Why Is UI Important In This Modern World?

In today’s digital world, it is essential to create a website that enhances your brand identity, boosts customer engagement and drives more traffic towards your business. The customers are no more mere spectators. They expect a great user experience from all brands. You need to understand what customers’ tastes and preferences before you design your product. The product should be easy-to-use and efficient. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to create websites that are user-friendly. It should be neat, clutter-free and interactive. Your page design, logo design, navigation, color selection everything should be well researched and user-engaged. Though marketers have tried to accomplish this goal through mobile or web apps, a well-developed user interface (UI) can make or break your product. Your website might look old-fashioned to people if its design is not according to what people expect today.


Know the UI Trends of 2017

Now, that you know the benefits of UI, have a look at some of the trends following which you can provide an awesome UI experience to your customers:

  1. Full-Screen Videos
  2. Long Scrolling And Long Form Content
  3. Gradient, Vivid Colours Are The New Oprah!
  4. Illustrations Will Gain Popularity
  5. Breaking the Grid, For Reasons
  6. Parallax
  7. More cards
  8. Typography


UI Trends of 2017 (Infographic)

If you wish to know what’s in and out in UI designs this year, go through this infographic.


Top UI Trends of 2017 infographic blog


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Do we miss out on any other trend or want to share your experiences, odds, and evens? Shootout in the comment section below.