Since the inception of the internet, it is flooded with web technologies. There are various programming languages to help you develop robust web applications. And one of the most common and reliable web technology that you will get to hear about is PHP. So, let’s learn from this guide for beginners what is PHP? How to use it in web development? And what are the key components of PHP?

All these questions will be explained here in this TemplateToaster website builder software blog post. This tutorial for beginners will walk you through the realm of its features, different aspects, and uses. And by the time you will finish reading this guide, you will have complete knowledge about what is PHP and you will also know to how to create your first PHP web pageSo let’s start with the absolutely basic concept first i.e. what is PHP.

What is PHP?

What is PHP

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open-source server-side scripting language intended for the development of dynamic web content. Server-side scripting means the PHP script is rendered on the server and the static content like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript is sent to the user’s browser. Since it runs on the hosting server thus, the end-user cannot check the PHP script in web browser. Whoever has the authority to access the server can monitor the source code written in PHP. And this feature makes it, a back-end language. To explore your knowledget further always keep PHP cheat sheets handy.

PHP is compatible with all leading operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MAC OS, and many others. Likewise, it is compatible with all popular web servers such as Apache and IIS as well. You can conveniently embed PHP with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and it perfectly generates the dynamic web pages for eCommerce applications and database applications. The latest version of PHP 7 offers great compatibility and performance. If you are using a content management system, upgrading your PHP veraion to latest is highly recommended. Here is a guide to how to  upgrade WordPress to PHP 7 for smooth flow. 

What is PHP used for?

PHP comes with a plethora of benefits that let you deliver a wonderful app. Not only is it open-source but also feature-rich and includes all the functionality that generates an effective base for your project. It is absolutely easy to install and set-up. It is the prominent reason why PHP is the finest scripting language to work with. However, it’s absolute virtue lies in its ability to access the database. It can access over 20 distinct databases (of course MySQL as well) and has a tremendous power to manipulate the information, depending upon the input of a user. So, keep an eye on your PHP version and if you don’t know how to check PHP version, consider reading this.  

What are features of PHP?

Features of PHP

1. Open Source

PHP is an open-source programming language which means it is readily available to use.  Whereas, it is totally free for everyone.  And you can be in touch with the PHP community for the help if by any chance you are not able to figure out the problem, connect to the community for help. 

2. Cross-Platform

All major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS, Solaris, etc support language. Also, it aid support for various web servers like Apache and IIS and bundles of databases. Any developer who is working with it has the complete freedom to choose any operating system as well as a web server of his choice. Seamless integration with other technologies like HTML, Java gives you effortless web experience.

3. Easy to Use

It is a simple, clean, and methodical scripting language. The syntax of PHP is a well-thought-through and convenient to use. And this is the primary reason why it is extremely popular among new users as well. Anyone can quickly figure out the functions and features.

4. Fast Loading Speed

Speed is an essential factor and top-most specification for web development. If your website can load speedily, then page bounce rate get lower. And that for sure it is a piece of good news for any web developer. PHP is one of the fastest programming languages. It takes noticeably less time to establish a connection with a database and fetching other relevant files to deliver the desired result in as less time as possible.  

What are reasons to choose PHP over any other scripting language?

PHP is making its way in the field of web development and all other competitors are experiencing a hard time because of it. And the best PHP frameworks are making web design and development way easier for developers. Well, I am not favorably disposed towards PHP, in fact, there are substantial reasons to say so. And below are some of the persuasive reasons to check out.

  • It is an open-source scripting language. So you don’t have to think much before using it.
  • You will get a large community to take help from.
  • An easy learning curve as compared to other scripting languages.
  • Almost every web host server support PHP by default.
  • It is a cost-effective solution to work with.
  • Regular updates keep PHP abreast with new technology every time.
  • Since it is a server-side scripting language, so it only needs to be installed on the server. Users are not required to install it in their particular systems, only a web browser would be enough for them.
  • It is cross-platform that means you are free to deploy your app on any platform of your choice.  
  • It strongly supports numerous databases including MySQL.

What is PHP: Everything you need to know about it in a nutshell

As I mentioned earlier in the post that PHP is a flexible programming language and best suited for both beginners and professionals. However, there is a little learning curve but I am sure anyone who is into the digital arena would not leave a chance to work with this astonishingly versatile language. Every modern language has its own set of features that not necessarily be an ideal alternative for you. PHP, like any of them, calls for sufficient understanding to determine whether or not it makes sense for you. So, keep reading, keep exploring !! And like always feel free to ask your queries and share your thoughts and opinion with me in the comments below.