Do you want to build an online directory on WordPress? Well, then you must check the best WordPress Directory listing plugins. Whether you want to create a directory of local businesses, people, home listings, or anything else. A good WordPress directory listing plugin will help you create one quickly and easily.

These directories are basically public listings that can help visitors find your businesses, services, products, and so on. However, creating listings from scratch on WordPress is time-consuming. And that is why using the best WordPress directory listing plugins is the right option for you. You can easily add the WordPress directory listing plugin to your website And easily create an effective directory listing website.

Here at TemplateToaster, a powerful WordPress theme builder, we have a list of the best WordPress directory listing plugins for you. We have done in-depth research to bring about this list for you. So, read further to know more.

List of Best WordPress Listing Plugins And Themes

  1. GeoDirectory
  2. Directorist
  3. HivePress
  4. Business Directory Plugin
  5. Classified Listing
  6. WordPress Classifieds Plugin
  7. ListingPro
  8. Listify
  9. MyListing
  10. Listable
  11. Javo Directory WordPress Theme
  12. Listeo
  13. Wilcity
  14. Directory

Our Top 14 Best WordPress Directory Listing Plugins & Themes

If you want to create a WordPress directory listing then here are the top 14 best WordPress directory listing plugins to choose from. Different plugins serve the same purpose. So you can check out their major features and choose the one that suits your needs.

1. GeoDirectory: Best WordPress Directory Listing Plugin

GeoDirectory is our best pick on the list of top WordPress directory listing plugins. Just as its name, Geodirectory uses the geographic location to create an online directory listing. The plugin helps businesses to easily be found by the users through listings.
Whether you want to create job listings, city directories, real estate listings, or a Classified website, you can use GeoDirectory easily. This plugin is fully responsive and compatible with WordPress page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, and Oxygen.

Key Features:

  • Integrated map support.
  • Transfer directory data using the CSV import and export option.
  • Customize available themes to style the directory.
  • Easy drag-and-drop interface to create directory listings.
  • Location management system.
  • Easily customize the search results and single listing pages.
  • The users can rate listings.
  • Supports WooCommerce.
  • Integrates with popular SEO plugin RankMath.

2. Directorist

Another one on our list of best WordPress Directory listing plugins is Directorist. It is a free directory listing plugin which can be used to create directory listings for various websites, including business directories, property listings, classified ads listings, Job portals and more. It is a beginner-friendly plugin with a simple drag-and-drop interface which helps in easily managing the directory.
Moreover, you can also use the listing form builder to arrange the form fields, add different types of custom field types, and customize the layout of the listings as well as search forms.

Key Features:

  • The built-in drag-and-drop feature lets you easily manage and customize the listings form, layout, and search bar.
  • Various Gutenberg blocks and Elementor widgets offer flexibility in directory customization.
  • Custom form fields are searchable for the exact search results.
  • Comes with search widgets with more than 10 filters.
  • You can use Google Maps, or OpenStreetMap for geo-based listings.
  • Monetization options

3. HivePress

HivePress is a freemium WordPress plugin that works for any kind of directory, whether you want to create physical locations, service provider listings, classified ads, job listings, staff directories or more. It is an easy-to-use, extensible, and easily customizable plugin that lets you create any kind of WordPress directory.
You can also easily add listing titles, listing descriptions, and images. Furthermore, to make it easier for the users, HivePress comes with search fields for relevant keywords and locations that you can add anywhere on your pages. The listings also show useful elements like ratings of the listings, name, address, price, size, and more.

Key Features:

  • Add categories for different listing types.
  • Add custom fields for the listing form.
  • Turn any custom field into a search filter.
  • Allow location-based listing searches.
  • Let users leave reviews for listings.
  • The users can send private messages.
  • The users can keep a list of their favorite listings.

4. Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin is a powerful WordPress Directory Plugin that allows you to easily create and manage different directory types on your WordPress site. If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use WordPress directory plugin, then this is the one for you.
You can use this plugin for all kinds of websites like local businesses, service providers, real estate listings, address books, or staff directory. The plugin can also be used to create front-end forms that allow people to submit listings. And if you also want to monetize your directory, the plugin lets you integrate with popular payment gateways.

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable form fields to submit listings.
  • Upload images per listing,
  • Many image options, drag and drop image upload.
  • SEO-friendly and integrated with Yoast SEO,
  • Users can filter business listings based on location.
  • Allow ratings and reviews with schema markup.
  • Allow users to upload files and manage the file types they can add to the listings.

5. Classified Listings

The next one on our list of Best WordPress directory listing plugins is Classified Listings. It provides features of classified listings and business directories. This WordPress plugin offers various backend settings which can be used by the website admins and the frontend users, where they can add, edit, and delete posts quickly. You can also set the number of days you want the listing to last, after which they will have to renew it.
You can manage listing views and detailed views with the Classified Listings plugin. Also, you can let the users report abuse so you can keep a check on your website.

Key Features:

  • With this plugin, you can add any number of custom fields.
  • With category-specific field groups, you can customise directory listing.
  • You can completely customize the appearance of the directory from the plugins setting page.
  • Add a social share button for the listing.
  • The Ajax search and filter options.
  • Front-end user dashboard options.

6. WordPress Classifieds Plugin

With the help of WordPress Classifieds Pugin, you can easily add classified ads sections to the WordPress site, quickly, and easily with AWP Classifieds. With the help of this WordPress directory listing plugin, you can easily create classified listings for cars yard sales, and much more.
There are lots of features, which are easily configurable. The plugin is easy to set up and offers good support.

Key Features:

  • Search the classified ads by city, state, country, username, or keyword.
  • Allow AdSense ads to be shown in the Classified directory where you can configure the placement of ads.
  • Limit the text size of the ad postings.
  • Allow or disallow image posting with listing ads.
  • Enable or disable standard form fields.

Best WordPress Directory Themes

If you want to use WordPress themes for directory listings then there are a couple of them as mentioned below:

7. ListingPro – Directory and Listing WordPress Theme

ListingPro is a popular WordPress theme with features of all classified listing and business directories. It offers many user-friendly features, so you do not require any paid ads.

Key Features:

  • Instant auto-suggestions and more.
  • Location by Admin or Google.
  • Auto-locate (Geo) with GPS/IP.
  • Exact or broad match mode.
  • Filter by category, price, and open now options.
  • Additional filters (custom fields).

8. Listify – Directory & Business Listing WordPress Theme

Listify is a basic directory theme that helps you easily list out locally based businesses. It is very simple and does the job well. It comes packed with all the features that you need for directory listing.

Key Features:

  • Quickly create Appointments.
  • Save calendar events.
  • Calendar month view with tooltips.
  • Google calendar connectivity.
  • Customize the home page and listing page layout with a live drag-and-drop WordPress editor.

9. MyListing

Significantly, MyListing is also a popular WordPress directory listing theme that provides you with tools and features to create a directory on your site. Also the pages are built using the powerful front-end page builder, which is Elementor. There are 50+ drag-and-drop elements, which are super easy to use. And the best part is you do not require any coding skills.

Key Features:

  • Advanced listing type creator for any type of directory.
  • Easily create and customize the explore page.
  • Monetize the directory website.
  • Uses Elementor, a powerful page builder.
  • Add unlimited listing types.

10. Listable

Another popular WordPress Directory theme is Listable which will help you easily create, manage, and monetize local as well as global directories. Listable is easy to use, but a very powerful theme to create listing cards.

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop interface.
  • Advanced filtering system.
  • Customize the directory listing as you want.
  • Monetize your listings.

Bonus: Best WordPress Directory Listing Themes

11. Javo Directory WordPress Theme

Javo Directory WordPress Theme is a great solution if you want to create custom property, listing, and directory websites. It allows you to create a functional and professional website very easily.
You can use this plugin to create unlimited listing types, where each comes with its own custom fields, taxonomies, and submission forms. Moreover, the drag-and-drop builder further makes it easy to create directory listings for WordPress.

12. Listeo

Listeo is a great WordPress directory theme, it comes with a front-end dashboard, built-in booking system, multi-vendor marketplace, private messaging and more. With the help of this theme, you can easily create a professional directory and classified website just like Yelp, OLX, and Airbnb.
With the help of this WordPress theme, you can provide a rich frontend dashboard that allows you to easily manage product inventory sales, orders, shipping, and more. As an admin, you can even earn from each sale. Listeo also has a built-in and free advanced booking system which offers full control over how online reservations can be made.

13. Wilcity

Wilcity is also a popular WordPress directory listing theme that comes with many features that can make your listings look more professional. You can use this WordPress theme to customize the listing location, listing category, and listing tag page.
The theme also offers an import-export Wiloke listing tool feature, and you can use this feature to export settings of an already existing listing type, and then import it to a new directory type. Also, you get 2 styles to Grid Shortcodes and toggle grid border and toggle view more button to this shortcode.

14. Directory – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Directory is a multi-purpose powerful premium WordPress theme. You can use these fully responsive themes to register, log in, edit your profile, submit a listing, filter and sort the search results and more from the front end itself. So you do not have to open the WordPress dashboard. It is a mobile-friendly directory theme. Thus you can find fully responsive layouts and mobile-friendly revolution sliders. The admin panel is user-friendly, and drag-and-drop with no coding required.

Wrapping Up: Best WordPress Directory Listing Plugins & Themes

Well, this brings us to the end of this comprehensive discussion on the best WordPress directory listing plugins and themes. All of the above-mentioned WordPress plugins and themes have their own set of features and benefits as listed in this article.
Based on your website requirements and budget you can choose the most suitable option. We have discussed the WordPress themes and plugins for directory listing in detail here. So I am sure you will find one that suits your needs for a website directory. And if you are confused whether to use WordPress theme or plugin for directory listing you can check out the detailed comparison WordPress theme vs. plugin.
Which WordPress directory listing plugin or theme did you choose? Was this article helpful in making the right choice? Do let me know in the comments