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WordPress Functions Cheat sheet: The Quick & Handy Guide for Developers

by Param Chahal

Wordpress functions the ultimate cheat sheat blog image

Most WordPress themes and plugins look for ways to create lists of posts based on multiple conditions and criteria. You often need to determine what you need on a page and pulls posts accordingly. You may also need to use other information from the requests if you wish to create optimized pages. The WordPress database stores all data for posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, custom fields, users, site URLs etc. If we need more information on these then we need a way to extract this from the database. Writing direct SQL queries is not easy and not recommended. In this cheat sheet, we primarily look at the WordPress functions that provide an easy and reliable way to work with the database.

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Automatic WordPress Updates: Guide to Configure and Manage effortlessly

by Lucy Barret

Automatic WordPress Updates: Guide to Configure and Manage effortlessly blog image

In WordPress, new updates (core updates, Plugin updates, Theme updates and Translation file updates) keep rolling out from time-to-time. All these updates are aimed at keeping your website safe from online security vulnerabilities and provide latest features to maintain the stability of the site. Sometimes, your WordPress site doesn’t respond well to new WordPress Updates. The themes and plugins you have installed on your site may fail to accommodate new updates. As a result, the loopholes, security vulnerabilities, bugs remain intact that may harm your site in the long run.

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How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress Manually (without plugin)

by Sam Cyrus

Install Google Analytics on WordPress Manually (without plugin) blog image

Google Analytics is one of the most valuable tools available for websites, and what makes it a favorite of everyone is the fact that it’s free to use. You can use it to evaluate what’s working and what’s not working with your website, and it’s a great source of information about your website visitors. With more and more businesses using WordPress to develop their websites, it’s important to know the ins and outs of installing Google Analytics to work with your WordPress business website.

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WordPress Contextual Help: Adding Custom Help Text to Admin Menu Screens

by Deepak Singla

Adding WordPress contextual help in admin menus blog image

The WordPress built-in Administration Panel contains a Contextual Help section. This provides information to the user about the navigation and different settings displayed in the Admin Panel. A plugin usually adds additional Administration Panels to WordPress. As a web developer or web designer, you can provide additional support by providing contextual help for the plugin menus.

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Create SEO friendly Images for WordPress: Optimize Images for Web

by Param Chahal

Create SEO Friendly Images for WordPress Blog image

Images are a prominent contributing factor to a website’s appeal. Images as such make up for large portions of the page data. Bloated images should be avoided for SEO optimized websites. SEO friendly images should instead be used to increase the website SEO rankings. Web developers, therefore, need to gauge Image Optimization and its benefits. Let us understand the optimization process and the techniques for applying it to web pages.

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