booking and reservation 
  • Email templates
  • Supports Google Maps
Full Booking & Reservation System
ARTIO Booking Free
  • Supports Google Maps
  • Customizable templates
Online Bookings and Reservations


Wrapping Up…The Best Joomla Booking and Reservation Extension

In the final analysis, I have discussed some of the best Joomla booking and reservation extension in 2021 based on user ratings. However, when it comes down to picking one, it is all about the requirements and budget that fits your needs. Therefore, make sure to check out the features offered by each extension and hove on the right reservation and booking plugin.

Hopefully, both our detailed and brief reviews for the booking extensions helped make the decision easier and pick the best-suited extension for your business. In either case, if you have any questions about the aforementioned extension or have got more suggestion, do share in the comments section below. Also, check out free Joomla templates to make your site look even more beautiful. Also, do check out TemplateToaster to create your website using attractive designs like never before. For more such blogs and updates do subscribe to us.