Looking for the best Joomla CRM extensions? The importance of Customer Relationship Management can be easily seen in the growth of your website. But choosing the one strong option for your site can be really tough. So, in this guide, I have compiled a list of the best Joomla CRM extensions for you. You can easily choose the one suitable solution for your Joomla site. So, let’s dive in!

When you create a Joomla Website, preferably using one of a Free Joomla Templates, you may want to connect it to your CRM. Certainly, the aim of any business is to build and keep customers. What exactly you can do to keep your customers is a matter of concern. Managing each customer, supplier, employee, etc. individually can be highly challenging for any business. Especially, if you have expanded with time. It is essential to keep your relationship with each and every customer clear, straight, and manageable. So that you know what to offer them at what time.

Since you are looking for CRM extensions, so you know how crucial your relationship with customers is for your growth. Using a CRM system can give clear information about your customers. However, if you wish to know about any customer, you will get the entire history on your one simple fully customizable dashboard. Everything from their previous orders, order status, outstanding issues, etc. can be seen right here. Thus, to successfully integrate CRM software to your Joomla website, you would need Joomla CRM extensions. You can pick one compatible solution from the given list below.

Best Joomla CRM Extensions (Free/Paid)

1. JoomFuse (Paid Extension)

Joom Fuse

JoomFuse is a widely-used solution that provides seamless integration between Joomla 4 and Infusionsoft. This powerful Joomla plugin allows Infusion to control Joomla users as well as content present on your Joomla website. Furthermore, it comes with support for multiple membership groups as well as sub-groups. You are free to use it for both free as well as paid Joomla sites. Infusion is a huge marketing automation platform for small businesses. It frees you from the burden of multi-system chaos that you might be going through to manage your marketing and other internal processes. JoomFuse is a highly flexible Joomla CRM extension.

Core Features of JoomFuse

  • JoomFuse is extremely simple to install and use on your Joomla site.
  • You need to have a Joomla website using version 3 and above.
  • You have complete control over who will access your content and when they can access it.
  • It provides you information when a user is accessing any particular page.
  • You are free to set actions upon payment failure or success.


  • JoomFuse can be easily triggered by a single HTTP post.
  • The built-in Joomla User Group and Access Control List can be utilized to the fullest.
  • It provides you JoomFuse updates, Forum Interaction, Account Management, Video Support Library access, and Email Support.


  • JoomFuse does not have any free plan to use.

2. JoomFuse with JF Portal (Paid Extension)

joomfuse with JE Portal

JoomFuse with JF Portal comes with an impeccable integration with Infusionsoft. It comes with support for community builders as well as JomSocial. As the name suggests, it comes with the functionality of JoomFuse along with the strong features of JF Portal. With the JF Portal interface’s help, you can allow your users to manage account information such as invoices, subscriptions, and credit cards. However, the site owner has complete control over member permissions and how to configure them. Being a site owner, you are free to decide which essential Joomla extensions you need to boost up your site. The flexibility to make your groups and sub-groups as simple or as complex as you want them to.

Core Features of JoomFuse with JF Portal

  • JoomFuse with JF Portal lets you control your content by allowing who can access it, when can access it, what type of content each member can access.
  • You are free to manage members, you can add them, allow them to access any specific page, or so.
  • The action upon login and logout is fully under your control.
  • It provides you bidirectional communication.
  • Inside Infusionsoft, it is totally tag-driven.


  • It is compatible with Joomla 4 and 3.
  • JoomFuse with JF Portal makes use of Infusionsoft API for quick response.
  • It is coupled with the ability to map data fields between Infusionsoft and Joomla.
  • It lets you communicate with Infusion campaigns pretty easily.


  • JoomFuse with JF Portal does not have any free plan to use.

3. WT JoomShopping Bitrix24 PRO (Free Extension)

WT JoomShopping Bitrix24 PRO

WT JoomShopping Bitrix24 PRO is an advanced Joomla 4 plugin for sending orders from Joomshopping online store Bitrix24 CRM. Bitrix24 CRM is a powerful digital sales suite. It lets you generate leads through multiple channels such as phone calls, web forms, social media, or live chats, and have them added to your CRM automatically. Integrating this powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) into your website can be easily achieved using the WT JoomShopping Bitrix24 PRO Joomla extension. It is an amazingly powerful solution to have CRM integration.

Core Features of WT JoomShopping Bitrix24 PRO

  • WT JoomShopping Bitrix24 PRO is coupled with 18 standard Bitrix24 fields along with 36 JoomShopping fields.
  • It has the power to send data to user fields Bitrix24 for better hold.
  • You can quickly combine multiple JoomShopping fields into a single Bitrix24 field.
  • You can easily create leads as well as deals with them.
  • It searches for matches in the existing contacts in CRM.


  • WT JoomShopping Bitrix24 PRO permits you to create contact details.
  • It has an amazing extended display of debugging information for better control.
  • You are free to create unlimited numbers of custom UF_CRM fields.


  • WT JoomShopping Bitrix24 PRO requires you to have Joomla version 3.9 and above.

4. SugaryCB (Paid Extension)


SugaryCB enables you to integrate Joomla with SugarCRM via community builder extension. Mapping your CB fields with SugarCRM is pretty simple with this Joomla extension. However, whenever a user registers, the entire information is acquired from the CB form and stored in the SugarCRM Leads/Contacts Table. It works perfectly with SugarCRM and you will get various features to make your CRM fully useful. Anybody from a novice to  Joomla professional can use this Joomla extension.

Core Features of SugaryCB

  • SugaryCB maps CB fields with SugarCRM leads.
  • It lets you update records in the SugarCRM module.
  • You can beautifully add your leads to campaigns using this tool.
  • While a user registers themselves following actions can be performed
    • Create a record in SugarCRM
    • Delete record in SugarCRM
    • Add to lead
  • It allows you to perform all actions in SugarCRM.


  • SugaryCB is a brilliant Joomla plugin that saves you a lot of time.
  • It helps you know and understand your customers better.
  • Your customers help you collect information about them quite easily.


  • SugaryCB provides support for one domain name only.

5. Salesforce Connector for Virtuemart (Paid Extension)

Salesforce Connector for Virtuemart

Salesforce Connector for Virtuemart is a beautiful solution that works as a bridge between Salesforce and Joomla VirtueMart. It beautifully strengthens the features of a CRM as well eCommerce platform. However, at its core, it synchronizes the basic VirtueMart content with SalesForce first. Thus, a new perception of B2B and B2C is produced. The integrity is boosted up to a great level. Furthermore, the inventory of stock is maintained effortlessly. You get the real-time order generation information for a clearer picture of the entire scenario.

Core Features of Salesforce Connector for Virtuemart

  • Salesforce Connector for Virtuemart behaves as a strong bridge between Salesforce and VirtueMart.
  • You get to see the real-time order generation.
  • It works on the ‘service first approach.
  • Backend features involve
    • Product
    • Category
    • Orders
    • Global settings
    • User field page
    • Synchronization
  • It also makes use of cloud computing services to enable the global network.


  • The Salesforce Connector for Virtuemart facilitates you to maintain proper inventory stock management.
  • It provides brilliant customer support.
  • You can import as much data from VirtueMart to Salesforce as you want.


  • Salesforce Connector for Virtuemart supports Joomla version 3.3 and above.

6. JS SF Web2Lead Hikashop Integration ()

JS SF Web2Lead Hikashop Integration

JS SF Web2Lead Hikashop Integration is a useful plugin that lets you send data from Joomla as well as Hikashop to Salesforce. Once the order is successfully placed in the Hikashop, it will be sent to Joomla and Salesforce without a hitch. Whatever you wish to send to Salesforce is entirely under your control. Moreover, how it maps with the data in Joomla and Hikashop is too in your hands. Everything is super easy to manage while using this comprehensive Joomla CRM extension. It also provides you the flexibility to custom integrate your Hikashop & Joomla store with Salesforce Web2Lead. Everything is extremely simple with JS SF Web2Lead Hikashop Integration Joomla extension.

Core Features of JS SF Web2Lead Hikashop Integration

  • JS SF Web2Lead Hikashop Integration allows you to toggle between Sandbox Salesforce and Production Salesforce.
  • You are allowed to debug.
  • You can have a debugging email address of your choice.
  • There are Salesforce fields that help you map fields of your choice with Joomla and Hikashop. They are
    • Firstname
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Title
    • Company
    • Zip
    • Country
    • doNotCall
    • faxOptOut
    • emailOptOut
  • You can have custom fields as per your needs.


  • JS SF Web2Lead Hikashop Integration allows you to have several custom fields such as
    • Subscribed Joomla User Name
      • Name
      • Username
      • Address
      • Registration date
    • Hikashop Shipping Address
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Title
      • Company
      • Country
      • Mobile
      • Fax
  • You can have fields for lead generation as well.


  • JS SF Web2Lead Hikashop Integration does not have a free plan included.

7. WT Virtuemart Bitrix24 (Free Extension)

WT Virtuemart Bitrix24

WT Virtuemart Bitrix24 Joomla plugin is used to send order data from VirtueMart to Bitrix24 CRM without any difficulty. This Joomla plugin also helps you with seamless integration with Bitrix24 CRM. It consists of all the features that you would wish to have in the plugin. From 17 standard Bitrix24 fields to 48 VirtueMart data types, you would find everything here. In fact, combining various VirtueMart fields into a single Bitrix24 field is also possible with WT VirtueMart Bitrix24 Joomla extension. Many useful and operational features are included in this plugin.

Core Features of WT Virtuemart Bitrix24

  • WT Virtuemart Bitrix24 allows you 17 standard Bitrix24 fields to use.
  • It sends data user fields Bitrix24 for error-free handling.
  • It shows all debugging information to manage things on the go.
  • You are free to convert several VirtueMart fields into single Bitrix24 fields.
  • You can have the product image in the lead comment near the link available.


  • WT Virtuemart Bitrix24 allows you 48 VirtueMart data types to use.
  • It provides you the opportunity to add Order name prefixes.
  • You can select the type of lead source you wish to have.


  • WT Virtuemart Bitrix24 requires you to have VirtueMart installed on your Joomla site.

8. My Member Synchronization (Paid Extension)

My Member Software

My Member Synchronization helps you synchronize client data from an online member portal to several cloud services. This Joomla CRM extension includes all the above extensions’ features along with some more powerful ones. The synchronization of your client data to the cloud service you are using can be a big deal if you don’t have the access to the right type of features. Two working programs help you with synchronization. All log files are stored that facilitates you to know where possible errors are encountered.

Core Features of My Member Synchronization

  • My Member Synchronization also connects international accounting programs.
  • You can have custom connections on request.
  • It is a pretty simple Joomla extension to use.
  • All the features are useful in terms of CRM.
  • You would find log file error information in the backend.


  • My Member Synchronization offers you an API to learn about this Joomla extension.
  • The client data from your online portal can be easily added to cloud services.
  • You don’t have to have the strong technical knowledge to use this Joomla extension on your Joomla site.


  • My Member Synchronization requires you to have the My Member Software component configured on your Joomla website.

Bonus Joomla CRM Extensions

9. CiviCRM (Free Extension)


CiviCRM is a complete CRM solution on its own. It is a popular open-source CRM for all nonprofits and civic organizations around the globe. However, CiviCRM provides you a direct solution for CRM on Joomla. It’s a complete CRM solution that doesn’t require any external help. All the Joomla extensions discussed above are the means to create a bridge between Joomla and the supported CRM. But this Joomla extension is a complete solution in itself. It doesn’t work as a bridge rather it is a CRM solution for Joomla sites. Thus, if you want a Joomla-specific CRM, you can choose to work with CiviCRM.

Core Features of CiviCRM

  • CiviCRM consists of various core components of the CRM model.
  • It comes with a donation component that helps you accept online payments with help of PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, iATS.
  • Pledges can be easily managed with CiviCRM.
  • CiviReport helps you present data in a more manageable form i.e. reports so that it makes more sense.
  • The CiviMail is a high-performance broadcast email engine to work with.


  • CiviCRM is an open-source CRM for nonprofits.
  • It can easily be translated into numerous languages with ease.
  • The service is super fantastic.


  • It requires some technical knowledge to use this Joomla extension for your Joomla site.

So, there you have it! These best Joomla CRM extensions can be your go-to choice for managing and maintaining relationships with your valuable customers. Customer Relationship Management enables you to focus on your company’s relationships with each individual customer. It can regular customers, suppliers, service users, employees, and so. You need to manage everything so that there shouldn’t be any loose end of the rope. Therefore, the use of CRM is highly advisable so that you can streamline your processes and workflow to keep every part of your business on the same page.

Happy Customer Relationship! 

Best Joomla CRM Extensions – In Conclusion

So, this is the end of this comprehensive list of the best Joomla CRM extensions. I hope, this guide has helped you better understand the Joomla CRM and extensions that can help you strengthen your relationship with customers. Every CRM extension mentioned above in the guide is fully loaded with several useful features and functionalities. However, the kind of features you want for your website may vary. Thus, it is essential to analyze each solution before you use them. But at the same time, it is difficult to pick a solution and examine it for good and bad.

So, that’s exactly where this guide can be really helpful for you. I have mentioned the core features, their pros, and cons. With this, you will be able to make your final choice. The above-discussed Joomla CRM extensions can help you build and maintain your relationship with users. Joomla is one of the strongest and the best open-source content management systems out there. The benefits of Joomla for creating a website are many and the freedom to use beautifully working extensions make things simpler. Similarly, a CRM plugin will help you build long-lasting relationships with your customers. So, which Joomla CRM extension did you find the best for your business do let me know in the comments below.