Do you want to write flawless code for your website? Do you want to avoid plodding through multiple rounds of rework? Then, PHP cheat sheet will serve as a nifty productivity tool. It will help you to meet deadlines.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server-side scripting language that is compatible with almost all the web-servers. The most popular language for web development. But, it is difficult for a user to memorize all the PHP code. For solving this problem, PHP cheat sheets are used. A PHP cheat sheet is a reference guide for a user which consists of all the important syntax to accomplish a task. A user can save lots of time using a PHP cheat sheet as no need to search the whole Internet for a small code to perform a specific task. A beginner can have all the PHP codes available in a single document at all times.

PHP Cheat Sheets for Beginners

PHP cheat sheet is a great tool for beginners as they don’t have to cram everything. They can refer a cheat sheet whenever writing scripts in PHP. A number of PHP cheat sheets are available on the internet. But here at TemplateToaster website builder, I made a list of some of the useful popular cheat sheets. Let’s have a look


1. WordPress Help Sheet

A good PHP cheat sheet maintained by Quicklycode. It contains important PHP snippets for the header, basic templates, & other sections. Gives the syntax to specify the title of the site, name of the site, author of the page, the content of post etc. It also provides the information about template file like style.css, index.PHP, page.php and much more. Definitely, a useful PHP resource for beginners.


2. PHP Reference Sheet Basics

It is one of the best PHP cheat sheets that contains a list of all the basic operations performed in PHP. The sections are maintained function-wise. Like data types, array functions, sessions, loops etc. each section includes the data related to the specific function. For example, Data Types section includes a list of valid data types for PHP. Similarly, String Manipulation section contains functions for string operations and so on. It is a smart reference guide for users.


3. PHP Cheat Sheet at Overapi

It’s a detailed PHP cheat sheet. It contains basic functions for arrays, strings, date/time, calendar, file system, maths, error handling etc. Along with basics, it includes directory, HTTP, FTP, MySQLi, Libxml, Parser, ZIP, OOP, miscellaneous functions. It will give you all the brief details about a specific function in a single click.


4. Smarty Cheat Sheet For Template Designers

This PHP cheatsheet is maintained by Hasin Hayder. It is a popular PHP cheat sheet for template designers which includes syntax of main functions while designing a template. Gives information about assigning variables, displaying output, debugging the templates etc. It also specifies common modifiers, passing objects to a template, executing PHP template etc. Includes the built-in functions and custom functions.


5. PHP Cheat Sheet by Daniel

It is a popular PHP cheat sheet by Daniel Dev. Includes functions for MySQL, string, array, classes, and objects, variable handling, output control, regex etc. It also contains the SQLitet3 functions.


6. PHP 4 Reference Card

This PHP cheat sheet is designed by Steven R. Gould. It contains everything from basic functions to file handling functions. Enlists basic syntax, predefined PHP variables, control structures, functions, classes & objects, operators etc. Also includes functions for the file system, session handling, maths and unified ODBC.


7. PHP Cheat Sheet by Dave Child

This PHP cheat sheet is given by Dave Child. It serves as a quick reference guide for beginners. Contains functions for the array, string, regular expression, date formatting, pattern modifier etc. It also includes functions for date and time and file handling. Whenever you click a function, it will display the full description of that function. It will also tell about associated parameters, return values with an example.


8. Web Cheat Sheet

Web Cheat Sheet is like an online PHP manual. It contains all the information from what is PHP to Debugging PHP. Includes all the basic functions plus form handling, cookies, image generation, database linking and much more. It will make you understand everything with examples. A very useful PHP cheat sheet for beginners.


9. 5 Part PHP Cheat Sheet

This PHP cheatsheet covers the all-important details about PHP in 5 parts. It includes PHP basics, PHP modes, PHP functions, PHP commands along with the references to other cheat sheets. PHP functions part consists of functions of strings, maths, random number generation, array, advanced functions. It also made the reference to other useful PHP cheat sheets.


10. PHP Quick Reference Card

It’s a useful PHP cheat sheet pdf resource. Includes functions for an array, maths, date & time, output, exception handling, looping, miscellaneous etc. It also contains variables, data types, superglobals etc.


11. PHPUnit Cheat Sheet

This is a PHP cheat sheet pdf version 0.1. It contains a list of all the important PHP functions. Enlists every function from objects, classes to template methods, annotations, utilities etc.


12. PHP Regex Cheat Sheet

A regular expression is a sequence of characters for pattern-matching functionality. These are used to search/replace a string inside another string. So, this PHP regex cheat sheet by Dave Child is a reference guide to regular expressions. It includes symbols, ranges, grouping, and some sample patterns. This sheet has different sections for anchors, quantifiers, POSIX, special metacharacters, string replacement etc.

Final Words

PHP functions handle certain things like managing a string, date, number, loops, etc. But certainly, these are difficult to memorize. So, the enlisted PHP cheat sheets consist of all the important functions for web development. A PHP cheat sheet is a useful resource for a beginner. As some cheat sheets also include the description functions. These are very simple to refer and time-saving. Hence, it serves as a dedicated source to the audience in an approachable & entertaining way.