Have you prepared your Joomla toolkit for extensions? Well, every developer needs some Joomla extensions to bend the site as per his will. But to choose from 8K+ Joomla extensions is not an easy task. So to make your job easier I have devised a short list of must-have Joomla extensions!!

Joomla extensions are great to get your brand new website to the next level as they provide a solution for content, images, caching, security and adding other improvements. The powerful Joomla extensions make the Joomla management, an effortless task. But choosing the right extensions becomes a dilemma for the beginners as about 5 extensions are added to Joomla Extension Directory each day. The number of Joomla extensions keeps on increasing. So, the beginners never get the satisfactory answer to the question that “Which is the best Joomla extension for SEO, security, performance or user-tracking?” But, this is no more a secret as here at TempleToaster web design software,I am going to introduce the list of 7 essential Joomla extensions. All these will cater the different site requirements. You can rely on this list to upgrade your website. So, let’s dive in to see the details.

What Joomla Extension Categories to Consider?

Joomla has an exquisite collection of extensions in order to offer added functionality to a website. The ultimate objective of all these extensions is making your website up-to-date and faster. The basic features to grow your business are security, SEO, speed, user-tracking, preventing spam etc. So, I have listed down some of the best Joomla extensions to cater these needs. The main factor to consider is compatibility. All the Joomla extensions, discussed here are compatible with Joomla 3. So, feel free to download these extensions and upgrade your site. If you are thinking to redesign your Joomla site or create Joomla Template, you can pick the best & easy to use Joomla website Builder software and website builder software or download free Joomla templates. As it is fully compatible with all below-mentioned Joomla extensions. You can also read Joomla code snippets and Joomla Template Framework .

List of Joomla extentions

  1. Shack Forms
  2. JoomSEF
  3. Akeeba backup
  4. ECC
  5. AdminExile
  6. JCH Optimize
  7. CoalaWeb traffic
  8. Cache cleaner

Joomla extensions in detail

1. Shack Forms

Shack Forms is the easiest and most powerful Joomla extension to add forms to your Joomla site. Shack Forms allows you to customize forms and then show them in your articles, inside pop-ups, in modules, or anywhere you want.

The design of Shack Forms is completely flexible with many different themes, styles, and effects. Without using any coding, Shack Forms can look beautiful on your site.


  • Comprehensive documentation, and step-by-step YouTube video lessons
  • Over 300 user reviews from happy Shack Forms users at Joomla Extensions Directory
  • Display your Joomla form as a nicely looking lightbox popup with various effects
  • Display your Joomla form statically, either inside a Joomla article or as a module
  • Display your Joomla form on user events, such as a page load, or a page scroll, or intent to exit a page
  • Instantly add fields to your Joomla form with a drag-and-drop form builder. Shack Forms supports 13 different field types including Text, Email, Select Lists, Checkboxes, Dates and many more
  • Shack Forms allows you to easily and quickly define the colors, styles, backgrounds, effects and more design elements of your Joomla form, all without any coding.
  • Save your site screen estate and display your Joomla form’s button to the left, or to the right, or on the top, or at the bottom of your site pages.
  • Build your email audience by integrating your Joomla form with Acymailing, Mailchimp or Freshmail email providers.
  • Send the data collected by your Joomla form to Community Builder, JomSocial, SobiPro, Zoo and Google Sheets.

2. JoomSEF

JoomSEF is a Joomla extension that builds SEO Friendly URLs to improve SEO. It has the metadata generation capabilities and can easily handle 301 redirects. SEF URLs mean these are more understandable by users and give better ranking in search engines. It also supports many other Joomla components like AdsManager, AlphaContent, Contacts XTD etc. It has many features, out of which some main are


  • JoomSEF is responsible for advanced SEF URL management.
  • Easily generates, overrides and manages metadata.
  • Facilitates keywords management and duplicates management.
  • Provides 3rd level domain support.
  • Supports for other components through extension modules where each has own configurable parameters.
  • Gives multilingual support and URL localization.
  • Provides UTF-8 URLs support and URL caching.
  • Also, It does the URL source tracing to help allocate problematic code.
  • Manages the 301 Redirects and 404 Page Not Found customization.
  • Facilitates online upgrades and extension installations.

3. Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup is one of the most popular Joomla extension for site backup. It is used to create site backup that can also transfer the site to any Joomla-capable server. The full backup of a site is in a single archive. The whole of the backup & restore process is AJAX powered. It is an award-winning, easy and reliable solution for backup. Some of its key features are as follows


  • Has a configuration Wizard that configures itself for optimal operation automatically.
  • Has the fastest and most reliable native PHP backup engine.
  • Akeeba provides a single-click backup.
  • Facilitates an integrated restoration for same server restoration.
  • Transfers your site between servers fast and easily with site transfer wizard.
  • Has two options to store a backup with standard ZIP or highly efficient JPA archive format.
  • Excludes specific files, folders, specific database tables or their contents.
  • Fully compatible with Webcron.org.
  • Useful for transferring your site between subdomains/hosts or even to/from your local testing server. Even the archives can be restored on any host.

4. ECC+ (EasyCalcCheck Plus)

ECC+ is the best solution to protect against spambots. It mainly protects registration and contact form by insertion of an arithmetic task. You can also activate a hidden field and a time limit. And, only a spambot tries to fill every field. Regular users won’t do that. Time limit predicts that form is filled by spambot if it is too fast and only takes few seconds.  A human can’t fill in such a short time frame. The main features of ECC+ are


  • Inserts Arithmetic problems to protect forms like – Addition and Subtraction.
  • Embeds hidden input fields recognized by spam bots only.
  • Puts a Time-lock and a self-defined question.
  • Inserts the Bot-Traps.
  • Supports many 3rd party extensions such as Honeypot Project, StopForumSpam, Akismet, Mollom, reCaptcha.
  • Provides SQL Injection and local file inclusion protection.
  • Gives the backend protection with a token.
  • Responsible for the protection of core forms – contact and registration forms.
  • Has an Auto-fill facility which helps to enter values automatically in the field if the spam check was not solved.
  • Shows spam check only for guests.

5. AdminExile

AdminExile is a highly rated free Joomla extension. It stops the serious attempts to access your site administrator page. It redirects them to the homepage, 404 error or somewhere else.


  • Provides an access key having both key & key value for URL protection.
  • Prevents session cookies.
  • Blocks configured users from frontend login.
  • Responsible for lost/forgotten link recovery.
  • Has IPv4/6 Whitelist & blacklist with CIDR capability.
  • It does the Brute Force detection and blocking.
  • Sends the Brute Force notification emails.
  • Supports the Live data reporting.

6. JCH Optimize

JCH Optimize is used to speed up your Joomla website. It combines CSS & JavaScript files into a single file to generate fewer HTTP requests. Also, optimizes download time and reduces bandwidth. It is favorable for enhanced user experience, good traffic and high ranking in search engines. Generally, this is one of the best Joomla extensions that increase your site speed from 6 to 10 points. The main features of JCH optimize are

  • Combines many Javascript/CSS files into one.
  • Combines background images in a sprite.
  • Minifies and gzips aggregated files.
  • Excludes individual files or files from extensions that do not aggregate well.
  • Can defer Javascript or place at the end of the page for optimized download.

7. CoalaWeb traffic

Getting high traffic is the ultimate objective of the businesses today. So having an extension for tracking your visitors is quite important and CoalaWeb traffic would be a nice option for that. It will let you view the traffic information in both front-end module and admin control panel. It is developed by Steven Palmer. You can download it for free.

Main Features

  • Provides an easy blocking and monitoring facility through IP list.
  • Gives a quick reference assistance.
  • Allows to view visitors in the format – IP, Browser type, Browser version, Platform (Operating System), Referrer Link, Date, Time, Assigned Name and Location.
  • It has Lock time of minutes.
  • Gives quick reference statistics with the Control Panel.
  • Facilitates Preset counters availability.

Additional Modules Options 

  • Digital counter – with 8 styles.
  • Visitor information – IP, Operating System, browser type and browser version.
  • Time and date display in format.
  • Set of layouts including counter widths and module.
  • Show options for a month, week and others.
  • Text changeability for different visible fields.

8. Cache Cleaner

Cache Cleaner extension is a fast and easy way to clean your Joomla cache. For this, you need not switch to Joomla Cache Manager again & again. This extension will provide you an easy access along with the Status bar. It uses Ajax, so there’s no need to reload the page. It can clear the temp folder too.

So, Which Joomla extention you use ?

Extending the functionality of a website is essential to stay competitive. And, there is no doubt that a right Joomla extension will serve your purpose. With its endless features like security, backup, cache, SEO, and ease of use, you can enhance the working of your websites in few clicks. As now, you have a clear view of best Joomla extensions, you can choose the suitable extensions for your website.

Got some more extensions in mind or you think I missed some important ones? Mention them in the comments below.