Are you looking for a Joomla framework that fits your needs? Want to create your own Joomla template for your website? If so, you will get the knowledge about the building blocks of the Joomla template framework, here in this guide. I have compiled a list of the best Joomla frameworks for you. So, let’s dive in!

Joomla is one of the most powerful yet simple-to-use content management systems we have. It has a huge user base. You will find thousands of useful extensions with Joomla. However, the process to create a website or say the means to create a template for your website becomes easier if you know the best tools and resources to bring to reality. Choosing the best Joomla framework is one of the most important things for developers because it not only provides the basic features but also adds flexibility, which helps customize the design and speed up the web development process.

The Joomla developers have a wide array of Joomla template frameworks to choose from while building a website. So, in this guide, I will introduce you to some of the industry’s best Joomla template frameworks. Also, you will learn about their usage, features, pros, and cons. Moreover, you will see how other related factors can help you drive traffic to your website as well as with your Joomla template creation. So, let’s now jump on the solutions I have for you.

What is a Joomla Framework?

Joomla framework is a blank canvas where you can add your visual designs. These include dynamic module positions, menu styles, template parameters, etc. Thus, it means the Joomla developers can efficiently use these templates for expressing their talent and coding knowledge by extending them to full-fledged sites.

However, selecting the right Joomla framework solution can be difficult. Especially when you are looking for a solution that can adjustable to your brand identity. As well as able to enhance the user engagement ratio on your site. But that’s where you can take help from this guide. So, in this comprehensive guide, I am going to discuss some of the best Joomla frameworks. Whereas, if you want some beautiful Joomla templates, you can download free Joomla templates at TemplateToaster as well.

Benefits of Using the Best Joomla Template Framework

Here are some of the major benefits of using the Joomla template Framework:

  • The top Joomla template framework does offer increased flexibility and scalability. These Joomla template frameworks are designed to be highly flexible and can be easily customized based on your needs.
  • Joomla’s built-in features include powerful security. So you can relax as your website is more secure from security vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.
  • With various customization elements, you can gain a fully functional website, however, you want.
  • The top Joomla template framework provides an intuitive user-friendly interface. So creating and managing your website is easier even with no coding skills.
  • Using Joomla templates means you also have access to a huge active community support of developers and users who also share their experiences and provide help.

Joomla Template Framework for Developers

Indeed, when a developer picks up a framework the main deciding factors will be time-saving, easy implementation, ease to update, rich features, extensible ability, etc. They accept the challenge of customization to bear the fruits of their unique websites. However, there are lots of Joomla frameworks available in the market. But, here at TemplateToaster offline website builder software, I will discuss some best frameworks for Joomla that can give you desired results in no time.

List of the Best Joomla Frameworks

  1. TemplateToaster
  2. Helix3 Ultimate Framework
  3. Joomlart T4 Framework
  4. Gantry Framework
  5. Zen Grid Framework
  6. Vertex Framework
  7. The Sparky

Best Joomla Frameworks Comparison Table (2024)

Joomla Template FrameworkT4 Framework Vertex TemplateToaster Gantry Helix Ultimate Zen Grid Framework
Price FreePremiumPremiumFreeFreePremium
Responsive YesYesAbsolutely YesNoYesYes
Supported Joomla Versions J3, J4J41.5 and Above3.4 or HigherJ3.10 and J4J3
Drag & Drop YesYesAbsolutely YesAvailableAvailableNo
Templates AvailableAvailableYes, AvailableNoYesAvailable

Best Joomla Template Frameworks (Review)

1. TemplateToaster

Joomla Frameworks

TemplateToaster is a Joomla Template Creator software to design Joomla templates. It provides its own Joomla template framework. There is an array of pre-designed sample templates that you can use. Moreover, it lets you create your own custom templates as well. It facilitates users with lots of advanced technology to edit each section header, footer, body, sidebars, menu, etc. Moreover, you can even add videos in header backgrounds. In fact, adding different module positions is a cakewalk in TemplateToaster website maker.

You can include all the latest functionality without any coding. It comes with an easy-to-use interface. However, it makes it simple to create an awesome site for business, corporate, or for personal use. Well, the most appreciable thing is that it is in active development and is being regularly updated. So, you can use it without any doubt. Whereas, on the other hand, you can go through some best Joomla hosting providers.

Features of TemplateToaster

  • TemplateToaster has a responsive Layout.
  • You can enjoy the page title options.
  • It is fully Bootstrap enabled.
  • There are several header options.
  • You can have a header video background too.
  • Use Google Fonts with an update button.
  • It lets you use various menu options.
  • You are free to try hand-on custom CSS.
  • It comes with cross-browser support.
  • Custom module positions.
  • You will get full support for RTL.
  • Enjoy social comments as well.
  • Free theme transfer from Joomla to other platforms.


  • TemplateToaster does not require any coding skills.
  • Easy customization and use.
  • Availability of Google fonts, custom fonts.
  • it comes with cross-browser support.
  • It is pretty sasy to use.


  • It doesn’t have Mac compatibility yet.

2. T4 Template Framework

Joomla template Frameworks
T4 Template Framework is an advanced template framework for Joomla. It comes with amazingly simple yet so powerful features. Using these features you can quickly build beautiful Joomla templates. This Joomla template framework includes all the advanced, flexible, and customizable attributes to design your templates. In fact, creating any simple to complex template would seem a simple task with this all-in-one template framework. However, the drag and drop functionality makes things simpler. And each design you create will be fully responsive in nature. Whereas, other features such as theme management system, custom color, brand color, Google font, and customer font will surely add up to your experience.

Features of T4 Template Framework

  • T4 Template Framework provides complete SEO optimization.
  • It is developed with SCSS.
  • It allows you to insert any CSS, JavaScript, meta tags, as well as verification codes to particular tags.
  • You can enjoy the color palette to customize the style.
  • Enable/Disable font icons.
  • It is a fully responsive Joomla template framework.


  • It has several built-in tools.
  • It has an SCSS style editor.
  • You are free to enable/disable default libraries.


  • Refund is relevant for Paypal payment only.

3. Zen Grid Framework

Zen Grid Framework

Zen Grid Framework is built from Zen Grid Template. It is rated as the best Joomla template by Brian Teeman. However, it is a standalone package to install this Framework plus your Zen Grid compatible template. Furthermore, it has a nice table-less layout based on the 960 Grid System. In fact, you can manage the layout & designs by panels, subpanels of the template. Likewise, making changes to all aspects of the overview, appearance, or layout of your websites such as style, logo, or fonts even if you have no coding knowledge is quite easy. Thus, you can easily override the core CSS of the template right in the back end if you have little CSS knowledge. Last but not least, detailed documentation is also provided in the backend.


  • It has a flexible layout.
  • It has various awesome font control.
  • Indeed, a multitude of modules to use.
  • You will have translation and localization options as well.
  • You will have integrated Google Analytics.
  • There are three menu systems.
  • There are tabbed modules to use.
  • IE6 PNG fix support.
  • CSS & JS Compression.
  • Indeed, rebranding & removing the logo is simple.
  • It offers various remove MooTools as well.


  • Indeed, it is an amazingly feature-rich solution.
  • Certainly, very easy Layout Making.
  • Compressed Scripting.


  • Tough to add extra functionality.

4. Gantry Framework

gantry framework

Gantry Framework is developed by a leading Joomla product vendor – Rockettheme. It has awesome designs both at the frontend and backend. It has a flexible layout with 65 module positions and a 960 grid system. Documentation is very clear & detailed for each level of users: basic, intermediate, and advanced. It gives a good speed because of RockGZipper that compresses CSS & JS files to give optimum performance.


  • Indeed, the Gantry framework comes with a powerful layout manager.
  • It is open-source.
  • Indeed, it is amazingly fast and lightweight.
  • You will have a visual menu editor to use.
  • It comes with mega menu support as well.
  • There are unlimited undo/redo options.
  • Of course, you will have twig-based templating.
  • It has SCSS/LESS support.
  • Theme Inheritance is another beautiful option to use.
  • Sophisticated built-in fields.
  • Certainly, it offers you an off-canvas panel.
  • It comes with a YAML-based configuration.


  • Plenty of module positions and layout combinations to use.
  • You will have a 960 Grid Layout.
  • It comes with an optimized codebase.


  • Social media integration missing.
  • The width is not flexible.

5. Helix Ultimate Framework

Joomla Frameworks helix

Helix Ultimate Framework is another strong competitor in the Joomla framework arena. It is an amazingly powerful and completely beginner-friendly Joomla framework available. There are multiple tools to customize built Joomla templates and make them beautiful. Each Joomla template framework created using Helix Ultimate Framework is fully responsive. Thus, no users will ever face any issue because of the device they are using. Your site SEO is also important so you will find entirely SEO optimized solutions. Moreover, language is no barrier when it comes to Helix Ultimate. It provides multilingual support. All-in-all, Helix Ultimate is a superb Joomla Template framework that you would find.

Features of Helix Ultimate Framework

  • Helix Ultimate Framework is developed with Bootsrap4.
  • It is fully compatible with SP Page Builder.
  • Certainly, 100% responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • It is totally free to use.
  • There are many pre-designed layouts to choose from.


  • Helix Ultimate Framework eases the template workflow.
  • Of course, it doesn’t require any coding.
  • Beautiful functional addons.


  • Helix Ultimate Framework offers you documentation if you need support.

6. Vertex Framework

vertex Framework

Vertex Framework may be the last option in the list but it has all the required features and functionalities that can give you a perfectly working Joomla template. That too without any coding skills. However, the kind of flexibility Vertex has, is just incredible. Furthermore, it has many other features such as column width, page width, info slides, tooltips, flex menu, color picker, responsiveness, and a lot more. Whether your design is being seen on a mobile phone or any personal computer, it will look and work flawlessly. Creating a fully functional stunning menu is pretty simple with Vertex. Like all other Joomla template frameworks, it also has a clean and advanced interface to use.

Features of Vertex Framework

  • Vertex comes up with a beautiful graphic user interface.
  • Indeed, there are unlimited menu items in the Flex menu system.
  • You can choose from over 600 Google fonts.
  • Vertex comes with RTL support.
  • You can have a parallax background.
  • It offers cross-browser compatibility as well.


  • Vertex offers you walkthrough tutorials for better understanding.
  • Of course, the design will be completely responsive.
  • The font resizer offers you 3 options to use.


  • Vertex doesn’t support lower versions of Joomla version 3.

7. The Sparky

The Sparky Joomla Framework
Next on our list of best Joomla template frameworks is The Sparky. It includes all of the templates developed by HotThemes, which are included in this framework. It provides a powerful and unique web experience in building visually appealing and creative layouts for Joomla pages. You can also add or edit the content on the pages by using the blocks, without any coding skills. This Joomla template framework is easy to use and very intuitive. And lets you visually edit the articles easily, which makes it very user-friendly. The team claims it to be a lightfast page builder, which is developed on vanilla JavaScript. And is completely integrated into Joomla just like any other editor.


  • The Layout builder allows you to create a layout for your website using the drag-and-drop feature.
  • You get complete control over the typography of your website with a visual section that comes with 800+ fonts.
  • Automatically generates static CSS and JS files when you save the template settings.
  • Supports various Joomla menus with pre-defined styles, including drop-down menu, mega menu, off-canvas menu, and static menu.
  • Other features like support for Google Analytics, CSS3 animations, scroll to top and bottom, logo uploader and more.
  • Template exposure feature.

8. Asteroid

Asteroid is also a popular Joomla framework developed by JoomDev. It is a powerful framework for designers and developers, which allows you to build responsive, modern, and stunning websites. It also supports Bootstrap 4, which provides a responsive layout and allows your website to look more beautiful on different devices. In addition, it also provides excellent features like drag and drop builder, header variations, and mega menu builder. Astroid comes with an intuitive admin panel with which the users work on the layout, header modes, colour palettes, and more.


  • Supports Bootstrap 5.
  • Compatible with Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.
  • Drag and drop layout builder.
  • Advanced mega menu.
  • Advanced responsive control.
  • Comes with the off-canvas menu.
  • Advanced typography control.
  • Supports child template.


So, Which Joomla Template Framework You Should Use?

So, as the competition creates innovation, you will have more options at your hand to choose from. Whereas, it is easy to get confused between the available Joomla frameworks. Since the features are somewhat similar. Moreover, it will take time to evaluate which Joomla template is best suitable to address your problems. Therefore, it is crucial to keep in mind your requirements while making your decision. However, there are tons of options available out there that you can use. But, the Joomla frameworks discussed in this guide are incredibly simple and yet so powerful to use. Whereas, on the other hand, the choice may depend on the functionality you wish to include in your website. Of course, the goals, as well as the budget, are different for every user. Thus, the choice will also be different.

However, if you are looking for an offline Joomla website Creator software, then head towards TemplateToaster. Unquestionably, this web design software is one of the best software available out there. It comprises all the latest functionality to create templates in no time. The templates created with TemplateToaster are completely reliable and compatible with almost all plugins and extensions. So, using it will double your benefits for sure. Well, if you have any other Joomla template framework in your mind. Please feel free to share with me in the comments below.