WordPress.com recently announced that they have partnered with RadioPublic. RadioPublic is  one of the leading podcast technology providers. They have a commitment to an open web, using open protocols with us. It promises the delivery of free audio on demand, across all platforms. Their founders have been working on innovative ideas for years. They are bind to provide rich, immersive podcasts. Their technology makes sharing podcasts easier on all WordPress.com sites. It opens up a new world of opportunities for discovery, curation, and new voices.

People love podcasts. A podcast can be said an “Internet Talk Radio – On Demand”. A podcast has a specific and specialized content with a narrow but intended audience. So, a podcast serves as a blogging version of Radio. A medium open to all, they can access it anytime and share their stories. Each podcast has website or blog where shows can be presented, an episode can be listened or downloaded for future listening. New voices are introduced on the routine basis. Podcasts have a unique “casting ability” i.e. they can create more interest by their publishing content. These can be used by anyone who wants to communicate with the World.

All thanks to the partnership of WordPress.com with RadioPublic – you can now embed podcasts selected from millions to your posts and pages on WordPress.com and websites (JetPack Powered). You can share podcasts with your audience, no matter wherever they are hosted. Check out our WordPress website builder software and free WordPress themes.


Why Add a Podcast to Your Website?

Podcasting helps to distribute the information in form of audio and video to the audience when they want it, how and where they want it. All is done according to a visitor choice. It is a kind of revolution as the audience can take their music to cars, airports, beach, and parks. All they need is an iPod (or Mp3 player of any kind) for listening.

A listener can switch the channel anytime, so the podcast content should be engaging and entertaining. Businesses use podcasts for many reasons like sharing information about the company, new products, industry etc. There are numerous benefits to incorporate Podcasts into your blogs/websites as follows

  • Audience Connection

A podcast gives the audience a stronger connection than written information. It injects your enthusiasm into their ears. If you podcast regularly, they became familiar with your voice and presentation style. A podcast gives a better idea of your values to the potential customers. It gives more flexibility to the audience as they can listen to podcasts while doing other works.

  • Stand out from Crowd

When you add podcasts to your blogs, you get separated from mass bloggers. You have magical audios that audience can listen. Some people prefer learning by listening rather than reading. It can capture more audience for your blog.

  • Get Affiliate Opportunities

Podcasting can get you more offers from bloggers to affiliate-sell their products. It is my personal experience. You can earn a good sum from it as you can make podcasts or webinars for demonstrating the paid products. It will strengthen your position for affiliate-sales.

  • Promotion, Promotion, and Promotion

Podcasts can act as a marketing weapon. You can give live links to your new podcasts. It will encourage new subscribers. It will help your company to become a household name. You can market it like any other product or services. Podcasts can help you a lot by implementing 3Ps- Promote, Promote, and Promote !!


What a Podcast Adds to Your Site?

You can add a RadioPublic embed to share and promote your own podcast. There are different ways to use podcasts as follows

  • You can make a Top-ten list with some surprise inclusions. You can podcast about art and culture. You can make a headway by adding podcasts for entertainment, sports etc. You make it easy for viewers to create their own listening list by embedding podcasts in your posts.
  • Adding relevant shows and episodes to a post, increase its readability. You can add about culture, architecture, the areas that are untouched so far.
  • Even, there are podcasts when your readers just chill out. You can get a podcast possibly for everything you want out of thousands of podcasts available.


How to Add a Podcast?

You can add a Podcast in few clicks only. You can follow the below steps

  • Go to search.radiopublic.com to find a podcast.
  • Select the show you want to embed. If you want a specific episode, click the episode title.
  • Your embed link is URL of the page. Copy the full link and paste it into your post.

If you put a single episode then it’s fine. But if you put a show then it will automatically display and play the most recent episodes of it. If you have any problem, you can refer RadioPublic embed support doc.

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