Yet again, Magento is all back with an additional feather in its cap!

What the product is all about? How is it going to impact businesses and what are the probable impacts? Let’s talk about each of these aspects in detail.

Cutting it short, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition (MECE) is a hosted edition making the work a whole lot easier. It is a Platform As A Service (PaaS) solution that allows the developers of your own company to program the code and customize according to your needs. This makes it easier to handle traffic and load on the website and deal with the demand more easily. Besides, the fact that it is based on AWS makes it a lot more accessible and trustworthy.

A New Era of Commerce in the Cloud

In the era of technology, when you are looking at online commerce solutions, the main objective should be incorporating the rapid changes and keeping pace with them in your business. The conventional Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) commerce solutions limit the capacity of the merchants in facilitating these rapid changes owing to the closed operations. These traditional options help the merchants create their business around the available technology instead of crafting the technology around their business ideas.

On the other hand, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition brings us resources to bridge this gap and lives up to the changing demands of the customers. It beautifully integrates the newer ideas with the existing technology to allow the merchants to respond to changes in the system and changes in pace. It helps the merchants by greatly cutting down on management costs. This agility at affordable costs is what is smoothening out the concept of cloud computing making it more accessible.

Architected for Innovation

One of the factors that make Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition the success story is its architectural flexibility and the ability to adapt to changes. It incorporates specific advantages from the SaaS solutions including PCI compliance, global accessibility, high resilience and the likes. The architecture is strictly specific to the global changing environment with the option to incorporate customizations as and when required. This makes Magento Enterprise a favorite amongst various brands across the globe. This gives the merchants the freedom to test and deploy newer ideas and customizations without hassles. Some of the cloud management tools employed by the system can promote smooth functioning, by managing rapidly changing environments simultaneously. One does not have to depend on different release schedules or product roadmaps.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition Is Paas, Not Saas

Allow us to reiterate the statement, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is customizable and easily adaptable to changes in the technological world, mainly because it is a PaaS (Platform As Service) based solution. It is NOT SaaS or Software As Service. So what is the difference between the two?

In the first case for PaaS, the programmers or developers in your company have full access to the source code and therefore you are free to make any changes required. This opens up the doors for customization specific to your brand or website. On the other hand, opting for SaaS would mean restricting your adaptability and customization abilities because of the developers not having access to the source code. This is why Magento being a Platform as Service triumphs over the other option. What it also means is that your own development team can cause errors in the website. You could take help from the DevOps processes to eliminate this issue.

Backed by Leading Technology, Improving Commerce One Business at a Time

When we talk about online retailing services, Amazon Web Services or AWS is a standout name. AWS is known for providing its users a very comfortable, low-cost environment which is secure and flexible for online marketing. And this is the reason that AWS is widely preferred by online retailers as it allows them to harness the full potential of cloud computing. The good news is that Magento Enterprise is working on the platform of AWS to target the reliability and low-cost environments provided by them. “We look forward to supporting Magento and their customers on their journey to the cloud,” as reported by Hal Bennett, General Manager Global Technology Partners, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

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The other partners

Magento Enterprise runs on Amazon Web Services. But it also works in collaboration with a number of other partners as well. All of these units together constitute the cloud computing system provided by them. For starters, is a cloud hosting solution that caters to concepts like speed and automation. Being a very comfortable platform, it allows the merchants to conduct experiments and act on the results. New Relic is the perfect system for monitoring the performance of your application. With a wide variety of tools, it opts for optimum performance by stimulating the traffic on the website. Blackfire, once again, helps optimize performance and reach out to bottlenecks. Fastly is yet another partner for Magento Enterprise helping the system improve performance by diagnosing the issue that are slowing down the performance and speed and also make the required amendments.

Pricing and availability

Magento Enterprise has been introduced with different pricing requirements that can be catered to the individual requirements of the company or organization. However, it is likely to bring in a lower tier pricing segment in the latter part of 2016. On the whole, the price quoted on the product will include the Magento Enterprise Edition License, versions of New Relic and Enterprise without restrictions, a chance to expand the system during the peak hours, Fastly CSN and DDoS protection and 24/7 customer care services.

When to consider and when not to consider MECE

This goes without saying, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition has definitely positioned itself as a perfect solution for online retailers. But should you skip directly onto implementing it? Certainly not! You need to keep a range of factors and considerations into mind, as this is going to have an ever-lasting impact on your store.

If you are looking to outsource your company’s server management, it is best to resort to MECE. Also, if you are short on time, MECE could help you design your server infrastructure with a preset format. Vendor management can also be simplified and more organized using this platform. However, using the features on MECE means you have to pay a certain price for them. So you should consider it only if you are in need of these services. For instance, if scalability is not your requirement, it is better to stay out of MECE since it might become a little difficult on the pockets.

With a list of exciting features, Magento is challenging some of the top players when it comes to the e-commerce platform. This is especially true because it removes the hassles of hosting. The customizable high-performance platform tends to attract different brands and retailers to experiment with a new system. The main idea here is to give access to a feasible option for these brands. With a whole lot of improvements over the previous products, this might be a new era for Magento overlooking a lot of success!

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