What are the common mistakes when building a Magento website that you should avoid? Magento is a popular eCommerce platform used by the majority of online retailers around the globe. Magento provides a flexible framework that gives you maximum control over your website. However, there are several common mistakes that you may come across. In this comprehensive guide, I will help you understand the common mistakes to avoid when building a Magento website so that you don’t lose your traffic. So, let’s dive right in!

Nowadays every eCommerce company looks for compelling solutions that can give them a feature-rich eCommerce store. Magento is there in the market for so long now and it has evolved with changing trends and needs of the eCommerce industry. Indeed, Magento has everything that you would need to build an eCommerce store.

Well, you all must have heard the phrase ‘variety is the spice of life’ and Magento is one such platform that truly justifies this phrase. For the reason that it comes jam-packed with a variety of features to help you build a fully-functional eCommerce store. Anybody who will visit your e-Store would want to shop online if you have included many useful offerings in your store.

Customers are more likely to purchase products from a store that is easy to use and has elements aligned in the right place. Unlike physical stores, when you create a website or your online store it would be available 24/7 which definitely is a plus point for you. So, you should never leave a space that can hinder your online experience. You can use magneto theme builder to create magneto theme. Now let’s learn what are the common mistakes when building a Magento website you should avoid.

Here are the Common Mistakes When Building a Magento Website

1. Poor Selection of Website Hosting

Poor Selection of Website Hosting

Certainly, website hosting is a crucial decision that if ever taken wrong, can cause you a lot. And this is the most significant mistake that can be a very big mistake which you avoid. Generally, beginners make this mistake of choosing a wrong or incompetent website host for their eCommerce website. Beginners are not well aware of all the options available in the market. Thus, they tend to choose any random option they find best as per their knowledge.

Since you are about to start an eCommerce store using the Magento platform make sure you are familiar with the nitty-gritty of this powerful content management system. A Magento-based web store needs a certain requirement to be met in order to work smoothly. While hosting your website make sure you are not using shared hosting. However, there are various other website hosting categories such as Dedicated Hosting, VPN Hosting, Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Managed Hosting are some of them. However, Bluehost is one of the strongest contenders in the web hosting arena.

Every website hosting company offers you these plans at different pricing plans and you can choose whichever you find suitable as per your needs and requirements. Since you are running an eCommerce website so you can never be sure about the traffic. Maybe at some point, you would receive huge website traffic and the other time you have less traffic on your website. So, you need to make sure your website hosting provider is capable of handling the data as well as the traffic you are getting. Poor selection of website hosting is one of the common mistakes when building a website that you surely need to refrain from.

2. Low-Quality Website Theme

Low-Quality Website Theme

This is no hidden fact that you would find numerous website themes over the internet and you can feel overwhelmed while making a final choice of your theme. And most importantly when you get to see thousands of free Magento themes. However, not every free theme is of bad quality. But you can never be sure of the quality while using the free Magento themes. That is why it is suggested that especially when you are building an eCommerce website make use of a premium theme.

It is a good practice to analyze every aspect of the theme before you actually install it on your e-Store. No matter which theme you are using free or premium, you should check it thoroughly before implementing it on your website.

3. Complicated Navigation on Your Website

Complicated Navigation on Your Website

If the navigation on your Magento website is not smooth, then no matter how efficient your website is, people won’t stay there for long. Of course, when the users are getting confused or they can not comfortably navigate on your website, they would rather leave and look elsewhere. Since Magento has a steep learning curve so creating smooth navigation on your website can be a little overwhelming for beginners. But creating uncomplicated navigation becomes even more important when you are running an eCommerce website.

However, simple and intuitive navigation is the key to keep your users engaged. For instance, if your eCommerce website has layered navigation, different categories are organized on one page. Then your user may have to go through overlapped categories to reach the desired category. This will slow down the load speed as well. However, in order to avoid complex navigation mistakes while building a Magento website, you may use Ajax navigation instead. Furthermore, you can also disable the crawling for some specific pages. So, make sure the navigation on your Magento store is simple and clear. Learn to avoid these common mistakes when building a Magento themes.

4. Terribly Designed Product Pages

Terribly Designed Product Pages

A product description is key to attract your users to buy some particular product. Your product description will tell your users what type of offer they get with a product. The description should be accurate and complete that provides thorough information about the product. Make sure the description of every product is unique and even if you are selling the same product as everyone else.

Every product has something unique to offer so, just include that extra spice to your product description and allure your audiences. Because your store is completely different from the brick-and-mortar and your clients are not able to touch the products. Therefore, you have to make them feel the product through your words only.

Simply put, design a product page that not only looks attractive but it should contain information that your users want to see. Furthermore, it should be able to deliver the complete feature-list of the said product. If you successfully refrain these common mistakes when building a Magento website, you would surely end up with a credible website.

5. Unresponsive Magento Website

Unresponsive Magento Website

Today, the maximum of your website traffic would come from mobile devices. People are so busy that they don’t have time to sit in front of desktops and shop (However, some people still do that). They prefer to shop online with maximum comfortability. And there can be nothing more comfortable than using a portable device to do daily kiosks as well as to shop online at your convenience.

So, this can be another popular mistake that you may make while building a Magento website, is that you forget to make it responsive. It is not an option today, but something really important that you can not afford to forget. Having a responsive website is the hour of the need. So, you can not think of having a website that doesn’t run on mobile devices smoothly. Make you are using responsive web design so that it automatically adjusts with the screen size it is viewed on.

6. Complicated Checkout Process

Complicated Checkout Process

Every user looks for easy checkout processes. According to a study, almost 70% of the users abandon the cart. And complex checkout architecture is the main reason why users abandon their carts. Giving users a positive and smooth checkout process is your responsibility. A/B testing is the best method to check and try different checkout processes. This way you can decide which checkout method is suitable for your eCommerce website.

One-page checkout is a highly recommended strategy. Because when a user has to travel from page to page, they might get frustrated with the situation and they prefer to leave instead. So, make sure you have a clean and quick checkout process on your website. And you never make this mistake when building a Magento website.

7. Poor Customer Support – Common Mistakes When Building a Magento Website

Poor Selection of Website Hosting

Customer support is like having a professionally skilled person by your side all the time. And this can be the biggest mistake you could ever do when building a Magento website. There is nothing else that can harm your website than poor customer support. However, it is really tricky to manage customer support. But it can be the essence of your website. You need to make sure that each customer is getting proper assistance when they require it

Since Magento is a little complicated platform, so you need to make sure you have skilled personnel deployed. Because sometimes it may happen that your users have encountered some technical issues instead of any other normal issue. You can hire some Magento professionals so that you never run out of any answer that your users may seek.

8. Never Force Your Users to Register

Never Force Your Users to Register

This is the most annoying thing that even I personally really hate about websites. Forcing your visitors to register and then shop certainly backfires anytime. Of course, you want your visitors to turn into your clients. But this is not right to insist them to fill up your registration first. 90% of the visitor will leave your Magento website the moment they see the register now pop up. If you really want them to register then make sure the form is not too long and boring. It should be simple and short. Therefore, avoid this mistake when building a Magento website.

9. Simple Search Bar

Simple Search Bar

Now that you are creating an eCommerce website, it is obvious that you will add a good amount of products to sell. So, including a search bar is mandatory. However, it is required for every website for quick results. But when you are building a Magento website and have a list of products to sell then the search bar you include should be simple and quick. It should confuse your users and make them lost in hundreds or thousands of products that you are offering. Rather it should be helpful and smooth. So, you need to avoid such common mistakes while building a Magento website.

10. Poor Product Image

Poor Product Image

You are not running a physical store rather you have an online store and the only way to make your users familiar with your products is through images and description. For instance, if you are running a clothing e-Store then you are required to add images of all your products. Like the front design, back design, length, and other required images that define your product completely. Every image you add should be clear and high-definition. However, also keep in mind that never bloat your website with unnecessary images. Add only those images which are truly describing the nature of your product and helping your users to understand the features of your product.

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Building a Magento Website – In Conclusion

Now you know, Magento is a compelling platform with numerous useful options. However, even a single mistake on your website can lead to a downfall in the customers as well as your Magento website development. With every new Magento version, they offer you more features to ensure security and optimize the overall functionality of your website. While you can also make use of several different extensions and third-party add-ons to extend your stores functionality.

I hope that you find this guide helpful and all your doubts related to common mistakes when building a Magento website. Now you can get your Magento store up and running. In order to make your store work seamlessly, you need to keep certain things aligned. However, these fixes should be an essential part of your Magento website development. If you still find any problem while building your Magento website please let me know in the comments below.