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Copywriter and Social Media Marketing Specialist. Passionate about Social Media, Web Marketing, Alpine Ski and.. pets! My frantic career pathway led me throughout Europe to work within several NGOs and profit company, as well. I do love to keeping up with Social Media trends as well as to writing about Social Network related subjects. Currently based in my own native Italy, my heart is half Dutch as well. By the way, keep an eye on my blog!

6 Digital Marketing Tools for Time-Starved Managers in 2017

6 Digital Marketing tools for time-starved managers blog image

When it comes to run a well-rounded Digital Marketing Strategy, we have to face countless different tasks. Shortly said, if we do not accurately plan our activity beforehand, we may end up in a time-sink! All of us involved in this field strive to preserve as much time as possible with a view to better focus on what counts the most: content creation! Squandering time in the same repetitive tasks keeps us away from the main objective and it may lead to shabby content, poor communication and lower engagement of our communities. In this scenario, we can count on some helpful tools that are capable to wisely balance task automation with the unmissable personal touch. Along this blog post, i will be introducing some helpful tools that have been tailored to reduce time-waste and keep our Digital Strategy smoothly up and running!

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7 Editorial Calendar Tools to boost your Content Marketing

Editorial Calendar Tools for Content Marketing blog image

As Digital Marketers we do oftentimes regard Content Marketing as a pretty new industry to deal with. Though it still has to do with content creation and there’s no need to point out that we have been generating content since the dawn of times! Needless to say that the concept of Editorial Calendar was already born with the rise of the publishing industry. Press agencies and publishing houses are used to plan content with a noticeable advance. The fast-moving Web Marketing’s environment does not allow us to be so far-sighted. However, editorial calendars are an amazingly helpful tool to rely upon and to flawlessly organise our workflow.

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14 Tools to better manage your Twitter pages

tools to better manage your twitter pages

Nowadays, you can leverage a countless number of Twitter management tools to improve and streamline your daily tasks on the platform. Just by looking around search engines you are going to be overwhelmed with them. The truth of the matter is that most of them are meant to carry out just a single tiny task while others are spoiled with tons of awful advertisement. I tried to summarize and spell out some of the most helpful Twitter tools to better manage your Twitter pages. Or at least the ones i think are the most useful to any busy Social Media Manager on earth! These tools may serve a huge variety of purposes such gaining traction with your sales, better disseminate your content, tracking your data down, raising the number of your followers or promoting your blog. It is just up to you.

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10 Proven ways to Drive Traffic to your Websites


Would you like to boost traffic to your Website or Blog and even increase the amount of people who read your content? Who wouldn’t, you say! Today I will be introducing you some useful strategies to pave this way in order to give you the possibility either to get your website off the ground or become a trustworthy and successful blogger, as well. The main goal of these methods is not just about quantity: we do sure want to uplift the overall traffic but what is even more critical is to draw quality audience towards our websites that mean a group of loyal people who is supposed to follow you on regular basis and over the long run.

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5 surefire ways to choose the right Social Media for your Business and Brand

5 surefire ways to choose the right social media for your business

Despite the kind of business you are running (small, medium or large), you can count on Social Media content to stand out from the rest of the crowd: plain text, infographic, videos, podcasts and the list goes on. All of these tools have may consistently improve either your outreach or content effectiveness. Keep in mind that nowadays, everything you do or say on Social Media is like a truthful extension of your own Brand, a sort of “Social Body Language”. Needless to say that the way you are going to choose the Social Networks for your business will be critical.

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10 Proven Formulas for Killer Email Subject Lines to Increase Open Rate


The email content is definitely critical but what if your subject line is not compelling enough to win the readers over? Subject lines are the most important baits to persuade people to click on your email and move forward! Let’s consider an ordinary day in any of your follower’s life: it is very likely that he/she will be going to get dozens of emails on a daily basis.

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9 growth hacking tools to enhance your marketing strategy


Growth, growth, growth. Any kind of business, mostly the ones in their early phases, strive to further grow, to broaden their brand visibility as well as to gain brand new followers (possibly customers). Growth Hacking is a rock-solid strategy that encompasses Social Media Marketing, Inbound, Content Writing and Influencer Marketing in order to make the most out of these possibilities and to further develop your business. The bottom line is to widen the target audience by diminishing the CPA (Cost per Acquisition) of each client.

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