Are you wandering to find a Joomla template framework that fits your needs? Want to create your own Joomla template for your website? If yes, you will get the knowledge about building blocks that are Joomla template framework, here.

What is a Joomla Framework?

Joomla framework is a blank canvas where you can add your visual designs. These include dynamic module positions, menu styles, template parameters etc. It means the Joomla developers can efficiently use these templates for expressing their talent and coding knowledge by extending them to full-fledged sites. But selecting the right Joomla framework solution, which is both adjustable to your brand identity and able to enhance the user engagement ratio on your site is a bit difficult task for Joomla developers. So, in this article, I am going to discuss some of the best Joomla template frameworks. You can download free joomla templates at Templatetoaster.

Joomla Template Framework for developers

When a developer opts for a framework, the main deciding factors will be time-saving, easy implementation, ease to update, rich features, extensible ability etc. They accept the challenge of customization to bear the fruits as their unique websites. There are lots of Joomla frameworks available in the market. But here at TemplateToaster offline website builder software, I will discuss some best frameworks for Joomla as follows.

List of the top Joomla Template Frameworks

  1. Joomlart T3 framework
  2. Warp framework
  3. TemplateToaster
  4. Zen Grid framework
  5. Gantry framework

Joomla Template Framework Comparison Chart(2018)

Joomla Template Framework  JA T3 Warp Framework TemplateToaster Gantry Helix 3 Zen Grid Framework
Supported Joomla Version 1.5, 2.5, 3+ 2.5, 3.0 1.5 and above 1.5, 2.5 1.5, 1.6, 2.5 1.5, 2.5
Pros Flexibility in setting width. Unlimited module variations. Light codebase. Sleek presentation layers. Hassle free theme transfer between Joomla & WordPress No coding. Easy customization. Google fonts. Custom fonts. Easy to use. Cross-browser support. Free theme transfer from Joomla to other platforms. Plenty of module positions and layout combinations. 960 Grid Layout. Optimized code base. Easy to use. A large number of module positions. Google fonts. Easy Customization. Cross browser support. Feature Rich. Easy Layout Making. Compressed Scripting.
Cons Customization needs code editing. HTML override not available. 960 grid not available. No support for Google fonts. 960 grid not available. No Mac compatibility. Social media integration missing. Width not flexible. Layout is not flexible. Tough to add extra functionality.
Free/Commercial Free Commercial Commercial Free and Commercial Free and Commercial Commercial
Mobile Support Yes Limited (iPhones only) Yes Yes No No

1. TemplateToaster

Joomla Framework

TemplateToaster is a Joomla Template Creator software to design Joomla templates provides its own Joomla template framework. It provides sample templates plus you can create your own custom templates. It facilitates users with lots of advanced technology to edit each section header, footer, body, sidebars, menu etc. You can even add videos in header backgrounds. You can add different module positions too. You can inculcate all the latest functionality without any coding. It gives you an easy to use interface. You can create an awesome site for business, corporate or for personal use. The most appreciable thing is that it is in active development and is being regularly updated. You can go through some best Joomla hosting providers.


  • Responsive Layout.
  • Page Title Options.
  • Bootstrap enabled.
  • Header options.
  • Header Video background.
  • Google Fonts with an update button.
  • Menu options.
  • Custom css.
  • Cross-browser support.
  • Custom module positions.
  • Support RTL.
  • Social comments.

2. Joomlart T3 Framework

Joomla Framework

JA T3 framework is one of the most popular frameworks for Joomla. Joomlart has 6 years experience in development, so completely reliable. It powers all T3 based templates and is available for Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3+. It has rich features. It comes with administration features such as easy typography usage, Ajax driven or profiles management in the backend. Then, it is a responsive framework that makes theme customization much easier without diving into the code. It has outstanding features like ThemeMagic, Megamenu Configuration, Layout Configuration, support RTL at a core, and much more. It is a free Joomla template framework.


  • Integrated Bootstrap.
  • LESS & CSS.
  • Megamenu, Off-canvas, and Sticky navigation.
  • A totally responsive framework.
  • Optimize CSS.
  • Support RTL at the core.

3. Warp Framework

Joomla Framework

Warp framework developed by German developers – Yootheme. You can choose from 50+ templates based on Warp 5.5 and Warp 6. It has a remarkable loading speed because of its Gzip compression and CSS Sprites. CSS and JavaScript files can be merged together into a single file and the size of resulting file is reduced because it uses Gzip compression. The compression parameter takes 4 values which are suitable for several server configurations. All parameters are grouped into three panels: The General panel is for default profile, tracking code, etc; Profile panel is for style, content, layout, and Module panel is for mobile layout customization.


  • Support for Joomla & WordPress.
  • Portable and Standalone.
  • Modular and Extendible.
  • Develop portable themes.
  • Well-designed fast & light framework.
  • Built on latest web techniques (HTML5, CSS3 and PHP 5.2+).

4. Zen Grid Framework

Joomla Framework

Zen Grid framework is built from Zen Grid Template. It is rated as best Joomla template by Brian Teeman. It is a standalone package to install this Framework plus your Zen Grid compatible template. It has a nice table-less layout based on 960 Grid System. But that is not all. You can manage layout & designs by panels, subpanels of the template. You can make changes to all aspects of the overview, appearance or layout of your websites such as style, logo or fonts even if you have no coding knowledge. You can easily override the core CSS of the template right in the back end if you have little CSS knowledge. Last but not least, detailed documentation is also provided in the backend.


  • Flexible layout.
  • Awesome font control.
  • A multitude of modules.
  • Translation and localization.
  • Integrated Google Analytics.
  • Three menu system.
  • Tabbed modules.
  • IE6 PNG fix support.
  • CSS & JS Compression.
  • Rebrand & remove logo.
  • Remove Mootools.

5. Gantry Framework

Joomla Framework

Gantry framework is developed by a leading Joomla product vendor – Rockettheme. It has awesome designs both at frontend and backend. It has a flexible layout with 65 module positions and 960 grid-system. Documentation is very clear & detailed for each level of users: basic, intermediate and advanced. It gives a good speed because of RockGZipper that compresses CSS & JS files to give an optimum performance.


  • Powerful layout manager.
  • Open source.
  • Fast and lightweight.
  • Visual menu editor.
  • Mega menu support.
  • Ajax admin.
  • Unlimited undo/redo.
  • Twig based templating.
  • SCSS/LESS support.
  • Theme Inheritance.
  • Sophisticated built-in fields.
  • Off-canvas panel.
  • YAML based configuration.

6. Helix3 Framework

Joomla Framework

Helix template framework is used for simple, elegant designs. It is flexible and runs quite fast because of its built-in CSS and Javascript compression. This Joomla template framework is easy-to-use. In the back end, there are six basic tabs with their parameters. It will not take much time to learn them; for example logo, menu, Google Analytic code insertion and so on. Helix comes with 40+ module positions so you have great choice to decide your website layout. It allows you to adjust the width of column blocks, such as the left column with all its modules on the left, and the right column with all its modules on the right. So, it guarantees you a clear layout. It is good for people who just want limited customization. It was created for business and corporate sites as well as any creative portfolio sites with many cutting-edge features.


  • Modern Design & Responsive Layout.
  • Font Awesome 4.4 for menu items.
  • Mega Menu Generator.
  • Off-Canvas Menu (separate mobile menu).
  • Article Post Formats.
  • Page Title Options.
  • Bootstrap 3.2.
  • Optional Fixed (sticky) Header.
  • Desktop, Mobile, and Retina logo option.
  • Google Fonts with the update button.
  • Improved Layout Manager.
  • Custom 404 Page and Offline Page.
  • Custom CSS/JS Code fields.
  • Social Comments.
  • Cross-Browser Support.
  • Joomla 3.4 QuickStart.

Which Joomla template framework you use?

As the competition creates innovation, you will have more options at your hand to choose from available Joomla frameworks. But these can also confuse you as some features will overlap. Secondly, it will take time to evaluate that which Joomla template frameworks will address your problems appropriately. According to that only, you can make your decision. These are some of the best Joomla template framework. If you are looking for an offline Joomla website Creator software, then head towards TemplateToaster. This web design software comprises of all the latest functionality to create templates in no time. The templates created with TemplateToaster are completely reliable and compatible with almost all plugins and extensions.