If you are looking for PHP frameworks, then certainly you have come to the right place. The information given in this article about Best PHP Framework is beneficial for every beginner and professional programmer.

What is PHP

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is most powerful and widely used server-side scripting language. And the ever-evolving PHP has encouraged developers to create a website or code PHP web page and web apps with ease and speed. The development time and cost has also decreased with the introduction of PHP frameworks.

PHP is an open source scripting language known for its security and stability and its easy learning curve makes it more desirable among the developers. Creating complicated web apps from scratch was indeed a humdrum and time-consuming job and it was necessary to discover a way out for the same.And that’s when the PHP frameworks were introduced and PHP cheat sheet.

What is PHP Framework

A platform with pre-built modules and reusable code for faster and better performance website design and development. PHP framework use RAD (Rapid Application Design) for repetitive coding.

PHP frameworks are termed as a common platform that allows users to build web applications with distinct sizes and complexities. PHP frameworks provide a basic structure to build your website on. The set of files that are formulated in a way that they make the development process simpler. And using PHP frameworks ensures the efficiency and security of your project.

PHP frameworks are an essential part of web development, so, choosing the correct PHP framework becomes the significant decision here.

Though there are various types of PHP frameworks available in the market. Here at TemplateToaster web design software, I have enlisted the 5 best PHP frameworks.

List of PHP Frameworks

  1. Laravel
  2. CodeIgniter
  3. CakePHP
  4. Symfony
  5. Zend framework

Best PHP Frameworks for Developers 2018 (Reviews)

1.  Laravel – best PHP Framework

Best PHP Frameworks for Developers

Laravel PHP Framework is one of the most likable and popular PHP frameworks. Laravel is an open-source PHP framework which is a comprehensive framework that uses a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture to isolate the logic from the UI.

Laravel comes with tons of features such as a built-in command line tool called as Artisan helps in performing the repetitive tasks. And the lightweight templating engine known as BLADE of Laravel makes the tasks like caching, queueing, authentication, sessions, and restful routing easier.

It supports MySQL, SQL Server, and SQLite database systems. The amazing automatic memory to remember past queries is a big plus about this framework Laravel.

Laravel can easily handle any project irrespective of its size be it a huge enterprise application or a simple JSON APIs. It offers you various web design templates to choose from.

2.  CodeIgniter –  PHP Framework

codeigniter php framework

CodeIgniter PHP framework is there in the market for more than a decade and it has gathered a huge following for its ease of use, speed, and performance. It is a lightweight framework which is easy to install with minimum user configuration hence; you don’t hassle with complexities.

CodeIgniter is one of the best choices when it comes to version conflict because CodeIgniter works perfectly with shared and dedicated hosting platforms.

Since it is not entirely based on the MVC pattern, therefore, third-party plugins can be easily added to it in order to handle the difficult utilities.

Creating full-fledged web apps with CodeIgniter is like a piece of cake because it has a small learning curve and several libraries such as form validation, unit testing, and email etc.

If you don’t find the library you’re looking for, it’s also an option that you create one by yourself and then shares it with the community.

3.  CakePHP

cake php best php framework

CakePHP is there in the marketplace for more than a decade now and still have an amazingly active community. It is such a PHP framework that provides you with the highly secure and reliable web apps.

You don’t have to deal with any complicated configuration in it, just set up the database and its done. You will get built-in security tools for XSS (cross-site scripting) prevention, input validation, Form tampering protection, SQL injection prevention, and CSRF (cross-site request forgery) protection.

4.  Symfony

codeigniter php framework

Another popular and appreciated member of PHP frameworks is Symfony. It is a 5 framework and when it comes to designing and maintaining extensive applications, Symfony comes to rescue. It is best PHP Framework known for its pace as it has less repetition of codes.

Symfony offers multiple database support such as PostgreSQL database, MySQL database, and SQLite etc. The pre-built library of Symfony can be used to deploy for the tasks such as templating, object configuration, authentication, form creation and much more.

5.  Zend Framework

Best PHP Frameworks for Developers

Zend PHP Framework is a robust open source object-oriented PHP framework. Zend is not recommended for the small level projects. And excellently work for heavier projects. Zend is attached with big brands such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Google.

Zend framework ensures security and high performance. You will get 60+packages for professional development. Zend PHP framework has a wide range of features such as high-performance MVC implementation, simple to use database abstraction, validation etc. that make it a best PHP framework for web applications. It supports multiple database systems and multi-language. The Zend framework is well known for its simplicity and that is quite evident with over 289 million installations.

SO, You are ready to select Best PHP Framework

Selecting the best PHP framework, however, can be a bit challenging at times. And in order to make the selection process easier for you, I have included the best PHP frameworks in this post. Now it’s your turn to decide that which PHP framework is best for your project. And it completely depends on your project’s complexity and requirements that which PHP framework will be suitable for you.