With ample amount of Joomla Photo Gallery Extensions available, choosing the one becomes no less than a task. Do you feel the same as well? In order to sort it out, read further.

Joomla Photo Gallery Extensions are used in order to add an image gallery to a website. Most of the websites deserve an image gallery. Because, it is popularly believed that, more than words, it’s pictures which do the real talking. They hold the viewer’s gaze and compel them to spend some more time on the website. And with that, the website owner gets to have a real space available in which the onlookers can be impressed.

Joomla websites are no exclusive either. These are popularly known as complex sites hence, desperately call for photo galleries to engage the spectator.

Out of all the Joomla Photo gallery extensions available in the repository. Here at TemplateToaster Joomla website Creator , I have picked on the basis of their support, ease of use, functionality, documentation, and features so as to help you narrow down your research.

List of the best free Joomla Photo Gallery Plugins

  1. Light Gallery
  2. Responsive Photo Gallery
  3. Ozio Gallery
  4. Sigplus image Gallery Plus
  5. Event Gallery SIGE – Simple image gallery extended
  6. SIGE – Simple image gallery extended

The best free Joomla Photo Gallery Extensions in detail

1. Light Gallery

Light Gallery is one of the most sought-after Joomla photo gallery extension available in Joomla directory. One can easily install it by downloading its zip file. It effortlessly functions and reduces the pressure. It has a really basic layout. One can create number of galleries for their free Joomla templates and websites, that too for free. It has a highly responsive user interface making it convenient for everyone.


  • Easily installable.
  • Simple Grid Layout.
  • Compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Create gallery from online photos.
  • Create gallery from available folders.
  • Support light box effect and style.

Support: 100; Functionality: 100; Ease of use: 100; Documentation: 99; Version: 1.2.1

2. Responsive Photo Gallery

As the name is suggestive of; this Joomla photo gallery plugin provides the maximum amount of responsiveness when it comes to creating a gallery. It adjusts the screen of whichever browser or device, to improve the viewing experience. It even provides an exclusive feature of finger swipe navigation. Responsive Photo Gallery enhances the user experience.


  • Supports ‘Drag and drop’ ability, Title & Description editing.
  • Custom option to ‘Build your Own’ gallery with 30 photos at max.
  • “Joomla Folder Plus” folder, provides a hybrid between the “Joomla folder” & its picture gallery option.
  • Provides the option for light styling, custom styling, and frameless styling demo.
  • Compatible with IE8+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Smartphone and Touch Pad browsers.

Support: 85; Functionality: 100; Ease of use: 100; Documentation: 100; Version: 2.9.8

3. Ozio Gallery

This Joomla photo gallery extension is brimming with features for photo and video gallery. All the images and videos are hosted on the cloud. They even get scaled automatically using high-quality settings available as an option. But Ozio Gallery does not support videos and 360° photos in Google photos.


  • Automatic Photo Resizing.
  • Ability to create a hidden menu.
  • Provides EXIF Data Support.
  • Can add images inside the Joomla articles or modules.
  • Images are loaded only from Google album & videos are loaded only from YouTube.

Support: 99; Functionality: 100; Ease of use: 99; Documentation: 100; Version: 4.8.1

4. Sigplus Image Gallery Plus

This Joomla photo gallery extention makes your work effortlessly accomplished. How? One might wonder, well it provides adding any image or video possible only by using a mere syntax. Sigplus image gallery plus is best suited for both beginners and professionals.


  • Several configuration options available.
  • Can display images in fixed or flow layout.
  • “Fancy transition effect” allows blending of one picture into another.
  • Generates images automatically for a gallery preview.
  • Slimbox, Lytebox, Shadowbox, Milkbox and Mootools integration.

Support: 100; Functionality: 100; Ease of use: 100; Documentation: 100; Version:

5. Event Gallery

Image management using the Joomla backend becomes child’s play when one is using this Event gallery Joomla image extension. Also, known as multi purpose Joomla photo gallery component that has the ability to act on your needs.


  • ICC Profile Support.
  • Swipe Gesture Support.
  • Full cart & checkout process to the gallery.
  • Can display images in 5 configurable ways.
  • Supports multiple file upload from browsers.

Support: 100; Functionality: 100; Ease of use: 100; Documentation: 100; Version: 3.7.2

6. SIGE – Simple Image Gallery Extended

SIGE is considered as one of the most yielding Joomla photo gallery extension available which easily adds the pictures to Joomla articles. Provides the ability to create preview images and load them faster, with better quality of course.


  • Multilingual Support.
  • CSS Image Tooltip.
  • Option to display pictures without any web link.
  • Possible to create individual galleries.
  • Can resize the original image.

Support: 87; Functionality: 100; Ease of use: 100; Documentation: 100; Version: 3.2.3

Best Free Joomla Photo Gallery Extensions Comparison chart (2022)

Parameters Light Gallery Responsive Photo Gallery Ozio Gallery Sigplus Image Gallery Plus Event gallery SIGE – Simple Image Gallery Extended
Fully Responsive Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple File Upload Support Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Light Box Effect Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
EXIF Data Support No No Yes Yes Yes No
Joomla Compatibility 3.0+ 3.0+ 3.0+ 3.0+ 3.0+ 3.0+

Which Joomla Photo Gallery Extensions you use ?

If you are looking to create a photograph & video gallery for your website then you should definitely take Sigplus Image Gallery Plus, Event Gallery, and Ozio gallery into consideration. The above-mentioned Joomla photo gallery extensions tend to make your work easier and thus, help you in improving your Joomla website’s outlook. Furthermore, in order to design your Joomla website, you can use TemplateToaster offline website builder software  as your Joomla Template Creator to effortlessly create a website from scratch without having to exert oneself with a gazillion of codes. In fact, this theme builder holds compatibility with all of these Joomla photo gallery extensions. Check out best Joomla hosting in our another article.