Are you one of those who see blogging as their full-time job? Blogging has been proven as a great way to market a business and it is evidenced in the stats. Brands maintaining a blog on their website get 55% more traffic. More than 80% companies consider it as an important part of their website and online marketing campaign. 33% B2B marketers are capitalizing on blogging. The percentage of marketers considering it as the most valuable for marketing is more than 35%. Blogging helps in drawing 97% more inbound links on a business website. Blogging also influences the purchasing decision of a customer. Whereas blogging mistakes can influence your audience.

More than 61% of customers make the purchasing decision after reading the blog. Small businesses have got 126% more lead growth as compared to those not having a blog. Another good reason of blogging is no or negligible investment. As it is beneficial for business, it is also fruitful for bloggers if they avoid following mistakes. If you are committing these blogging mistakes, there is a possibility that your blog will be completely marginalized.

Let my audience find me

Having no goal and not knowing for whom you are writing are not traits of a good blogger. Your piece of work contains everything your audience is looking for, but it is of no use if it is not reaching your audience. It is your job to identify, target and get connected with your audience. You can use a plenty of tools to narrow down your targeted audience and where they hangout. For instance, if you are targeting professionals, it is better to invest more on platforms like LinkedIn because that’s where most professionals spend their time. Also, find the best blogging platform that fits your initial and future requirements as well.

I haven’t written about that

Many, especially beginner bloggers try to cover more topics to increase audience. A good blogger never writes about everything. He is always confined to the areas of interests of his audience. Therefore, always keep sight of your audience when you are writing and promoting a post. Research and write about one area of your interest. Soon you will be an expert blogger in that area. You need to narrow down your niche and focus on me. If you keep writing about random topics and subjects, then you are going to have a scattered audience. Meanwhile sticking to a defined niche can help you gain a limited pool of regular audience that keeps coming back to you.

Is it too early or too late to update

When you start blogging, after publishing your first few posts, it is important for you to have subscribers. It is never recommended to update your blog occasionally, you should update consistently, but frequency should be less. At this stage, promotion of the blog should have an edge over the posting of new content. Win the loyalty of your subscribers first.

Is it reflecting my persona

You are not writing for yourself, it is for your audience. There is a difference between sharing your experience and telling your story. Readers want to know about the products or the services you are promoting. Provide them the information they need. If you are doing this mistake, instead of getting new subscribers, you are going to lose existing subscribers.

My content isn’t that bad

Readers love to read both small and lengthy posts if possess quality and information. Quantity never matters as much as the quality matters. Poor sentence structuring, embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes, using inappropriate words, typos, wrong use of punctuations, too long sentences and there are several other mistakes which can reduce the quality of your work. If the quality is poor, your blog is not going to get higher ranks. Readers are not going to read further if there is a humiliating error in the introductory paragraph of the post.

Plagiarism isn’t a crime

If you think it isn’t a crime then you are terribly wrong. Plagiarism is is a serious crime in the community of bloggers. Many times beginners do copy content of others and slap it in their own post. Stealing always has been a crime and this is what you are doing when copying content from other posts. Algorithms are deployed by Google to identify the theft of content. And, if you are tagged as a thief, this is a bad news for your business. Committing this mistake is like committing a crime.

Do I really need SEO

If you want to get noticed by the search engines, you need SEO. No one is going to visit your website or blog if it is not visible on the first or second web page displaying the searched results. Most of the users are likely to click on the links available at the first, second or hardly third web page containing searched results. Using the right keyword at the right place in the title and the content is definitely going to improve traffic and ranking.

Prefer to joke around on social media

Every individual to whom the internet is accessible have a profile on at least one social media networking website. If you are not promoting your blog on these websites, you are losing a huge part of your potential audience. However, some bloggers do not give much importance to blog promotion on these websites. It is must for bloggers to create profiles and be active on these websites. Join groups and communities in which you can get in touch with bloggers writing on the same topic. This will not only help you in increasing traffic, you will also learn a lot from other bloggers.

Can’t reply, too busy in writing

You have written, published and promoted your blog, and if you believe that your part is done, this another big mistake. Your readers have spent their valuable time in reading your blog and writing their views in the comment section. Responding to readers sharing their views about your post is a great way to increase your engagement with your readers. However, many bloggers never reply or if they reply, it is in an incorrect manner. Words like ‘thanks’, ‘apologize’ are good words to use in your replies. This is not technically one of the blogging mistakes but it sure impact the overall success of your blog.

Where is the traffic? Where is the money?

If you are impatient, give up blogging. It is not a nine to six job in which you will get money at the end of the month. It takes time to get traffic and build a loyal audience. You cannot live in the blogosphere with the lack of patience. Moreover, you must have heard and read about bloggers making millions, it took years for them to be a successful blogger. You can also be an achiever in the blogosphere if you avoid mistakes, stay focused and be patient.

I write for readers, why to proofread for writers

If you are proofreading as a reader and for a reader, then some mistakes will remain undetected in your post. While proofreading, always assume that a writer is going to read your work. This will help you in locating more typos and mistakes. Investing less time in proofreading and editing can reduce the quality of the content.


As discussed in the introductory paragraph, blogging is beneficial for both brand and blogger. Similarly, making mistakes in a blog post is harmful for the blogger and the brand as well. Therefore, while blogging, avoid these mistakes. If you are a beginner and not getting enough traffic, be patient and work more on the promotion. Hope this post will help you in improving your blogging experience. In case, any mistake is not listed in this post, please share with us in the comment section. Do share and subscribe for more.