Would you like to boost traffic to your Website or Blog and even increase the amount of people who read your content? Who wouldn’t, you say! Today I will be introducing you some useful strategies to pave this way in order to give you the possibility either to get your website off the ground or become a trustworthy and successful blogger, as well. The main goal of these methods is not just about quantity: we do sure want to uplift the overall traffic but what is even more critical is to draw quality audience towards our websites that mean a group of loyal people who is supposed to follow you on regular basis and over the long run.


Getting in touch with great and acknowledged personalities in your field is a surefire way to boost engagement. Even better if we want to attract brand new visitors, that may be attracted and appealed to hear more from reliable authorities such as Influencers or Gurus. The most effective way to do it is by recording a Skype or phone conversation or even by writing a tailored article. When it comes to the final step, let’s try to hear your audience’s voice in order to make them feel fully involved: your guest will be answering back to your follower’s questions and he/she will quench their curiosity. This way, you are going to strengthen your website’s credibility, you will be gaining authority in your niche market and, at the same time, it is very likely your web traffic will skyrocket! Once you did it, it is time to spread the voice out: be sure to give the interview a ripple effect by publishing throughout your Social Media and Newsletter. Besides, I do suggest you to kindly ask your guest to do the same to maximize the whole outreach.


Infographics are a stunning way to improve the shareability and coolness of your content. Infographics are incredibly helpful when it comes to showcase statistics, facts and figures in a way that won’t get your audience sick and tired. Several researches have proven that this kind of content is way more digestible for Web visitors since it is easier to analyze and to keep in mind, rather than ordinary plain-texts. Even though the text is still pivotal in any kind of communication, images are unquestionably quicker assimilated in the brain than words. That’s why the relentless rising of Infographic which may process complex information into graphics that can be easily grasped and are easy on the eyes!

So where’s the catch? Timing and skills might hamper you from crafting outstanding Infographics. But do not be scared! You do not need to be a “Photoshop’s Master” in order to give birth to a groovy Infographic! Nowadays, you can rely on multiple time-saving tools that allow you to manage to create fancy infographics: Canva, Visualize, Piktochart are what you are looking for!

Podcasting (or Tutorial)

Tutorial or Podcast are another consistent way to steer valuable traffic to your web domains. Other than simply getting more traffic, these tools are likely to persuade people to stick around your pages for an average time way longer than the usual one, compared to when it comes to reading an ordinary article or even having a look of an Infographic. According to the matter, you deal with, you can leverage this tool by recording step-by-step guide or tutorial in order to walk your audience through some subject: very soon they will benchmark you as a dependable source of information to look at when it comes to solving their issues or tackle their unsolved doubts. And your numbers will definitely soar!

To be fair, there are a couple of elements to point out. Tutorials are pretty manageable with a simple camera or a smartphone: a small presentation or an informative video may be feasible in a relatively slim amount of time (of course you can always bring some improvements the more you get familiar with the instrument). But if you are willing to give the podcast a shot, it’s pretty much different. Podcasting pays invaluable off but it takes also a huge effort to a very large extent. A podcast is not a shot in the dark: you can not schedule a one-off episode (it will end up to mislead and maybe disappoint your audience) but you have to plan like a series of interrelated episodes, their format, and length. So you have to be sure to own the necessary skill set, available staff and time to invest in it. On top of all of this, podcasting may be costly: headphones, mixer, and recording software are indispensable. However, despite it might seem burdensome , in the end, i have to stress once more the powerful benefits you can get out of it! So, think wise and twice.

Social Media Engagement

Keeping your eyes wide open on what is going on within your Social Network’s profiles is the best way to keep your authority and trustworthiness very high. An engaged community is most of the time a very happy one! As a result, you will be getting much more traffic to your website. The rule of thumb is to monitor what’s happening on your pages and keep track with the flow of the conversation: bring your expertise, do not leave your follower’s questions unanswered or unsolved and deliver them spot-on and kind explanations. If you are going to keep a supportive and approachable attitude, you will establish your website as a well-grounded reference point to count on for all of your community. Try to listen, at least every now and then: an efficient way to build-up long-lasting relationship with your followers is by letting their voice heard rather than constantly pitching your products or exposing your standpoints. Ask them something, try to lend your ears to them and, if possible, try to involve them completely by sharing their content!

Youtube Marketing

It is pretty superfluous to say but Youtube is an incredibly valid source of traffic that you do not want to neglect. There are two most prominent reason to bolster this choice:

  • First and foremost, the overall numbers are impressive: Youtube is overcrowded. It is by far the second most used search engine of the world as well as the third most visited Website on Internet. These numbers speak for themselves.
  • Secondly, Youtube is a Google’s property, therefore, your videos may be indexed and ranked within the Google SERP, as well. Videos may even get ranked in the right-side video section in the specific video page.

Youtube is pretty much easy to be integrated with your Social Media channels. Plus, you will be allowed to place some enticing Call-to-actions and tailored link within the description box beneath the video: this way you can invite viewers to take a look at your web pages without being too pushy or self-promotional.

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Publish regularly and consistently

Keeping constantly your website (or blog) tidy and updated with fresh and top-notch content is the best way to keep your community as close as possible. If you pop up sporadically, your website might be at stake of abandonment: even readers that do usually appreciate the usefulness of your contents may end up disappointed when they sift through your web pages without finding anything new and relevant. Over the long term, the frequency of your publishing schedule is going to positively affect your ranking too: the more engaging content you will be releasing, the more likely you are going to be indexed by search engines.

Massive Facebook promotion

Unluckily, we are all aware that Facebook organic reach is tremendously plummeting. The average exposure hovers over 5% of your entire community: let’s be realistic, this means that very few people will accidentally stumble upon your posts. This is why you should ensure to allocate a small fragment of your budget to keep an “up and running” campaign that features your fancy articles. Moreover, be sure to target the campaign to the right people, namely the most likely to be interested in your core-business.

Take a break from your own niche market!

It is quite understandable that your efforts are mostly devoted to your own business and niche-market: you spend your all day living it, breathing it in and working on it. On the other side, it may affect your creativity: talking as a chatterbox about the same subjects for months and months can also turn your audience off. Once in a while, it is fully advisable to broaden your horizons by writing about something else, even completely unrelated to your core business. This is a gorgeous way to spark your creativity and, simultaneously, to blow up your follower’s minds: let’s talk about your passions, hobbies or travels you experienced. You’ll get plenty of insights just by browsing through many other blogs. Aside from the main subject, you can give a new shade to your writing style by varying your language, the article’s typology, graphic’s layout and so forth. This variation is going to pay handsomely off and you will be obtaining a two-fold objective: your usual readers will hugely appreciate it, they won’t get bored and you will likely win some other people’s curiosity (especially the ones that are not fully dedicated to your sector)

Challenge your audience

Contests are a stimulating way to create buzz around your Brand as well as to trigger people’s interest. You can openly challenge yourself by declaring that you are going to achieve an objective by the end of a certain deadline. On the other hand, you can even call your community’s members out. A contest may be super fun and it can impressively promote your Brand around the web through an unstoppable word of mouth! It’s not all. Launching a contest brings many other benefits along, mainly to create brand new content. In fact, you can keep people updated about the challenge is going on, pictures of the attendees, publish a post with the final outcomes, case studies on what you learned during the challenge. Needless to say that updates will lose visibility and importance when the challenge will be over but case-studies and follow-ups will become evergreen content to rely upon in the future!

Guest Blogging

Another trusted way to raise your website/blog visibility and, consequently, to gain a load of traffic is Guest Blogging. The perks of Guest Blogging are essentially three and all of them are intermingled with our paramount traffic goal:

  • Gain exposure and skew traffic to your websites
  • Positioning yourself as a reputable authority in your field
  • Improve quantity (and most of all quality) of backlinks to your website

Here is a massive list of 1500+ Quality blogs that accept Guest Posts. By contrast, you can accept Guest Blogger on your pages too in order to save the time you should spend by writing it. But be careful with your choice and be sure to host a good quality and skilled author. Point out some clear and detailed guidelines to stick to, otherwise, you will be spending the time you saved in writing by proofreading it!

Put your followers at work!

The sun never sets on “User Generated Content”! In total frankness, this is not the newest trick available on the Social Media Marketing but its effectiveness is yet extraordinary. Your followers are not just numbers to show off but real human being. Of course, you have to treat them both with respect and esteem but why can’t you “hire” them as your faithful allies for your Web Marketing strategy? There are countless ways you can count on your follower’s content:

  • Posting pictures of your followers using your product or service
  • Repurposing some of their Blog posts by giving them the whole credits
  • Asking them to post something specific (how they spend their weekend, where they go on holiday, what are they going to eat on Thanksgiving just to name very few)

This strategy is never-ending since followers are always keen and willing to share their own experiences with their favorite Brand and to stay, even shortly, under the digital spotlight.

Well, these are the most critical ways I am used to applying in order to drive massive web traffic to my websites (and my client’s ones). Though, I do have to stress once more that driving traffic just for the sake of it is not pretty much worthy: the traffic augmentation should be always come along with a stronger and broader community engagement. The more you can delight your followers with worth-sharing content, they more they will enjoy staying in touch with you and spreading the words all over to new members. Finally, let me tell you that you need to put your mind on it: even doing all of these things does not bring success and huge numbers overnight and all at once. You need to be consistent with your work to gain your follower’s trust and to be acknowledged as a dependable authority to count on. So, enjoy it and buckle down!

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