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How to Create Simple HTML Page | Step by Step DIY Tutorial

How to Create Simple HTML Page Blog image

Designing and creating a simple website is easy. Even beginners can learn web designing without putting in too much effort and time. HTML is the first Internet-based markup language. It is the core markup for all web pages and is an integral part of the Web. If you are a Web developer or designer and need to develop some great websites, then you can do it with HTML. It is an easy to acquire and a core skill for all web developers and designers. Let us learn the basics of HTML markup and use it to create a Simple HTML Page.

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Design Best SEO WordPress Theme: Top Ingredients that You Need

best seo WordPress theme

A website is the face of a business. And what attracts a large audience to your site- Exposure, quality, promotion or content? The most important factor is the quality of the web page. Now, from where a site gets its shape? Obviously, a theme is responsible for a website structure. And, how it gets exposed to the public? Yes, you are right- It's a Search engine. Stats tell that 95% of search traffic goes to sites on the first page of Google !! So, you can figure out how important it is to have an optimized step. But usually, people think about SEO after creating a website. But it will be too late then !!

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Dreamweaver Alternative: Microsoft Visual Studio Code – Free and Open Source for Windows, Linux and Mac

Dreamweaver Alternative Free Open-Source Microsoft Visual Studio Code blog image

Dreamweaver, launched around two decades back, was one of the big Adobe releases till date. Packed with a heap of functionality and smart features, it took the web designing industry by storm. Only price users had (still have, though) to pay for this all-in-one package is its hefty subscription fee. With time, however, a lot of open-source Dreamweaver alternative tools came up which gave the paid ones a run for their money (literally speaking), but were soon overhauled for some reason or the other.

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Top 8 Must-know UI Trends of 2017 (Infographic)

Top 8 Must-know UI Trends of 2017 blog image

In today’s digital world, it is essential to create a website that enhances your brand identity, boosts customer engagement and drives more traffic towards your business. The customers are no more mere spectators. They expect a great user experience from all brands. You need to understand what customers' tastes and preferences before you design your product. The product should be easy-to-use and efficient. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to create websites that are user-friendly.

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10 Best Blogging Platforms to Cash in for Outstanding Performance

Best Blogging Platform

"Blogging” has gained massive popularity among worldwide businesses as it directly results in high business leads, since it is considered as a recognizable choice for content marketing. Different businesses recognize the necessity of this tool differently. For some, it is important to put an impact on their customers. And for others, it is important for learning purposes. Simply say, it is an interesting activity in itself. Because of tedious coding, no one like to build a website. But endeavor to create a blog using user-friendly “Blogging platforms”.

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Best Video Compression Software Compared (2017): Compress Video for Web Use

Compress Video for Web Use best video compression software compared how to guide blog

Is the sluggishness of background or header video speed on your website is becoming a great cause of concern for you? The sad part is - great things often don’t come without impediments. It’s not always that easy to impress the audience! Optimizing video for the web is as important as image optimization. You have come to the right place to learn to how to compress video for web use. We’re going to talk about not only the benefits of web optimized video but also the best video compression software used to compress video without losing quality.

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