Today, it’s crucial to know about the best and most popular web browsers for desktop and mobile devices. Because your choice of browser is as important as the choice of your operating system. And choosing the right browser can have a huge effect on how you experience the internet. However, if it’s been a long time since you haven’t tried a new one, then it’s time to know some more options present out there. In this guide, I will show you the most popular web browser for desktop and mobile devices.

Every year web browsers come up with some new updates and new additions that will add to your web experience. There are web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera dominate the web market. But it makes sense to understand here that when you are browsing on the desktop and when you are browsing on mobile devices, both are two different things. And for both, you need different browsers that offer you distinct features and functionalities to empower your web experience.

Sometimes the wrong selection of a web browser can lead to a bad experience and that’s something you would not want. No matter on which grounds you judge a web browser. But here at TemplateToaster Website Maker blog, I will show you the real figures and completely data-driven facts to help you understand the best and popular web browsers for desktop and mobile devices. Website Load Speed and privacy are two essential aspects that will be the deciding factors for the selection of a browser. So, let’s check out the list of the following web browsers for desktop and mobile devices and see which one is the best option follow the latest industry standards like Google Core Web Vitals.

List of Best and Most Popular Web Browser for Desktop and Mobile Devices

Google Chrome

Google Chorme

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers for web surfing. It perfectly works on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS. Google Chrome ensures security and high-performance. And also justifies that Chrome is at the number one position even in this list. If you look at the numbers, you will find that Chrome is ruling the web.

The obvious reasons behind the success of the Google Chrome web browser that works amazingly for both desktop as well as mobile devices lie in its simplicity and performance. Furthermore, the sense of security Chrome has to offer you is just commendable. It is an open-source, Chromium-based project that is meant to provide excellent web browsing.

Google Chrome is more than a web browser. But at the same time, it is important to know that Chrome consumes more resources. And that’s the main reason why Google Chrome is infamous for hefty demands of resources. However, it can effectively work on low-powered hardware with limited RAM as well.

Operating System – Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, macOS

Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is another powerful web browser available. It offers you incredible flexibility, cross-browser platform synchronization, and amazing privacy protection. With Mozilla Firefox you will receive alerts if your email address is somehow included in the data breach. Moreover, those annoying notification popups can also be overlooked with this web browser. And for the mac users, the good news is that they can still enjoy the picture in picture mode for superb functionality. Earlier Mozilla was also planning Firefor OS for wearable apps that would have been a boon for Wearable App Development Companies.

However, it also offers you a range of extensions to use and get more benefits. In fact, the customization options come with Firefox. It is the second most-used web browser engine. There are several modern and useful features with Mozilla Firefox that you can use and make your browser surfing effortless. Due to all the features and flexibility, it has become quite a famous web browser for developers as well as users.

Operating System – Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edage

Microsoft Edge the new iconic web browser that comes pre installed with Windows PCs. It’s amazingly simple and very very fast to use. If you have been using web browsers for so long, then you must be aware that Internet Explorer, the predecessor of Edge is there for ages. But with the advancement in technology, it has lost its grace and value. Simply put, it is far behind the current options available today. That’s why Microsoft has introduced Edge with Chromium at its base. This refinement of Microsoft Edge has made the old-time Internet Explorer the brand new solution to surf on the web. The newly Chromium-powered version is relatively bit faster than its predecessor.

It also includes features such as Read Aloud, the ability to use media files in the inline video format, Opera-style web pages, a plethora of add-ons, and a lot more. Many such features make it super easy and simple to use. Microsoft Edge looks like Chrome. Moreover, it works like Chrome too, but what makes it different is its capacity to work. That is, it works comparatively faster than Chrome on mac. In fact, the kind of customization options it has are out-of-the-box.

Operating System – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS



Opera is beautifully designed and maintained to work seamlessly with multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android. You will surely fall in love with the kind of features it has to offer you. Once you got to know about the usability of this browser you will not be able to resist using it. These are – it turns on its built-in ad-blocker when the splash screen is enabled, it has a built-in VPN, with the help of a sidebar you can enable the in-browser messaging facility. Moreover, you can turn on the Crypto Wallet for cryptocurrency usage. And you are free to move between dark and light modes easily. It also offer some good browser automation tools too.

In order to use Opera on Android devices, you can use a couple of versions present out there such as Opera for Android, Opera Touch-Optimized for touch screens large devices, and Opera Mini. however, it is also available for basic Java-based phones as well. In fact, the privilege to use it via a USB device will surely attract more users towards the Opera web browser. All you have to do is, download its USB version, install it on USB, and you will be all ready with the plug-&-play version of Opera web browser to use.

Operating System – Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Safari (Only For Mac)


Safari is a well-known in-built web browser for all macOS and iOS devices. And that makes it the most popular web browser among all Apple users. Of course, I don’t have to elaborate on how big and widely populated the Apple community is. Safari is a comprehensive web browser that offers you several unique features to support and integrate mac devices as well as iPhones fairly quickly. And it won’t be wrong to say that Safari is the strongest and a powerful answer to Google Chrome.

Over the years it has grown and has come up with many practicalities. Especially if you are using Safari on your mobile device, you will see many useful attributes. You can also use third-party extensions and in-house offers to enhance productivity.

Operating System – macOS, iOS



Maxthon is a famous Chinese web browser that you can use for both desktops as well as mobile devices. It includes two strong rendering engines that are Trident and Blink to give you amazing results. You will love the features it has. Some of them are built-in proxy manager, split-screen view, moderate download handling, and so on. And I am sure all these features will give you superb web browsing time. However, if you are using the Maxthon web browser on multiple devices, you can easily sync your same account on different devices.

Just similar to a normal Google account that you may use for Chrome accounts. Here on Maxthon, you need to create your Maxthon account and save your usernames, passwords, settings, etc. And you will be able to use it across multiple devices if you are using your Maxthon web browser. Of course, as simple as any other account that you sync on several devices at the same time.

Operating System – Linux, Windows, macOS X, Android, iOS



Vivaldi is the brainchild of the Opera web browser. However, Vivaldi is all about customization and you can quickly experiment with how your interface may look. You can easily use Chrome extensions with Vivaldi as it thoroughly supports all Chrome extensions. The rendering engine of Vivaldi is Blink and the main highlight of this web browser is tab stacking and the ability to customize. You will certainly love this web browser.

It allows you to pin websites that you like to visit again to the sidebar, stick the toolbar whenever required. Furthermore, you can easily adjust the color and font family as per your liking. There is much usual stuff such as notes panel, bookmarks bits to alter as per your choice.

Operating System – Windows, Linux, Android, macOS

Most Popular Web Browsers for Mobile Devices

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chorme

No matter which device you are using such as a desktop, laptop, tabs, or mobile device, Chrome is certainly the number one choice among web browsers. So, if you are using a mobile device with any operating system such as Android, iOS, you are free to use Chrome web browser without a hitch. However, if you are using this web browser on your desktop you will rather have more things to explore. Therefore, Google Chrome is loaded with elements that will make your online tour more attractive and smooth.

Safari Browser (For iOS Devices)


Safari as discussed above as well is specifically designed for iOS devices only. So, if you own an iOS device, you can easily make use of this web browser. There is a truckload of innovative features, some with the Safari web browser. The elements which draw attention are the ability to switch between normal mode and the incognito mode. You can secretly browse through the websites and let all the history remain in the not save mode. Sometimes when you are doing something really secret, for instance, you may be managing your account through this browser, you will love the fact that it won’t get stored in history. So, similar to that there are multiple other features that will amaze you when you will discover them.

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser is not limited to Samsung users only. However, other Android users can also use it freely. But as the name specifies, it comes as a default web browser in all Samsung devices. No matter if you are using a Samsung smartphone or not, if you are using any other Android device, you can pretty easily use Samsung Internet Browser there also. It comes with a range of whistles and bells to provide you an enhanced web experience. However, initially, it was available for Samsung devices only. But later, with the advancement in technology, it improved its features and integration functionalities. And now it is fairly available for many other devices too.



Opera offers you many Android browsers to use. All are loaded with features to make your online ride pretty excited. The most noticeable options are standard Opera Browsers. And the best noteworthy attributes are ad-blocker, video compression for saving data. Furthermore, it offers you an attractive dashboard where news related to your interest will be displayed. In fact, you can store the stories you like. Whereas, on the other hand, Opera Mini Browser is a more lightweight version with beautiful characteristics to help you manage web browsing.

Firefox Mobile


Firefox be it on a desktop or on a mobile device is an amazingly simple and helpful web browser to fulfill all your browsing needs. The last one or two years have not been really great for Firefox. But currently, the status of Firefox is quite high. The kind of options it has for customization in terms of appearance and the range of extensions and plugins to use will certainly mesmerize you.

UC Browser

UC Browes

UC Browser is easily available for all Android, iOS, and Windows phones. It is powered by the Blink rendering engine. The cross-platform functionality makes it really useful in many ways. In fact, you can also use it for your Symbion device. The well-designed interface with a seamless animation effect makes UC Browser a completely modern and easy-to-use web browser. How can the updated Chromium engine be sidelined? Because that’s the thing that gives you an incredible web experience. You can store bookmarks to your cloud account that you can use across multiple devices to access the same data over several devices.

Dolphin Browser


Dolphin Browser is another excellent web browser for mobile devices. It gives you an incredibly fast and secures the web browsing experience that you might be looking for while browsing via a mobile device. It is a rapid personal web browser that simplifies mobile browsing to a great extent. It also offers you plenty of attributes to attract new users. When compared to other web browsers available out there, you will like it for the fact that it offers you remarkable features for quick browsing.

Brave Browser


If you think it’s not that popular among all the other discussed options above, I am afraid that the flexibility and scalability of Brave Browser will surprise you. Since it is relatively a new web browser, but security is the main aspect that brings it to the light. It is an open-source project developed by a team of members who are privacy-focused. And who is more privacy-driven should try Brave Browser for once.

Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser

This is another useful and powerful web browser that you can use while browsing through your mobile devices. However, when you use the Puffin web browser, it works really smartly. It shifts the load to the cloud servers so that when you look for web pages it swiftly shows you the results on your device. While you can use this on iOS you can use this browser for a smooth browsing drive. However, you may also use the pro version of the Puffin Browser for a better experience and better handling of data.

Best Web Browsers – In Conclusion

So, there you have it! The web browsers you use are not only the medium to explore the web. But also, the way to communicate with the internet. However, the choice of the web browser, as well as other plugins and extensions, also play a vital role in overall performance. Whereas, on the other hand, the blend of new features and friendly workflow help in providing convenient web browsers for web-surfing. For instance, if you are using Google Chrome for web surfing, it is useful to keep checking for the new updates whenever it comes. Because whenever an update comes, it surely brings up some new features to explore. That way, you’ll be able to get the most out of new features without having to adapt to a new environment.

When you update a web browser of course you will not have to switch to another browser altogether. Rather you can simply update your existing browser and make use of it. You can quickly choose a browser that boosts performance and allows you to use new functionalities for a better web experience. Trying your hands on different web browsers gives you a clear about the capacity of all of them. Thus, you can easily decide which web browser you should use and carry on with. So, which web browser for desktop and mobile devices are you using? Do let me know in the comments section below.