“Exploring smart WordPress Booking Plugin to boost your booking website’s user experience? I will surely help in resolving your issue.

When it comes to managing a booking business website, choosing right WordPress Booking plugins matters a lot. As there are so many essentials to take care of like payments, bookings and customer management problems. Most of the booking websites have already deployed best WordPress Booking plugins in order to get noticed by their customers. If you also desire for an extra edge over other WordPress booking websites but confused in deciding a suitable plugin, then no need to worry. Here at TemplateToaster website builder software, I have listed most popular single and multi-purpose WordPress Appointment Booking plugins to sparkle the deserved fire in your booking business website. But first, let’s take a look how WordPress Booking plugins can help your business function smoothly.

Why to Use a WordPress Booking Plugin?

1. Quick Scheduling of a Wide Collection of Appointments

Allowing users to make bookings on a WordPress site is really a cool way. With great customer satisfaction and ease of making payments, they get more joy. And, you get more bookings. Frankly speaking, in this busy world, no one has time to go through so-called lengthy and complex booking processes. So, I think an Online Booking plugin is something that can work there. It is not restricted to just a number of appointments. So, businesses can accept as many appointments as they can, also with quick scheduling. Everything is automatic, users just need to enter the details which is less hectic.

2. Saving your Efforts, Money and Time

Well organized functions and clear vision are the two main requirements of a successful business. But keeping hundreds of manual booking records managed is not so easy for everyone. Getting something that can reduce your burden is very important there. Having the Best Booking plugin WordPress would never be a wrong decision for you. Because WordPress Booking plugins are capable to get you rid off of booking business stress. Eliminates paperwork that is quite hectic to handle and keep secure all the time. With facilitating a paperless environment, it saves your money also.

So, now you know the benefits of adding WordPress Booking plugins. Let’s explore some of the best WordPress Appointment Booking plugins

Businesses Served by the Online WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins

With WordPress powered websites, booking businesses are thriving well that only need to install a WordPress Booking plugin and start receiving bookings from their visitors. Today, these WordPress Appointment Booking plugins are serving businesses like hotels, hostels, health, traveling, and salons etc. There are also many options available when it comes to picking from WordPress Appointment Booking plugins with payment or without payment.

Basically, WordPress Appointment Booking plugins can be divided into two main categories. One is Multipurpose and another is Dedicated type plugins. For your convenience, I am going to discuss both categories.

WordPress Booking Plugins Compared (2020)

WordPress Booking Plugin Active Installs Ratings Payment Gateways Email Notifications
Booking Calendar 40,000+ 4.5 out of 5 PayPal IPN, Authorize.net, pay in cash Yes
Pinpoint Booking Plugin 10,000+ 4 out of 5 PayPal + Paid add-ons for other gateways Not Specified
Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita 10,000+ 4 out of 5 Credit Card or PayPal and funds Yes
Bookly (Lite Version) 10,000+ 3 out of 5 PayPal Express Checkout, Stripe, Payson, 2checkout, PayU Latam No

List of WordPress Booking Plugins

  1. Booking Calendar
  2. Pinpoint Booking plugin
  3. Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin
  4. Bookly
  5. AweBooking
  6. Salon Booking
  7. Travelpayouts
  8. WordPress WooCommerce Booking and Reservation
  9. Booki
  10. MotoPress Hotel Booking

Best WordPress Booking Plugins (Review)

1. Booking Calendar – WordPress booking plugin

WordPress Booking Plugins

With its multipurpose functionality, booking calendar tops the list by getting 40,000+ “active installs”. This particular plugin can be used for a variety of online booking services. Booking Calendar plugin has grabbed much attention since 2009. Because of its flexible functionality and intuitive interface.


  • Responsive design.
  • Show notifications emails for guests and administrator such as cancel or confirmation etc.
  • Fully customizable calendar texts and designs.
  • Widget ready.
  • Designed with the help of best Ajax technologies that let the visitors complete their bookings faster on the same web page.
  • You can set it into the sidebar as it is widget ready.


  • Available with backend and frontend demo.
  • Multiple bookings setting in a single calendar for the same day.
  • Booking Calendar supports multiple languages.
  • Facility to mark selected dates in the calendar.


  • Pro versions of this particular WordPress plugin are expensive.
  • Backend dashboard is quite complicated as compared to the simplified frontend.
  • Pro versions support payment gateways only for small businesses.

2. Pinpoint Booking Plugin (Free & $79) – free WordPress booking plugin

WordPress Booking Plugins

For almost everything from booking events to receiving online appointments or from reservations to rent accommodation, Pinpoint Booking plugin is ready to serve you with the best.

While talking about some well-known features then clear, fast and easy to use interface are just a few features to say. It is also featured with unique and exclusive AJAX booking calendar that let you examine the availability and then make the booking online.


  • Different conformation modes and user/admin notifications.
  • It can be set into the sidebar.
  • A wide collection of setting to make it perform exactly according to the demands.
  • Responsive design.
  • Payment support – both offline (cash on arrival) or online(PayPal).
  • Support multiple currencies.


  • Pinpoint can serve the different types of booking requirements.
  • Lifetime support and updates facility with its extended license.
  • Support European (DD MM YYYY) or American (MM DD, YYYY) formats of dates
  • Multiple language support for both frontend and backend functionalities.


  • Additional add-ons (Icepay, 2Checkout etc) facility, if you want to use extra payment gateway than PayPal.
  • Pinpoint does not facilitate settings for room rates.
  • Pro versions of this particular plugin are expensive.

3. Amelia

amelia wordpress booking plugin

Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin that will exceed your expectations. It is a feature-packed plugin built for WordPress that has made many customers happy to this day. With it, you can perform all sorts of appointment-related tasks, easily customize the booking process, and even manage appointments for different business locations. And all those under only one license, no add-ons needed. For business owners, Amelia is the perfect match because it can centralize all the data in a dashboard. Amelia is one of the best WordPress booking plugins you can use, regardless of your business’ size, and it is exceptionally user-friendly.


  • Amelia is suitable for any kind of business includes on bookings and appointments in advance.
  • On-site payment support.
  • Informative and interactive dashboard interface.
  • Multiple employees can make multiple bookings at the same time.
  • Flexible calender view


  • Very easy to install and implement
  • Customer Support available through ticket system
  • Effective Search widget tool
  • Customize your designs as per your website theme
  • WooCommerce integration
  • SMS notification

4. Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin (Free – $20)

WordPress Booking Plugins

Appointment Booking plugin is a well-known plugin with self-service scheduling process for one on one appointment and classes ad group events. This particular appointment plugin is exclusively easy to use and can be integrated with any WordPress developed website. It involves reduced communications at the time of event registration and appointments booking. Perfect to facilitate the businesses to respond their client’s requests along with assigning clients to different staff members.


  • Flexible scheduling of meetings and appointments.
  • 24/7 event registration and appointment booking anytime and using any device.
  • Automatic synchronization of an online calendar with your current using calendar ( Google or Outlook) or phone.
  • Provide text messages or emails updating you on new scheduling changes or requests.
  • Pay for invoices and services.
  • Support multiple languages such as Russian, Spanish, German, French, English, and Polish.


  • Different services to choose from.
  • Automate follow-ups for appointments to ensure that your clients are in touch with your business. Apart from this, customization facility for follow up options for each service.
  • Mobile and user-friendly plugin as it can run on any mobile device so allowing the clients to book and schedule their time with you anytime and anywhere!
  • A variety of time zone adjustment.
  • Fully customization of Color, images, and texts.

5. Bookly ($59) -WordPress Booking plugin

WordPress Booking Plugins

Bookly Booking plugin WordPress for free facilitates automated online scheduling and booking of different services. It is equipped with some of the most amazing and recognizable features. More than 15000 businesses all over the globe have already automated their booking services using this plugin. Visual customization feature is its strength and grabs the attention of millions of WordPress Booking plugin searchers.


  • Show SMS notifications for confirmed reservations.
  • Responsive layout allows appointment booking can be done using any device.
  • Offers easy and quick bookings with its amazing user-friendly admin panel.
  • Fully customizable with Google calendar synchronization and online payments.
  • SMS reminder facility for the upcoming appointments.


  • Booking automation.
  • Wonderful visual customization and robust backend admin features.
  • Fully customizable with Google calendar synchronization and online payments.
  • Best for time and cost savings, no need to do anything after your booking is confirmed.
  • Mobile friendly, allows booking services to be done within seconds.
  • Offers CVS export of different payments reports and appointment records on the WP dashboard.
  • Built-in feature for form building.


  • In terms of tech support of Bookly is quite slow.
  • Only one site per license.

Dedicated WordPress Booking Plugin

There are also some plugins that are designed specifically for serving a particular type of business. Some are worth mentioning like Event Booking plugin WordPress, Taxi Booking WordPress plugin, WordPress Flight Booking plugin, WordPress Appointment Booking plugin, Salon Booking WordPress plugin etc.

6. AweBooking (Free & Paid)

WordPress Booking Plugins

AweBooking plugin offers its users with the excellent user interface. And, suitable options for any sort of accommodation website whether it is related to BnB, a motel, hotel or even hostel. Featured with a simple and handy dashboard that allows managing a complicated booking system easily.


  • Completely modern front-end design.
  • Multiple language support.
  • handily available search forms.
  • Easy editing of different services such as rooms and discounts.
  • Integration with offline payments (Contact form 7) and wooCommerce.
  • Pricing management facility.
  • Email notifications.
  • Additional services.
  • Shortcodes are available.
  • Multi-Location settings.


  • Facility to enable collection of multiple rooms for booking.
  • Admin toolkit is very user-friendly.
  • Availability of Backend and frontend demos.


  • Most of the users report some types of bugs related to AweBooking.
  • Frontend does not let you place a test booking.
  • Allow booking with a single hotel but with multiple rooms.

7. Salon Booking WordPress Plugin

WordPress Booking Plugins

Salon appointments booking is so simple and easy to manage with the Salon Booking WordPress plugin. Most of the salons have already installed and benefited by this plugin as it offers more reservations. I think salon runners should go for this as it helps in saving time for performing different booking operations like make multiple reservations at a time.


  • Featured in back-end calendar that allows monthly, weekly and daily views.
  • Booking export facility.
  • Custom emails and notifications to the customers.
  • Email reminders to the customers.
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar.
  • Provides direct booking link.
  • Allow online payments along with pay later or fixed amount deposit options.


  • Single purpose plugin, suitable for only salon bookings.
  • The requirement of manual booking confirmation.
  • A limited number of services.

8. Travelpayouts: Flights and Hotels Travel Search

WordPress Booking Plugins

For allowing your visitors to search out the cheapest hotels and flights. Travelpayouts is the best WordPress Flight Booking plugin to install on a WordPress website. With just a few clicks, you can get forms, widgets, and tables installed on your WordPress website. Really, a perfect option to give your users a great booking experience.

  • Search forms.
  • Hotel widget.
  • Featured with auto-links.
  • Hotels map and cheap prices flights.
  • Amazing 11 customizable tables along with flight information.


  • Top flight destinations widget is available.
  • Availability of table along with flights, forms for search forms and widgets for flights and hotels searches.

9. WordPress WooCommerce Booking and Reservation Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce Booking and Reservation Plugin make reservation and booking of the product. It is more suitable for hotels, motels, tourism and events. The Plugin offers two types of booking – One Booking for Many Days and Many Bookings in One Day. Its admin manages booking services such as bookable period, slot period, data available and stock value.

  • dynamic event creation and time setting.
  • Nice UI and UX for event booking and display.
  • Both admin and customer friendly user interface face.
  • Configure booking status for every slot.
  • Motopress Hotel Booking Plugin for WordPress.

10. Booki – WordPress Booking Plugin for reservations and appointments

It helps to create and manage your online appointments and reservationns. It displays list of attendees in booking form with date and time, status and slot booked.The plugins all strings are translatable.

  • Allows offline payments.
  • Enable online payment.
  • Create booking from your backend.
  • unlimited Google  Calendar Profiles.

11. MotoPress Hotel Booking WordPress Plugin

It is most suitable for hospitabilty bussness such as vacation rental, hostel, apartments agency. It has user friendly website form.The plugin provides accommodation details of all facilities of a choose type bed size in a room and other related information about room.

  • Seasonal pricing.
  • Booking calendar.
  • Monthly and weekly rates.
  • Offline and online payments.

Which WordPress Booking Plugin is best for you ?

To get exposure in your booking business, adding one of the best WordPress  Booking plugins would be a great choice to kick your bookings and getting more attention from your users. If you really want to stay ahead of others, then you should really consider one of these WordPress Booking plugins for your booking website.

Furthermore, WordPress Booking plugins can help you to receive more bookings from your clients. But grabbing the eyeballs of your users, to make bookings using your website, is the first thing that you need. So, picking a right and impressive website design is as important as choosing a right WordPress Booking plugin. An impressive theme is something that can help you there. If you are looking to make fresh themes for your WordPress booking website, you can use our WordPress theme Builder  and WordPress website builder software. As equipped with many advanced features, it facilitates the user to create exquisite WordPress themes in minutes.

It’s all about WordPress Booking plugins! Hope you will like these and don’t forget to share your suggestion or comments below.